Image Processing Queue


Image Processing Queue is an alternative to on-the-fly (OTF) image processing (e.g. Aqua Resizer)
for WordPress themes.

Like OTF image processing, it allows theme developers to define image sizes for specific theme
contexts rather than defining a size for all uploaded images. This greatly reduces the number of
resized images and hence reduces disk space usage and the wait time when uploading an image.

Image Processing Queue differs from OTF image processing in how it behaves when an image doesn’t
exist yet. OTF generates the image right away and the end-user has to wait for the image to be
generated. With Image Processing Queue there’s no waiting. It immediately returns an image that
already exists (that is the closest fit to the image size requested) and adds the image size to
a queue. Image sizes are quietly generated in the background using WP Queue.

Image Processing Queue also accommodates responsive themes much better than OTF. It allows theme
developers to define a list of image sizes that will work best for their theme’s responsive
breakpoints. Images generated by Image Processing Queue are added to the post meta so that WordPress
core’s responsive functions will automatically add them to the srcset and delete them from the
filesystem when the image is deleted from the Media Library.


To install as a plugin search for “Image Processing Queue” in your WordPress dashboard and install it from there.


Installation Instructions

To install as a plugin search for “Image Processing Queue” in your WordPress dashboard and install it from there.


Awesome feature

I have been using aquaResize for a long time, this is a game changer. If you want only the url of the resized image use echo ipq_get_theme_image_url( $id_here, array( 600, 400, false ) );

Great Idea!

Real intresting approach and something that should be considered for WP Core – especially the Batch Processing Stuff isn#t only useful for images …

Sounds great

Seems to solve the hassle of adding to many image sizes (via add_image_size()) for a theme.

Great stuff, hope it gets added to the WordPress core soon.

This could be a game changer!

It works!

tbh, it took me a few minutes to fully understand how this library would benefit my workflow and my clients – but once I started to grasp the changes in development and how I wouldn’t be running Regenerate Thumbnails every time I needed a new image size, it clicked!

I think with some more detailed documentation and usage examples this could be a near perfect solution to the image size problem in many themes and plugins.

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Contributors & Developers

“Image Processing Queue” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Improvement: Added ipq_job_attempts and ipq_cron_interval filters.


  • New: Uses WP Queue internally to process image jobs.
  • Bug fix: Multiple jobs for the same attachment created.


  • New: ipq_get_theme_image_url function added for returning a single image URL


  • First release