HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter


Add syntax highlighting in the WordPress Post & Page HTML/text editor using Codemirror.js


  • Syntax highlighting in the Post/Page HTML editor
  • NEW: Syntax highlighting for WordPress shortcodes
  • Save your posts and pages pressing Ctrl+S (Cmd+S on Mac)
  • Restore cursor position after page is reloaded
  • NEW: Huge Selection of themes
  • Fullscreen mode: toggle with F11/Esc hotkeys

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  • Syntax highlighting in the Post/Page HTML editor.
  • Syntax highlighting in the Post/Page HTML editor - full screen mode.


  1. Upload the ‘html-editor-syntax-highlighter’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin on the ‘Plugins’ page


Almost Perfect

This is the only HTML/text editor plugin that works, that I could find. So a huge thank you to the developers for that. I gave it 5 stars as frankly any free plugin that works this well deserves that. The only thing I wish it could do but does not, is allow for a spellchecker to work.

The default Chrome spellchecker does not work on the post/page you are editing when this plugin is installed.

It half works with the spellchecker included in Jetpack but there is some incompatibility between the two plugins that means the changes you make are never saved. So the half that works is not enough.

I have resorted to installing the Notepad Chrome extension and then when I have finished a post, copying the whole thing into that, correcting any typos and re-pasting it back again into WordPress. Bit of a kerfuffle.

Super Helpful!

I’m a self taught beginner HTML coder and this was a great find.
Makes it much easier to keep track of where I am in text edit of WP page.
Even highlights broken code where you may be missing a start or end command.

Really nice!

It messes with my quicktags.js

This would be great, unfortunately it replaces my custom quicktags.js (the buttons of the HTML editor) with a standard toolbar I don’t need.

It would work better by importing my quicktags.js instead, adding its own buttons to it.

It just works!

Installed a lot of different color syntax plugins (and deleteded them), because this is the only one that just worked out of the box. And the color syntax was great too.

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Contributors & Developers

“HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • fixed bug: code mirror not initializing properly when new user tries to edit post for the first time
  • fixed bug: CodeMirror no longer trying to load on “All Post” and “All Pages”
  • fixed bug: Font and theme were reset to default when switching to the visual editor and back


  • fixed bug: return key would create two new lines and ignore indent
  • fixed bug: wp native “Add Media” button was not working
  • added version string to .css and .js resources for cache-busting purposes


  • Ctrl-S / Cmd-S saving will now select “Save Draft” if the post has not been published yet
  • Switched to an npm and grunt.js based build so new versions of CodeMirror can be applied easier
  • Updated CodeMirror to its latest version
  • Fixed FireFox bug: <select> dropdown would not display due to ::active state transform property
  • Fixed bug: toolbar covering text at small screen width
  • Fixed bug: switchEditors is undefined
  • Updated Css for wp 4.5
  • Added all available CodeMirror themes
  • Added syntax highlighting:
    • for WordPress shortcodes
    • for <!--more--> tags and their variants
    • NEW CodeMirror modes: shortcode.js & wordpresspost.js
  • Now calling hesh.js in an anonymous wrapper so it won’t pollute the global namespace
  • Now initializing hesh.js in an async compliant way
  • Refactored php to enqueue javascript in the WordPress friendly way
  • Tested with WordPress 4.5.2
  • Tested in all modern desktop browsers on OSX and Windows 10


  • Fixed issues with switching editor modes in WP 4.3


  • Added paragraph tag button, it’s visible only when the visual editor is disabled
  • Added minimum editor window height for the full-height mode


  • Added minimum editor window height for the full-height mode


  • Fixes for full-height mode
  • Fixed the issue with a hidden first line on smaller screens


  • Fixed the issue with a hidden first line on smaller screens


  • Fixed editor window height and resize handler
  • “headers already sent” issue


  • Compatibility with WP 4.0
  • Fixed fullscreen mode


  • You can change font size in the editor
  • Fixed issue with restoring cursor position
  • Updated CodeMirror library
  • Some minor improvements


  • Updated CodeMirror library
  • Some minor improvements


  • Add Link button now works with page selector window
  • Some minor improvements


  • You can now select Light or Dark editor colour theme


  • Fixed issue when “Add Media” button stopped working
  • Fixed editor resize bug in Visual mode.


  • Bug fixing


  • Add Media button now works correctly in Text mode
  • Fixed jumping cursor issue when ‘:’, ‘{‘, ‘}’ keys are pressed


  • Fixed jumping cursor issue when ‘/’ key is pressed.


  • Fixed a focus bug


  • Toggle fullscreen mode with F11/Esc hotkeys
  • Publish Post/Page hotkeys Ctrl + S / Cmd + S
  • Fixed some bugs for IE 8
  • Added development files to the zip bundle


  • New fullscreen mode
  • Remembers tab state
  • Editor resize handler
  • Code refactoring and minification for better loading performance


  • Updated CodeMirror library
  • Increased loading performance
  • Match brackets


  • CodeMirror library updated to version 3.02
  • Added quick-tags toolbar buttons
  • Preserve the scroll position after update or page reload


  • vertical resize for the editing box (works on FireFox, Chrome, Safari).
  • not working buttons/tags was hidden


Bug fix:
* plugin does not work in new post/page.


Bug fix (thanks to collinprice):
* when user has the visual editor disabled this plugin does not show up.


Initial release.