This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

IDX Broker Original WordPress Plugin


Powerful, IDX search tools for REALTORS® and IDX Developers.

  • Fully indexable custom domain feature. Subdomains are just as indexable as subfolders on your website, Just ask Google.
  • You will convert more sales with a professionally hosted IDX solution that supports your website content with the tools that you need to compete.
  • We will never post a 301 redirect or any redirect on a live listing page. Ever. All IDX hosted pages are indexable and can be displayed on your own custom subdomain if you are worried about losing “credit” for the content.
  • Includes custom links with unlimited keyword capabilities. IDX Broker doesn’t restrict you to use the same results URL keywords as every other Agent or Broker using that Plugin. Create unique content around your IDX pages for better SEO!
  • Works with all the major premium real estate themes and the majority of free themes as well.
  • One click update. The IDX Broker Original Plugin will automatically pull in your custom IDX links.
  • IDX Broker lets you easily add quick search, featured showcase, slideshows, lead logins, lead signup, custom links, and several more Widgets to your sidebar. Simply drag and drop!
  • Copy and paste IDX Broker Widget script into any page or post in order to feature certain listings, areas, etc.
  • Post to Facebook, Pinterest and more – from any details page. Share your listings or let others share and use ShareThis to track results.
  • Install an mobile search icon onto your visitors’ iOS mobile device when they download the iPhone/iPad App.
  • Excellent Support. Just view some of our testimonials.

Integrated IDX Examples

View WordPress examples. These clients have chosen to purchase their site from an Approved Reseller/Designer, or they have built their own WordPress site.

This plugin is very simple.

  • Enter your client ID, subdomain, and password and this information will be stored by the plugin. The plugin will use these credentials to keep your custom link information up-to-date.
  • Click a default page name (map search, basic search, etc.), save, and the plugin will add those pages to your navigation.
  • Build a custom neighborhood or other link in IDX Broker. Open your plugin admin screen and all of your links will automatically appear. Check the neighborhood pages that you wish to add.
  • Drag and drop various predefined Widgets into your sidebar. Or, copy Widget javascript from IDX Broker into your built-in WordPress HTML/text Widget to customize your sidebar Widgets.

General Terms of Use

This IDX plugin is supported by MLS/IDX feeds. This means that your MLS governs the IDX results and details page display and disclaimers. IDX, LLC manages all the necessary MLS paperwork. IDX Broker will automatically display the correct MLS/IDX disclaimers to ensure compliance with the MLS(s) & Board(s) that provides you with your IDX feed.


  • Search Link and iPhone App sidebar Widgets. - 'screenshot-1.png'
  • Embedded Quick Search and Custom Link sidebar Widgets. - 'screenshot-2.png'
  • Search Links Added to Navigation. - 'screenshot-3.png'
  • More Links Added to Navigation. - 'screenshot-4.png'
  • Plugin Admin Page. 'screenshot-5.png'
  • IDX Widget Admin - myAgent iPhone App. 'screenshot-6.png'
  • Real-time Design Integration Setup. - 'screenshot-7.png'


  1. Download and extract the IDX Broker Original Plugin. You may also install directly by going to your WP-Admin page and then Plugins > Add New. Search for ‘idxbroker’ under new plugins and click to install directly.
  2. Upload the uncompressed folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. You will need to have an active IDX Broker account for the Plugin to work. Once you do, go to the IDX Broker Original Plugin page within WordPress. Enter your CID, Password, and IDX Broker Subdomain and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  5. Your plugin will now pull your IDX Broker account information into WordPress. Use the IDX Broker Original Plugin Admin page to add Widgets, menu links, and neighborhood/subdivision landing pages (Custom Links), and more.


What is IDX?

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, is a type of data feed provided by your MLS. This data feed typically (but not always) mirrors the data available on your MLS’s website. IDX Broker® connects to this data feed automatically, maps the necessary fields, and then adds forms, scripts, etc, giving you a way to add html links and widgets to you website(s).

Do I need an IDX Broker account in order to use this plugin?

Yes. IDX Broker manages your IDX feed by building forms, results, and property details pages that match your website or blog design. All IDX feeds require approval from a local board or MLS. If you are not a member of a local board or MLS, or your MLS does not provide an IDX data feed, then you will be unable to add IDX Broker Original Plugin functionality to your WordPress site. Read more about our MLS coverage. Note that some MLS’s may charge you a separate fee for access to your IDX feed.

Does IDX Broker require a long-term contract?

No. IDX Broker requires a month-to-month agreement only. There are three monthly account levels – Agent ($39.99+), Team ($49.99+), and Office($78.99+).

What can I expect if I decide to get my IDX feed through IDX Broker?

When you sign up for a new account, IDX, LLC sends you any necessary MLS paperwork (if required). Once you have signed the necessary paperwork, you will need to fax that back to us and we will then forward your paperwork to the MLS for approval. Approval can take anywhere from 3-10 days. Once approved, we will activate your account, integrate your site’s design into IDX pages, and send you IDX Broker login credentials so that you can add links and Widgets to your site or blog.

How many blogs/websites can I integrate with IDX Broker?

Features provided by this Plugin – Widgets, links, and custom links may be placed onto any WordPress website or blog, regardless of MLS approval status. The reason for this is because all Widgets, links, and custom links point back to the original IDX-approved website. Each IDX Broker account requires MLS approval of one site for IDX display. Your search results and details pages must match this approved site.

Does IDX Broker offer lead capture functionality?

Yes. IDX Broker provides you with a sign up Widget, sign up links, a lead manager page, a customizable sign up form, and provides you with ‘teaser’ registration options.

Contributors & Developers

“IDX Broker Original WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed similar error to v1.5.2 when WP cannot connect to pull in custom links.


Fixed error when WP cannot connect to pull in custom links.


Switched custom link data pull so that it uses an object rather than array (limited).


Major revision; moved queries to wpdb method, added version tracking to client header, moved to WP API http connect method.


Security update


Replaced deprecated WP function call. Error check to remove warning when no custom links created. Fixed URL in help icon CSS. Fixed bug that was dropping the last custom link from the array.


Brought compatibility to 3.2+.
Resolved false error codes and warnings that appear when server settings do not allow XML file access (custom links).
Fixed Agent URL bug.
Resolved JS errors that sometimes display when a Widget is first added to the sidebar.
Updated SOAP services files.
Resolved error when CID is more than four characters.


Minor bug update.


Adding fallback to web services curl if simple xml fails. Recommended upgrade.


Small Patch to resove php error.


Switched from web services to an xml feed for better reliability for custom link aquisition. Highly recommended upgrade.


Bug fix for php shortcodes and resized quick search widget.


Bug fix for extra div tag on widest QS form, labeling on General Settings updated in admin.


Bug fixes ajax scripts that would spin out and never let options page submit.


Bug fixes for very large custom link lists. Added Select/Deselect all functionality on link lists.


Page links to function namespace errors, added help icons and links.


Wrapper class removed, added “Property Manager Signup” widget, custom link code optimized for large volume.


Wrapper update options are now avaliable depending on detection of requirements. Wrapper functions moved off into it’s own class.


Custom links error sending output before header. Corrected


Wrapper option added, you can now generate your header and footer to copy and paste into the IDX Broker Middleware.


Better front end error reporting to reduce confusion on cid missing error


Cleaned up options page and options registration scripts for forward WP compatibility and MU compatibility.


Added the ability to add custom links into the main navigation.
Cleaned up admin styling.
Added custom link cleaning.
Better commenting on code.
Better function division.


Added automatic header and footer generation

Commented out password field (for future use), added more system links in the system links widget.


Added custom links widget from web services pull.
Added other widgets to bring plugin to 1.1 spec


Added error checking on missing domain entry and malformed or missing CID, with error messages on widget placement/configuration page.
Added wildcard search form widget to list of available tools.
Added more format options to Quick Search Form.
Added myAgent badge widget.


Currently in Beta Testing as of 4/29/10