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HappyForms is the simplest way for you to manage and respond to conversations with your website visitors. With over 10 years of experience here at The Theme Foundry, we’ve heard from nearly 1,000,000 business what they need from a form builder! We’ve heard about the wasted time trying to set up tricky forms; the frustration of emails not being delivered; and the let down of not hearing from leads. That’s why we created HappyForms: Your free and friendly drag and drop form builder for creating contact forms, lead generation forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms and more! HappyForms is optimized to increase conversations with your website visitors, and to help you keep track of these conversations in a filterable archive. Have peace of mind knowing messages to-and-from are getting delivered without the hassle of spam. You’ll be set up and going in 5 minutes or less.

HappyForms solves these struggles:

  • 💬 Start more conversations.
  • 📫 Reliable message delivery.
  • 💌 Skip the hassle of spam messages.
  • 😍 Manage customer messages easily.
  • 🎨 Live preview form builder.
  • 💰 Save on average $186 each year.

Popular HappyForms Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Live preview forms as you create them.
  • Easily add forms anywhere to your pages, posts and widget areas.
  • Add multiple forms to the same page.
  • Completely mobile responsive forms.
  • Unlimited forms, parts, emails and messages.
  • Messages archive for all submissions.
  • Create one/two/three column layout with a single click.
  • Easily duplicate forms.
  • Required fields checkbox.
  • Confirmation message on submission.
  • Redirect to any webpage after the form is submitted.
  • Confirmation email sent to recipient.
  • One-click HoneyPot and Google ReCaptcha spam prevention.
  • Over 50 styles controls built-in.

Included HappyForms Form Parts:

  • Short Text — For fields like ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’.
  • Long Text — For longer messages and feedback.
  • Email — Validate recipients email addresses before submission.
  • Website Link — Formatted to accept URLs.
  • Multiple Choice — Checkboxes for multiple selections.
  • Single Choice — Radio buttons for single selection.
  • Dropdown — For long lists and single selection.
  • Number — For formatted numeric fields, like phone and price.
  • Phone – For formatted contact details.
  • Date — Includes day and year picker for easy use.
  • Address — A dropdown listing all available countries.
  • Scale — Collect opinions using a numeric slider.
  • Title — Include personal honorific list.
  • Legal — Required fine print before form submission.
  • Rating — Collect opinions using a zero to five star range.
  • Placeholder — For form descriptions and horizontal rules.



  1. Upload the happy forms folder to the wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Can I use my own themes?

Absolutely! HappyForms gets out of the way and is designed to work with any theme’s styles.


Looks good

The plugin looks good. But doesnt work with Flatsome theme

When I try to edit a form I get HTTP ERROR 500

If you can fix this I think your plugin deserves 5 star rating (I will change my review rating)

Fantastic, easy to use & FREE form builder!

I’ve tried most of the form builder plugins, including paid ones, and HappyForms had THE BEST user experience by far for building forms!

For the simple forms I require (contact forms, enquiry forms, booking forms etc) there are all the field types I need and it’s ALL done in the Customiser with real-time preview! Absolutely brilliant!! Even styling is handled (no more CSS tweaking). Can’t ask for more from a FREE plugin. Oh, and response from the developers to questions is top notch.

Please hurry up and release a paid Pro version so you can take my money 😉

This plugin is THAT good at what it does!

Great Free Form Plugin and Commend Devs for Using the Customizer

I recently got a chance to try the HappyForms plugin and was impressed with just how easy it was to set up. The developers built it entirely in the WordPress Customizer, which I think is awesome. The Customizer is one of the most underutilized tools in WordPress.

From integrated Google ReCaptcha, redirect URL, saved form submissions in your database (some form plugins make you pay for this), CSS styling options, the free version pretty much has everything you need.

Excited to see a fresh take on a contact form plugin.

Great plugin!

Nice and fresh plugin. It’s cool that the developers use the WordPress customizer. I will wait for new types of form fields.

On a good way

Thanks for this plugin.
Easy to use even for a beginner like me.
I’m just missung a file upload part. And the expand of a single part doesn’t work. I can only expand/collapse all parts.
Can I build multi columns forms?

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Contributors & Developers

“Manage and respond to conversations with customers — HappyForms” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Improvement: Date part is renamed to Date & Time and offers a lot more options, including minimum and maximum value for year and hour inputs, and an option to set inputs to current date and time by default.
  • Improvement: Added option to specify the subject of email alerts sent to site owners.
  • Improvement: Email alerts now support From, Reply To and multiple CC email addresses.
  • Improvement: Address part now lets users grab their current location automatically.
  • Bug fix: Responsive behavior of Address and Date & Time form parts.
  • Bug fix: Updated code to support versions of PHP down to 5.2.4.


  • Bug fix: Part widget toggle buttons didn’t work on Firefox.
  • Bug fix: Part column widths were misbehaving on some themes.


  • New feature: Form width style control, allowing to set form width in % or px.
  • New feature: Text alignment style control to allow for changing text align in various places in forms.
  • New feature: Added support for RTL languages with Text direction control in Style step.
  • Improvement: Added filters to control default part values and success/error submission actions.
  • Bug fix: array_column wasn’t available on PHP versions prior to 5.5 and was causing a fatal error.


  • Bug fix: Powered By HappyForms appearance.


  • New feature: Parts duplication.
  • New feature: “Title placement” setting now features options for displaying title as a placeholder with smooth transition, and place the title directly in the input field.
  • New feature: Google ReCaptcha support.
  • Improved: Better templates and filter coverage.
  • Improved: Modal for adding a form to a content has been redesigned and refactored.
  • Improved: Saving a form now displays an extended “Form saved” notice that contains a guide on how to insert form to a content. This message is dismissible.
  • Improved: Parts in the Form Builder now show part title for better navigation.
  • Improved: Dropdown part with lots of options now only reveals first 5 options on load with the option to reveal them all.
  • Improved: Redesigned Style step with lots of new settings to make your forms even better looking.


  • Bug fix: an error during the example form creation was preventing plugin activation.


  • New feature: New form parts – Title, Legal, Scale.
  • New feature: Show part description in a tooltip.
  • New feature: Button for expanding and collapsing all parts in Form Builder.
  • New feature: Added “Add HappyForms” button above visual editor for easier form embeds in page content.
  • New feature: Added new fields to Single Choice part to allow for part option descriptions.
  • Improved: Better message management.
  • Improved: Country part is now Address and supports autocompletion.
  • Improved: More controls and better organization of form style options.
  • Improved: General form styles.
  • Improved: Visual editors now support hyperlinks.
  • Improved: Title placement and Width part settings can now be applied to all parts by checking a checkbox.
  • Improved: Phone is now a standalone part with improved masking.
  • Improved: Number part now supports min and max value attributes.
  • Improved: Date part now displays inputs as dropdowns and also allows for time inputs.


  • Initial release.