Print On Demand Dropshipping for Woocommerce



HugePOD will take care of every step, including custom print, pack, and shipping the print on demand products to your customers under your brand. You will be freed from the production, storage, or upfront costs. With HugePOD print on demand dropshipping, you can focus on your dropshipping business development, create attractive products in just a few clicks and sell them on WooCommerce store. What’s more, you can start your print on demand dropshipping business with zero risk—you only pay HugePOD when a customer places an order from you!


Join HugePOD print on demand dropshipping business, enjoy a more competitive price than other platforms! You don’t need to commit hundreds of dollars for your first round of investment. Our disruptive innovation significantly lowers the cost, especially for sophisticated all-over printing, by 40% to 50%. HugePOD print on demand dropshipping, has constructed a complete network of IM, covering automatic sublimation printing, edge-finding cutting, pieces sorting and process operating, based on image recognition and AI. We hold blank inventory, so you don’t need to have a single piece of inventory upfront. All you need to do is selecting items from our library, creating your designs with our design tool, and publishing them to WooCommerce store. In this way, you get customers in the door. Our goal is to help your business grow with least risk and make sure you can enjoy higher profit margins. We’d love to see your business thrive!


  • Once your customer places an dropshipping order on WooCommerce store, messages will be automatically sent to our factories.
  • We produce, pack, and ship them directly to your customers.
  • With a quick response and reduced lead time, our supply chain enables you to have the ability to scale up and have the confidence to incorporate consumer preferences into the design process.


  • We have state-of-the-art printers that produce high-quality prints right after receiving your order.
  • We offer different print on demand printing options, from regular DTG (Direct-to-garment) printings to all-over printing.
  • We prepare a library of items for you to further design. They are the evergreen picks favored by our long-term customers. #How the APP works# Create your design on HugePOD print on demand dropshipping.
  • Pick basic clothes items from our library to design your unique pieces.
  • Use our easy drag-and-drop tool that requires zero design experience.
  • Save your labor with bulk edit operation. Grow your business with dropshipping


  • Connect to HugePOD Print On Demand Dropshipping
  • HugePOD Print On Demand Dropshipping dashboard
  • HugePOD Print On Demand Dropshipping Integration Settings 4 HugePOD API Enable
  • HugePOD Print On Demand Gorment Factory
  • HugePOD Intelligent Manufacturing
  • HugePOD More Styles and Options
  • HugePOD Private Label &Aiil-over-print
  • HugePOD Cost Less , Earn Huge
  • HugePOD Drag Drop Designs on FREE 3D Mockup


  1. Upload ‘HugePOD’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click the “Connect” button
  4. Enable shipping rate calculation in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping
  5. If you have any problems, you can see guidance at



When a customer buys something from your WooCommerce store, the order is automatically imported to HugePOD, then we fulfill and ship it to them under your brand. You can then see your order, revenue, and profit statistics on your WooCommerce dashboard.
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How do I get HugePOD API key?

  1. From the Admin Panel of your store, open “WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced”.
  2. Under the “Legacy API” tab, “Enable the legacy REST API”. Click “Save Changes”.

Is this plugin free

Yes, the plugin is a free design tool for you to print on demand your clothes, we help you to produce the products . You can use it with no charge to do custom design.

I found a bug or an issue, what to do ?

contact our support team and leave a message at our website

Can I customize products before import to woocommerce ?

Yes, you can use our design platform.

How many items can I import each month?

You can import as much as you can, the items that you print on demand online or from our wholesale products.

How to ask a support question?

You can leave a message to us in HugePOD web


December 24, 2021
We have been using the HugePOD plugin for a week. I got a little lost when I was following the instructions but I contacted support and they were very helpful. I've been recommending to all my dropshipping friends.
December 24, 2021
I am a fashion lover to do print on demand clothes dropshipping. I begin my first dropshipping at 2020, to get more money from my spare time. From my +3 months experience of using HugePOD with Shopify, I also added Woocommerce when I found they'd published the Woocommerce plugin. There is some room for improvement to make the process easier but so far I am satisfied. at first, I also have some trouble in doing dropshipping with HugePOD, but I insisted with it because of the suitable price. I can get more benefits from my consumers. so I also hope the company will update the more function to use HugePOD to do dropshipping business.
December 23, 2021
We have a woocommerce site, and this is our experience with our attempts at integrating HugePod to our website store. Not only is the website full of issues, but customer support is incredibly difficult to get a hold of and even harder to converse with. They only respond during the evenings and middle of the night, and there's an obvious language barrier. Multiple items when viewed from our side have the exact same descriptions but different prices, yet when their tech support views them it shows up differently on their side. Apparently the language barrier prevents them from understanding my explanations of the screenshots. Now let's move on to the fact that it took two days for a customer's order placed on our website to sync to theirs. If that was expected, it would be one thing; but the incredible lack of details and information about how their services work on their website and all but non-existant FAQ say nothing about the matter. I waited 24 hours after the customer placed their order before attempting to contact their customer support. When they finally respond, they tell me that I have to enter the orders manually on their site when I receive them. A little flabbergasted, I do what they say and go enter the order manually. First issue from that was the order appearing in my personal orders instead of my shop orders, because there is no way to manually enter a shop order on their site. Second issue is the day after doing this, the original order appears (two days after it was placed by the customer). So now we're sitting with duplicate orders waiting again on customer service to tell us how their cancellations and/or refunds are going to work. Sadly, we will be going with a different print-on-demand plugin service.
December 19, 2021
This plugin does exactly what it says as long as everything is configured correctly. A bit of a learning curve for new sellers but once you figure it out you can create almost anything with the useful design tool. Perfect for print on demand. HugePOD has a lot of clothes samples to design from including hoodies, t-shirts, dresses. I'm also very thankful for the customer service. I've been recommending for all my artist friends since I discovered it.
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