Introducing HootBoard.
This is the place you connect with and find out the latest about the organizations you care about most. This plugin is part of the comprehensive bulletin board platform that connects the website, lobby and other physical screens of your organization.

This plugin allows you to quickly add a HootBoard to your website in under a minute.

PRO TIP: We highly recommend using the embed from HootBoard. This way you can embed in middle of any page OR embed by collection. For example, on your events page, you can decide to only show hoots from the event collection.

To use embed click on More > Embed within your HootBoard menu.

HootBoard is a bulletin board platform for organizations. Primarily used in residential or commercial property communities and university departments; HootBoard can be used for any organization including schools, non-profits, workplaces and many more to internally share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs and more. Members can start discussions and get recommendations from fellow members.

Post announcements, articles, videos, events, deals, jobs, documents and more.

Your and members of your community can add posts directly to your website from the embedded page, from our mobile apps, browser extensions or at hootboard.com.

If you are in charge of driving engagement for your organization, gone are the days where you maintain the content on the website separately, have a detailed newsletter, maintain a separate groups application and update screens in your lobbies. HootBoard is one platform that connects them all. Create your community HootBoard, invite your members and let them post hoots. Using simple connectors and organization of content, Administrators can route all of this content seamlessly to their website or screens in lobbies. Members can also get newsletter via email with the most popular activity from a board or they can always access their HootBoard community at Hootboard.com and via our various apps.

If you don’t have a board, create a free HootBoard for your organization at https://www.hootboard.com. It only takes minutes to get started.

Yes. We will be adding more features to the plugin over time to allow you better integrate your board with your website. Stay tuned!

Want to learn about HootBoard in 30 seconds? Watch this:

Take a tour and check out demos on our About Page

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  • This is a screenshot of the HootBoard plugin after installation.
  • An example of what an embedded HootBoard looks like.
  • A HootBoard with the menu open with some of the options available to your board.
  • You can click on any posts to get a more detailed view.
  • An example of an event hoot.
  • HootBoards work across web, mobile and screens.


What are the best practices for making HootBoard look awesome on my site?
  • Make HootBoard full width on your page.
  • Make the background transparent to match your site.
  • Add a background image to your wordpress section.
  • Update the colors on your board to match the branding of your site.
What are the top 5 reasons to use HootBoard?
  1. Bring your community and a knowledge base directly on your website.
  2. Allows an easy way for your members to post to your site w/o having to access WP and they can post on the go from our mobile apps.
  3. Anyone who follows your board will receive updates of new posts on your board.
  4. Take HootBoard beyond your website and any content can be viewed on TV screens or displayed on interactive screens in your building!
  5. It’s free!
What types of posts can I put on HootBoard?

Hoots can be anything you want them to be – an event, job posting, for sale, question, link from the web, flyer, documents and more. Here’s a [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiTnKx-BhKs “Learn how to post a hoot”) on how to post hoots

Is HootBoard free?

HootBoard’s Forever Free plan allows you to view a certain number of the most recent posts on your board. We do have premium plans that gives you unlimited posts, the ability to use HootBoard on screens and more!

Do I need to create an account?

Yes you do need to create an account in order to create a board. Once you create a board you can copy and paste the link into the WP plugin. Here’s the [link](https://www.hootboard.com/#/createBoard “Create a HootBoard”)

Do you have any questions or ran into an issue?

Here are some support channels for you to use:

  • FAQ : Take a look at some popular questions in our knowledge base
  • Support Forum : Ask questions, view videos and share tips in our Support HootBoard
  • Webinar : Take a deep dive into HootBoard’s features & ask questiosn in a short 30 minute webinar run offered multiple times weekly
  • Submit Ticket – Still have questions? Email us directly at support@hootboard.uservoice.com and we’ll get back in no time


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  • Minor bug fixes. Updated the readme.


  • Fixed issue for handling board URLs without #.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • HootBoard has been updated with a brand new look.
  • Partnerships feature added to all you to connect and share events, information and more with other organizations in the area.
  • Collections feature added so you can organize all posts on your board so it can be found months later.
  • Sub-boards feature added so you can create boards for departments and sub groups within your organization.
  • This release also includes a number of fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed some bugs


  • First Release

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