Gallery – Gmedia Photo Gallery. Music Player, Video Gallery, Media Library


Gallery – Gmedia Photo Gallery

Manage files, show image galleries and photo slideshows, play music on your site with Gmedia Gallery plugin. Gmedia Gallery plugin provides a comprehensive interface for handling galleries, images, video & audio files.

Gallery iOS application client

Now You can upload and manage your Gmedia Library (images, tags, albums) anywhere!!!
Get new Gmedia Gallery application for iPhone

With Gmedia Gallery plugin you can upload an unlimited number of photo and audio files, create dozens of galleries and playlists, group pictures and other files in albums, andadd tags for each file.
Handle any file format and link any files with images in few clicks. You can import images with captions from Worpress Media Library, Flagallery plugin and from NextGen Gallery plugin right to Gmedia Library.

Gallery Links

Gallery Home Page, Gallery Skins Portfolio, Gmedia Gallery Support Forum

How to create FREE responsive photo gallery

Create responsive photo gallery in few clicks. Various customization options and awesome features.

Friendly for iPad and iPhone. Doesn’t slow down your website. Unlimited galleries on your website with unlimited customizations for each gallery.

Photo Gallery Modules, Music Players, Mixed Galleries demos

  • Cubik – Mixed 3D Gallery Module is the 3D Cube Gallery with social sharing – highly customizible grid and Magnific Popup lightbox with additional information for each photo.
  • Phantom Pro – Mixed Gallery Module is the Wall/Grid Gallery with social sharing – you can easily change thumbnail sizes, colors, navigation, borders, add stylish labels to thumbnails … and much more.
  • WaveSurfer – Music Module superior responsive SoundCloud like music player with terms support (tags, albums, categories) and ability to show track covers, download button, custom link button, like button, share button, plays & comments counter.
  • PhotoTravlr – Gallery Module is amazing responsive gallery with terms support (tags, albums, categories) and details for each image like author, caption, download button, link button, like button, EXIF info, location map. Can be in full window and full screen mode.
  • PhotoMania – Gallery Module (GmediaCloud demo) – free responsive gallery with thumbs panel and other details for each image like author, caption, download button, link button, like button. Can be in full window and full screen mode.
  • Mosaic – Gallery Module is an image gallery with masonry layout built on jQuery. Responsive gallery with built in prettyPhoto lightbox for big images.
  • RealSlider – Gallery Module is an image/video gallery slider module built on jQuery. RealSlider module is responsive and touch friendly gallery with 50+ options for customization.
  • PhotoBox – Gallery Module – a lightweight image gallery which uses only CSS3 for silky-smooth animations and transitions.
  • Music Player Module – beautiful audio player with playlist is totally written in jQuery and HTML5.
  • More Galleries…

Help me make it best gallery plugin: test it and write suggestions how it could be improved in feature versions.

Gallery Features

  • New in 1.9.*: New free gallery module: Cubik Lite – 3D Cube Gallery (HTML5, CSS3, JS, responsive)
  • New in 1.9.*: Option to show own Gmedia Albums on Author Pofile page
  • New in 1.9.*: Option to automatically create gallery in Post with related images (images with the same tags as in Post)
  • New in 1.9.*: Show Related Media for WP tags and categories archive pages
  • Widget for Album and Gallery widget
  • Comments for Gmedia Items
  • Integration with WordPress Search. Gmedia items looks like a regular post with comments. Also you can search for albums and galleries
  • Music player & WaveForm for music. Create and save music waveforms & display them nicely with WaveSurfer music module
  • Duplicate item in Gmedia Library
  • iOS application “Gmedia” – iOS manage application to manage your Library with your iPhone
  • Full Page Gallery Template – “GmediaCloud” pages with permalink support
  • Share Images, Albums, Tags, Galleries via admin panel
  • Create custom gallery query filters with selected parameters
  • Custom fields for Files and Albums, so developers can create their own unique gallery modules
  • Cover for Album
  • Mobile friendly, responsive gallery
  • Add tags, assign categories and group images in albums
  • Drag’n’drop sorting for files in Album
  • Easy editing media files data in Edit Mode
  • Image Editor with Filters
  • Geolocation for photos (EXIF GPS coordinates show on map with Google Maps)
  • **Create many galleries with different options
  • Easily adding gallery shortcode to post in one click
  • Easily adding images from Gmedia Library to post
  • Set Featured Post Image (Post Thumbnail) from Gmedia Library
  • Import WordPress Media Library files
  • Uses WordPress’ native Image Resizer
  • Import files from server folder or from others gallery plugins
  • Gmedia Cloud Pages – Full Window Gallery Templates (like GRAND Page in Flagallery) – you can copy gallery permalink or any items’s permalink and insert it in the website menu
  • Custom Templates for GmediaCloud pages (can be selected on Gmedia Settings page)
  • Role/Capability Manager intergrated
  • Statuses: public, private (only for logged in users), etc. for files, albums, galleries
  • Batch operations with selected Gmedia items

Gallery TODO List

  • More Batch operations with selected Gmedia items (work in progress..)
  • Related Post images on Edit Post (work in progress..)
  • Share albums to socials from admin panel (in queue)
  • More modules for creating photo gallery, audio playlist, video playlist
  • Watermark/Crop image feature

Create Slideshow Galleries with using tags and automatically add images to several galleries by assigning these tags to uploaded photos.

Easily add photos from Gmedia Gallery Library to the Post by using Add Media -> Gmedia Gallery tab MetaBox. One click for inserting image or gallery right in your page.

Set Post Featured Image (Post Thumbnail) from Gmedia Gallery Library.

With our versatile plugin you can magically change the look and feel of your photo gallery, a huge selection of modules will help you embed the gallery in your posts and web pages making them feel complete. You will appreciate user friendly interface of admin panel, making the creation of unique and contemporary style gallery an easy and fun process, and attracting increasing attention from viewers.

Gmedia Gallery is the result of hundreds of hours of working to bring you the ultimate photo managing tool. With a lot of features, flexible options and a wide range of customizations, editing and publishing galleries, Gmedia Gallery is a smart addition to any blogger’s arsenal. Whether you’re photographer or a blogger, you’ll like the Gmedia Gallery plugin.

Gallery Translations
Gmedia Gallery plugin with wide range of functionality. Responsive gallery, gallery with multi categories, gallery with tags, gallery with geolocation, gallery with comments, advanced gallery images management tools.

Gallery Gmedia it’s very useful and beautiful element of website interface. Gmedia Gallery one of the most powerful wordpress photo gallery plugin with comments, geolocation. Gmedia Gallery interface implemented with full set of settings for managing files (like in Media Library only better) and creating mixed galleries. All image galleries have a variety of options that could be easily changed, as result you can make gallery perfectly fit your website.

Gmedia Gallery – is Grand Media Gallery (photo gallery, image gallery, music gallery, video gallery, music player, music playlist, media library, gallery portfolio, gallery slider, photo slider, photogallery, imagegallery, slideshow gallery, gallery with comments, gallery with map, gallery with iOS application, gallery with categories, gallery with tags, album gallery, gallery with EXIF info)

Minimum requirements for Gmedia Gallery

WordPress 3.6
PHP 5.2


  • Gmedia Gallery Module - WaveSurfer Music Gallery
  • Gmedia Gallery iOS App - Home page
  • Gmedia Gallery iOS App - Album View
  • Gmedia Gallery iOS App - Image Edit
  • Gmedia Gallery iOS App - List of Albums
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Gmedia Library Edit Mode
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Create Gallery with Afflux Module
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Add shortcode to Post - Gmedia MetaBox
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Upload images to Gmedia Library
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Import galleries from Flagallery plugin
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Process of import galleries from Flagallery plugin
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Gmedia Library
  • Gmedia Gallery Admin Area - Gmedia Library Filters


Installation Instructions
  1. To install gallery plugin upload grand-media folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install Gmedia Gallery via WP Dashboard
  2. Activate the gallery plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Gmedia Gallery Add / Import Files and upload images (assign tags or album to uploaded images right in place)
  4. Go to Create / Manage Galleries… -> click Create Gallery button -> choose module for the gallery -> click Build Query and choose albums or tags to grab images from -> Save
  5. On Edit Post page click Gmedia Gallery button -> in popup click on gallery to insert shortcode in text editor.
Where I can ask support question about gallery?

Use Gmedia Gallery support forum If you have any troubles with gmedia gallery plugin. I’ll try to answer ASAP


Easy and works well

The plugin is simple to understand und works well.
The importfunction of media from the wordpress media library needs more possibilitys to filter the library, filter categorys, media categorys etc. Then it would be perfect.
Thanks for the good job!

Simple to install, use and customise

Gmedia gallery plugin is incredibly simple to install, implement and customise. It is by far the most feature packed and robust free gallery plugin available for WordPress and will cover the majority of uses. Never had to contact support but there is a rich variety of documentation available on the web for any questions.

Photo Gallery

Un très bon module ! Une belle galerie, sophistiquée, sobre et classe… J’aime !
Merci !

Sehr gutes Plugin nach einigen Minuten Eingewöhnung

Auf den ersten und zweiten Blick mag das Plugin ein bisschen verwirren, aber es ist eigentlich gar nicht so kompliziert, wenn man es mal verstanden hat. Habe diverse freie Galerien Plugins angeschaut und das hier ist meiner Meinung nach das beste und umfangreichste, sofern man kein Geld ausgeben will/kann für ein solches Plugin.

Gibt ihm eine Chance, ihr werdet es höchstwahrscheinlich auch mögen. Sehr schöne Galerien kann man damit machen und die Lightbox ist auch eine der am besten umgesetzten, die ich gesehen habe.

hard ergonomy no upload

very hard to know how to upload image , and generate image already uploaded !!!
the navigation is bad we are lost !!!!

for exemple i just try to put images allready aploaded in slider / normale slider inside the post
i was lost
and there is a lot of stuf option and other plugin to install !!!!!

Photo Gallery that may surprise you… in a good way!

I am new to and self hosted website. My main objective was to set up an easily navigated website and display my photography in an attractive way, not for sale mind you, since I’m an amateur photographer, but for my family, friends and my own enjoyment.

So naturally, looking for a good photo gallery plugin was my first step.
I can tell you, I’ve checked and tested many, it costed me a lot of frustrations, anger outbursts, lots of swearing and copious amounts of beer and other liqueur to ease my stress, and to be honest, I’ve had few moments with the Gmedia plugin as well, but..

What attracted me to it in the first place was a very appealing and user friendly interface, even though, at first, I was baffled by those “modules”, the difference between a Gallery and an Album, what are those “Presets” for each module and what do they do? But I persevered… trying different things, reading user forums and learning to customize it the way I wanted.

Does it do everything I imagined I wanted to have? The simple answer is no, but other photo galleries were not even close to what this one offers.
I’ve read many reviews of this plugin, especially the ones with one star rating and it’s too bad that those users didn’t give it a fair chance and a bit of effort to learn it.

And some of them did cracked me up, I have to admit, for example: “impossible to figure out without doing a ton of research”… daahhh… things in life DO require effort to learn like riding a bike, telling a good joke or getting married… otherwise you suck in everything.
Or this one: “photos upload to the wrong location”…not true, unless YOU uploaded it to the wrong location. And this one topped my list: “way too complicated for non IT people”… jeez dude, Internet, computers and especially WordPress ARE complicated. Perhaps stick to outdoor fire, pen and paper and cathod ray tube TV?

If you want a photo gallery plugin to do exactly what you have in your head, you have to write it yourself. And if you can’t do it, like me, give this one a try, it will do pretty much everything you want.

A word on support for this plugin, because I’ve seen some 1 star reviews just titled “No Support”, really? In few cases I’ve had a specific question on how to use a particular feature and I have received an answer in a matter of an hour (forum on And just recently I had a suggestion for an additional feature. Rattus (I assume he is the developer or one of them) answered in just a few minutes, he said he would update the module tomorrow and sure enough, it was there next day!

I come from IT world (not programming, mind you) and I had my share of dealings with technical support, either hardware or software, so it’s hard to impress me, but this guy did.

This plugin is free and as far as I can tell, there is no difference between paid and free version, except for a small banner on the first picture of an album saying that it was created by Gmedia gallery, fair enough.
This banner didn’t bother me at all but after a careful evaluation I paid for it and why? Because I wanted to support a developer that gives his hard work away for free! We have to appreciate this type of attitude. I consider it a donation to future development and support.

And my last point: this is the only plugin I found (maybe there are others) that does not have a subscription model of payment, $40 to $80 per year. In this model (which many big companies adopt these days, I know, I’m dealing with them) you’re sucked in and have to pay every year if you invested a lot of work in your site and don’t want to loose it. Here, you have one time charge of about 30 bucks US. The developer made a smart decision to leave it up to me if I want to pay for future upgrades (which I will if I like a new feature I want).

That’s all what I have to say (in just a few words, lol…) Really, give it a try and if you like it and use it, don’t be stingy and pay for it to support this great addition to your site!

Read all 222 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Gallery – Gmedia Photo Gallery. Music Player, Video Gallery, Media Library” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Modules Updated

  • Go to Gmedia Gallery Modules page and update installed premium modules to latest versions

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.14

  • Update if you have some issues with installing premium modules

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.13

  • Fixed: “Add from Library” button on edit term page

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.12

  • Fixed: iOS application upload to Album (Category, tag)

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.11

  • Fixed: Save WaveForm for music files not worked

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.10

  • Fixed: Compatibility with StarBox plugin
  • Fixed: iOS app not worked on some servers configurations

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.9

  • Fixed: FlipGrid module not worked if GmediaService disabled

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.8

  • Fixed: Modules remote XML error
  • Added: FlipGrid module

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.7

  • Fixed: Upload of TIFF files
  • Added: Cover field for non editable images

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.6

  • Added: Visual media select in Query Builder
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.5

  • Added: og: meta tags for Facebook and Google+ share
  • Updated Modules

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.4

  • Added: Reset button to Build Query
  • Updated: Single Gmedia Post
  • Updated: Modules: Cubik Lite, Phantom
  • Other small improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.3

  • Updated: Phantom module
  • Updated: Third party JS libraries
  • Improved: Duplicate item now copy all meta and terms too
  • Improved: Gmedia permalink changing

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.2

  • Updated: Phantom, Phantom Pro, Cubik Lite, Cubik gallery modules now support youtube/vimeo videos and google maps embed in lightbox
  • Updated: Music modules compatibility with some themes
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.7

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.1

  • Fixed: Tag edit
  • Fixed: Gmedia iOS app compatibility with WP-SpamShield plugin
  • Fixed: Compatibility Gmedia Terms archive pages with some themes
  • Fixed: Author profile page not shows Posts
  • Fixed: Change gallery module doesn’t load default/global preset

Gmedia Gallery v1.9.0

  • Added: Batch edit Module/Preset for selected Galleries
  • Fixed: Notice in compatibility.php
  • Fixed: subscribers now can leave comments for private gmedia items
  • Updated: Phantom gallery module
  • Updated: PhotoMania gallery module

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.99

  • Added: New free module – Cubik Lite (3D Cube Gallery)
  • Added: Settings for Author profile page
  • Added: Show Related Gmedia Metabox for Posts
  • Added: Back button on Upload page
  • Added: Show term description on standalone post
  • Updated: Latest version of Lightbox script
  • Improved: Compatibility with ajax themes
  • Improved: Compatibility with JetPack plugin
  • Fixed: Cover change error on Edit Item
  • Fixed: Library Grid Mode on Safari
  • Fixed: Refresh after edit item in popup
  • Fixed: Actions on Edit Term page
  • Fixed: Add/Edit comments for roles lower than editor
  • Fixed: Error on servers with ‘mbstring’ disabled

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.98

  • Fixed: Compatibility with “All in One SEO Pack” plugin
  • Fixed: Load registered styles only once if there are few different gallery modules on the page
  • Fixed: Module styles doesn’t load when Raw output enabled in settings
  • Fixed: Notice in Media Upload popup

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.97

  • Changed: Shortcode css output
  • Changed: Shortcode js output to avoid cache for new versions

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.96

  • Added: Message “Upload complete” on Add Media page
  • Fixed: Library grid on Safari
  • Fixed: Minima module
  • Improved: Shortcode output

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.95

  • Added: Setting “Delete original images”
  • Added: Setting to show Related Media for WP tags and categories archive pages
  • Added: Setting to show Related Media for WP Posts based on tag names
  • Fixed: Gallery Share button in the admin linked to wrong post
  • Improved: Load module styles before the module content
  • Improved: Clear cache after module update
  • Improved: Do not show Reset Filter for author if there is only one author who can not view others media

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.94

  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress less than 4.4

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.93

  • Added: Update Modules badge indicator
  • Added: Widget for Gmedia Galleries
  • Added: Show Albums on Menu page
  • Added: Order By: “comment count”, “created date”, “views”, “likes”, “file size”
  • Added: In “Batch Edit” renaming files with {index:0001} now keep leading zeroes
  • Added: Option to disable “Title Case” for titles converted from filenames
  • Fixed: Save Filename to Title when non English letters
  • Fixed: Do not show non-published albums for images on the front-end
  • Fixed: Gallery comments popup template for some themes
  • Updated: Phantom gallery module to support gallery pagination, terms
  • Updated: Other gallery modules
  • Fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.90

  • Added: Alt Text field for image
  • Added: Editor quick tag buttons for items description fields
  • Added: “Add from Library” button on Edit Term page
  • Added: “Upload to term” button on Edit Term page
  • Added: Modal window to easily set link for items from existing content
  • Added: Share, Delete actions on Edit Term page
  • Added: Links to view “GmediaCloud Page” and “Term’s WP Post” on Edit Term page
  • Fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.89

  • Fixed: Auth redirect for ajaxurl loaded files on the front-end
  • Added: When changing cover for item you’ll see change immediately
  • Added: Modal window to easily choose file cover, album cover and category cover
  • Added: Modal window to easily set link for items from existing content
  • Changed: Excluded gmedia items from WP Link query
  • Small fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.88

  • Fixed: Upload when edit post
  • Fixed: Compatibility with PHP 5.2

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.86

  • Fixed: Fatal error bug on WP Media page

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.85

  • Changed: Click on Thumbnail now open edit item
  • Changed: To select item use checkboxes
  • Improved: Library like view on edit Album page
  • Improved: Library like view on edit Category page
  • Improved: Storage of selected items
  • Added: Field for Item order (custom order) in Album
  • Other fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.80

  • Added: edit items in popup
  • Added: tags dropdown list in Edit Mode
  • Added: tooltips for admin elements
  • Added: “Duplicate Gmedia Item” action
  • Changed: grid mode view
  • Fixed: waveplayer in admin
  • Fixed: Add Album in Edit Mode
  • Updated: Phantom gallery module new version

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.71

  • Fixed: Compatibility with some plugins, which manipulate posts meta
  • Fixed: Saving custom presets on Edit Gallery pages.
  • Improvements for future iOS app version.

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.70

  • Added: New Action to re-create selected images in Library
  • Fixed: Author filter in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed: Fatal error for some images without EXIF
  • Updated: New compact look for comments in Phantom image gallery module
  • Other fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.63

  • Fixed: admin background
  • Fixed: Notice on Build Gallery Query popup
  • Fixed: database error if photos have unknown characters in EXIF
  • Fixed: Hide Gmedia Gallery button if it is not active for current post type
  • Small fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.62

  • Added: Ability to change gallery preview background color
  • Added: Global preset for modules (admin only)
  • Fixed: Upload for sites with Punycode url
  • Small fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.61

  • Fixed: Internal Server Error on some servers
  • Fixed: Increased upload chunk size
  • Fixed: Notice in Build Gallery Query popup, when MimeType chosen
  • Added: Class for manipulating hex colors with PHP

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.60

  • Fixed: Preset Preview
  • Soon: New music module with waveform

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.59

  • Fixed: Modules install not worked
  • Fixed: Google Maps not worked on some servers
  • Changed: Hide Presets for not installed modules
  • Improved: wavesurfer.js script

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.58

  • Added: Waveform for music files
  • Added: Waveform music player in admin
  • Added: Spinner on item edit
  • Added: Clean cache of all major cache plugins when do some actions in Gmedia Gallery plugin
  • Fixed: Database creation on some servers

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.57

  • Updated: Compatibility with latest Gmedia Gallery iOS application version
  • Fixed: Notice in Music Player playlist module

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.56

  • Fixed: Apply preset for gallery
  • Updated Music Player audio playlist module

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.55

  • Added: Show Duplicates in Gmedia Library
  • Added: Prevent duplicates been import
  • Added: Open in Gmedia Library button to Edit Album/Category page
  • Added: Login by email in Gmedia Gallery iOS app
  • Fixes and Improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.51

  • New: PhotoTravlr image gallery module on Modules page
  • Fixed: delete presets on Modules page

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.50

  • Added: Page for creating Presets
  • New: Modules page now shows also available presets for each module
  • New: You can set global Module/Preset for terms
  • New: You can set Module/Preset individual for each album or category
  • Added: Tips for creating gallery’s Query Args.
  • Added: Shortcode preview for each term
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.27

  • Added Open Graph Meta Image for Gmedia Posts
  • Added more info about item on Gmedia Post page (exif, map, terms)
  • Added ‘style’ parameter to shortcode, so user can add inline styles for gallery container
  • Added ‘class’ parameter for shortcode, so user can add own classes to gallery container
  • Fixes & improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.26

  • Enable/disable archive page option in Settings for gmedia library, albums, galleries.
  • Fixes for iOS app

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.25

  • Fixed: Compatibility with Ajax themes

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.24

  • Fixed: Screen Settings on pages
  • Fixed: Preview of changed module
  • Fixed: Google Maps JS error in admin on some installations

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.23

  • Fixed: If gallery source is album, then set order from album (with ability to overwrite by query parameter)

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.22

  • Fixed: Quick Galleries items order

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.21

  • Fixed: Fatal Error on album sort

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.20

  • Compatibility with WP 4.5
  • Changed: Removed Custom Filters
  • Changed: Taxonomies are now separate pages (Albums, Categories, Tags)
  • Changed: Galleries are now have query builder (like in custom filters) to make custom queries
  • Improved: Gallery Preview now resizable
  • Improved: Isolation Mode
  • Added: Custom Fields to Galleries
  • Added: Settings for default albums ‘status’, ‘order’, ‘orderby’
  • Added: Setting for Default Module
  • Added: ‘category__and’ query parameter
  • Fixed: bugfixes
  • Code refactoring and other improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.14

  • Fixed: Multiple categories in Edit Mode

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.12

  • New: Ability to create own categories
  • New: Ability to assign few categories to one item
  • New: Ability to assign categories to non images
  • Added: New capability for managing categories

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.10

  • Added: Stack for Gmedia Items
  • New: Selected items now cleared automatically after Action
  • Changed: Numeric title from EXIF will be saved to DB

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.08

  • Improved Phantom gallery module
  • Improved installations of modules
  • Fixed Install module ZIP
  • Fixed loading comments on some themes
  • Removed Font-Awesome from GmediaCloud page to improve loading speed

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.07

  • Fixed: Modules update
  • Updated: Phantom photo gallery module (fixed few settings)

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.06

  • Fixed: Notice on first install
  • Fixed: Ignored uninstall settings and gallery plugin doesn’t delete database records and delete all files

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.05

  • Improved: update process
  • Fixed: access point for Gmedia Gallery iOS app
  • Fixed: comments in Phantom photo gallery module not worked on some themes

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.0

  • Added: Comments for Gmedia Items
  • Added: WP search integration for gmedia items, albums, galleries, filters
  • New: Phantom gallery module with comments support
  • Fixed: gallery search in admin and a lot of other bugs that I don’t remember