Head Meta Data


Head Meta Data (formerly “Head Metadata Plus”) improves the definition and semantic quality of your web pages by adding a custom set of <meta> tags to the <head> section of your web pages.



    <meta name="abstract" content="Obsessive Web & Graphic Design.">
    <meta name="author" content="Perishable">
    <meta name="classification" content="Website Design">
    <meta name="copyright" content="Copyright Perishable Press - All rights Reserved.">
    <meta name="designer" content="Monzilla Media">
    <meta name="language" content="EN-US">
    <meta name="publisher" content="Perishable Press">
    <meta name="rating" content="General">
    <meta name="resource-type" content="Document">
    <meta name="revisit-after" content="3">
    <meta name="subject" content="WordPress, Web Design, Code & Tutorials">
    <meta name="template" content="Volume Theme">



  • Plug-n-play functionality
  • Born of simplicity, no frills
  • Easy to configure from the WP Admin
  • Adds custom set of meta tags to <head> section of posts and pages
  • Customize each <meta> tag with your own info
  • Adds any custom text/markup to <head> section of posts and pages
  • Customize additional content with any text/markup
  • Supports Twitter Cards and Open Graph tags via custom content
  • Disable any field by leaving it blank
  • Auto-generates known information from your site
  • Choose HTML or XHTML format for meta tags
  • Enable/disable plugin output from the settings page
  • Includes live preview of your meta tags and custom content
  • Option to reset default settings

This plugin is designed to complete a site’s head construct by including some of the more obscure meta tags, such as “author”, “copyright”, “designer”, and so forth. As a matter of practicality, the more widely used tags such as “description” and “keywords” have been omitted, as they are already included via wide variety of plugins (such as “All in One SEO”) in a more dynamic way. Even so, adding “description”, “keyword”, or any other tags is easy from the plugin’s settings page. Note: the metadata output via this plugin applies to the entire site.

Support development of this plugin

I develop and maintain this free plugin with love for the WordPress community. To show support, you can make a cash donation, bitcoin donation, or purchase one of my books:

And/or purchase one of my premium WordPress plugins:

  • BBQ Pro – Pro version of Block Bad Queries
  • SES Pro – Super-simple & flexible email signup forms
  • USP Pro – Pro version of User Submitted Posts

Links, tweets and likes also appreciated. Thanks! 🙂


  • Head Meta Data: Plugin Settings (panels toggle open/closed)



  1. Upload the plugin to your blog and activate
  2. Visit the settings to configure your options

More info on installing WP plugins


To upgrade Head Meta Data, remove the old version and replace with the new version. Or just click “Update” from the Plugins screen and let WordPress do it for you automatically.

Note: uninstalling the plugin from the WP Plugins screen results in the removal of all settings from the WP database.

Restore Default Options

To restore default plugin options, either uninstall/reinstall the plugin, or visit the plugin settings > Restore Default Options.


Head Meta Data cleans up after itself. All plugin settings will be removed from your database when the plugin is uninstalled via the Plugins screen.


To ask a question, suggest a feature, or provide feedback, contact me directly.


Celebrating 9 Years of Head Meta Data!

Head Meta Data was launched in May of 2006, and has been rocking meta data for awesome WordPress sites ever since! So huge THANK YOU to everyone who uses the plugin — here’s to another 9 years of Head Meta Data!! 🙂

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Contributors & Developers

“Head Meta Data” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updates plugin author URL
  • Updates Twitter URL to https
  • Changes stable tag from trunk to latest version
  • Refactors add_hmd_links() function
  • Updates URL for rate this plugin links
  • Tests on WordPress version 4.7 (beta)


  • Fixed backslash-apostrophe bug via esc_attr()
  • Streamlined and optimized plugin settings page
  • Replaced _e() with esc_html_e() or esc_attr_e()
  • Replaced __() with esc_html__() or esc_attr__()
  • Added plugin icons and larger banner image
  • Improved translation support
  • Deleted unused plugin icon
  • General fine-tuning of code
  • Tested on WordPress 4.6


  • Replaced icon with retina version
  • Added screenshot to readme/docs
  • Added retina version of banner
  • Added overflow: auto to pre tag
  • Reorganized and refreshed readme.txt
  • Tested on WordPress version 4.5 beta


  • Updated heading hierarchy in plugin settings
  • Added French translation (Thanks to Patrice Chassaing)
  • Updated translation template file
  • Updated minimum version requirement
  • Tested on WordPress 4.4 beta


  • Tested on WordPress 4.3
  • Updated minimum version requirement


  • Tested with WP 4.2 + 4.3 (alpha)
  • Changed a few “http” links to “https”


  • Tested with latest version of WP (4.1)
  • Increased minimum version to WP 3.8
  • Added $hmd_wp_vers for version check
  • Streamline/fine-tune plugin code
  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path to file header
  • Added .pot template for localization
  • Removed deprecated screen_icon()


  • Tested with latest version of WordPress (4.0)
  • Increased minimum WP version requirement to 3.7
  • Added conditional check on min-version function


  • Tested with latest WordPress (3.8)
  • Added trailing slash to load_plugin_textdomain()


  • Added uninstall.php file
  • Added “rate this plugin” links
  • Added support for i18n


  • Added line to prevent direct script access
  • Changed default value for copyright meta
  • Improved support for custom content
  • Fixed bug reported here
  • Replaced wp_kses_post with wp_kses
  • Added “href”, “property”, “title”, “rel”, “type”, “charset”, “media”, “rev” to list of allowed attributes
  • Removed closing “?>” tag in head-meta-data.php
  • Tested with latest version of WordPress (3.7)


  • General code check n clean, plus Overview and Updates admin panels now toggled open by default.


  • Added margins to submit buttons (required in WP 3.5)


  • Rebuilt plugin, changed name from “Head MetaData Plus” to “Head Meta Data”.


  • Initial release.