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Gravity Notifications – SMS & WhatsApp Alerts for Gravity Forms

Gravity Notifications – SMS & WhatsApp Alerts for Gravity Forms


Gravity Notifications is a powerful addon for Gravity Forms, designed to enhance your form submissions with instant text messages and WhatsApp notifications. Seamlessly integrated with Twilio and WhatsApp Cloud API, this addon ensures you stay connected with your customers and team like never before.

Key Features

  • Customizable Messages:
    Personalize each notification using Gravity Forms Merge tags. Tailor messages to provide specific information relevant to each form submission, ensuring a personalized experience for every user.
  • Conditional Messaging:
    Send notifications based on specific conditions. Whether you need to alert your team for high-priority submissions or send special offers to select customers, Gravity Notifications has you covered.
  • International Phone Number Selector:
    Enable the international phone number selector to accommodate users from around the globe. Ensure accurate and reliable message delivery, regardless of location.
  • Twilio and WhatsApp Integration:
    Leverage the robust Twilio API for SMS notifications and the WhatsApp Cloud API for sending WhatsApp messages. Enjoy seamless communication through two of the most reliable messaging platforms available.

Pro Version Features:

Unlock the full potential of Gravity Notifications with our Pro version, which includes advanced features to take your messaging capabilities to the next level:

  • Dynamic Messages:
    Send dynamic content tailored to the specific needs of each recipient. Ensure every message is relevant and engaging.
  • Media Messages:
    Enhance your notifications with media files. Send images, videos, and more to create a rich, interactive experience.
  • Document Messages:
    Share important documents directly via WhatsApp. Perfect for sending invoices, manuals, or any other essential files.

Third party services

Gravity Notifications relies on the following third-party services to provide its functionalities:

– Description: Twilio’s API is used to send SMS messages.
– Link: Twilio
– Terms of Use: Twilio Terms of Service
– Privacy Policy: Twilio Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Business API

International Telephone Input
– International Telephone Input js library is used to format phone number in interntional format.
– Link: JS library
– Source code: Un-minified version
– Source code: Minified version

– Gets the user IP address to get the current location of user.
– Link: IP API
– Source code: Current location JSON data
– Terms of Use: IP API Terms of Service
– Privacy Policy: IP API Privacy Policy

How It Works

When you configure our plugin, you need to provide your Twilio and WhatsApp Business API credentials. These credentials are used to authenticate requests sent from your WordPress site to these services. The services are used under the following circumstances:

Sending SMS Messages: When a specific event occurs (e.g., form submission), our plugin sends an SMS message using the Twilio API.
Sending WhatsApp Messages: Similar to SMS, WhatsApp messages are sent using the WhatsApp Business API based on configured triggers.
By using our plugin, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policies of these third-party services. Please ensure you have read and understood their terms and conditions.


  • Notification Settings – Customize messages for form submissions.
  • Conditional Notifications – Set conditions for sending messages.
  • Phone Number Selector – Ensure proper formatting for international numbers.
  • Twilio and WhatsApp Integration – Seamlessly integrate with Twilio and WhatsApp Cloud API.
  • Menu


  1. Upload the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Forms > Gravity Notifications and enter the WhatsApp/Twilio API details.
  4. Create a new Feed from Forms. Hover over the “Settings” button under a form and click on “WhatsApp | Twilio” to configure you feed.


1. How do I integrate Gravity Notifications with Twilio and WhatsApp?

To integrate Gravity Notifications with Twilio, you need to enter your Twilio API credentials in the plugin settings. For WhatsApp, configure the WhatsApp Cloud API credentials similarly. Detailed setup instructions are provided in the documentation.

2. Can I customize the messages sent through Gravity Notifications?

Yes, you can customize messages for each form submission using Gravity Forms Merge tags. This allows you to personalize notifications with specific information from the form.

3. What are Gravity Forms Merge tags?

Gravity Forms Merge tags are placeholders that dynamically populate with data from form submissions. For example, {Name} would be replaced with the actual name entered by the user on the form.

4. How do conditional messages work?

Conditional messages allow you to send notifications based on specific criteria. For example, you can set up a condition to send a different message if a user selects a particular option on your form.

5. What is the International Phone Number Selector?

The International Phone Number Selector is a setting that, when enabled, allows users to enter their phone numbers in international format, ensuring accurate message delivery regardless of the recipient’s location.

6. What additional features are included in the Pro version?

The Pro version of Gravity Notifications includes:

  • Dynamic Messages: Tailor content to each recipient’s needs.
  • Media Messages: Send images, videos, and other media files.
  • Document Messages: Share important documents directly via WhatsApp.

7. How do I upgrade to the Pro version?

You can purchase Gravity Notification Pro from our website. Follow the instructions to purchase and install the upgraded version.


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