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GRA4 Social Network


After single two-minute-long installation your website will have social features: activity, friends, likes, groups, messaging, market and much more.
What this plugin is for: Big social networks put plenty of websites out of business, because anyone can create a group on a major Social Network (such as Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki, etc.), and it’s much easier than to build and support your own website.
We want to get web-masters back into the game, arming them with the same functionality the “grown-up” social networks have.

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  • Video Guide:
  1. You can download and install GRA4 Social Network using the standard WordPress plugin installer.
  2. Activate the GRA4 Social Network Plugin in the “Plugins” admin panel using the “Activate” link, continue with the Settings.
  3. Navigate to the page you’ve just created, and enjoy the Social Networking.
  4. Done! Optional: For some custom themes you may use the admin interface (look for “GRA4 Settings” in the admin menu) to adjust the social content position.


  • GRA4 Wiki:


Use the admin interface (look for “GRA4 Settings” in the admin menu) to adjust the social content position.
See Video Tutorial at the for details.
If you need deeper customization, edit style file custom.css in your wp-content/plugins/gra4/css/ directory.
GRA4 content is about 1000px wide, so we also recommend to switch off sidebars for the GRA4 page if the theme offers such option.


GRA4 Social Network supplies the dynamic content even for non-logged users of your website.
Therefore if you use caching plugins, we recommend to switch of the caching for all pages bellow the…

Support Groups

  • General:
  • WordPress:


  • see the demo at
  • or pick one of the operational websites from the Partner Networks List at
  • or create your own playground on free hosting



Support Groups

  • General:
  • WordPress:


  • Multiple Languages - GRA4 Social Network supports multiple languages. Even more will be added soon.

  • Activity Stream - Another example.

  • Connected to GRA4 - After the plugin is activated and the website Webmaster visits the plugin page, this picture will appear. If you see it - your website successfully joined the GRA4 network.

  • Groups - When a website joins the GRA4 network, new group will be created to simplify user control for the Webmaster.

  • My Groups - Any user can create new groups with custom access level.

  • Activity Streams - That's how personal activity stream looks like. Global, personal and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, likes and other social features are supported.


What are the benefits of this feature?

Well, your users get plenty of new functionality, and you (as website owner) get lots of content and page views.

Now all major social networks ( Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, etc. ) provide integration tools. Why don’t I use them instead?

There are at least two differences:

  1. Other social networks require users to register through that network itself, so basically you force your users away – next time they can easily go to the social network website instead of yours. The GRA4 does not require separate registration. GRA4 presumes “if your website trusts this user – it’s good user”.
  2. No IFRAMEs! Well, in human words: all social content your WordPress getting from GRA4, technically belongs to your website. It is your native content even for search engines.
How does it work ?

The GRA4 Server provides the Social Networking functionality, and the WordPress-powered website, joined to the GRA4 network (“GRA4 Client”), channels the data between the visitors and GRA4 Server. Visitors of the GRA4 Client remain anonymous for the GRA4 server.

It’s important, so, one more time: GRA4 Server does not collect any personal data of the users of your website, for the GRA4 Server your user is are just something like “website#123_user#345”.

Sounds cool, huh? =) Well, we like this patented technology too.

I don’t want any outside code on my server! What about security?

No codes is executed on your website besides the ones provided by the Plugin. From you are getting not the code, but the data your website relays to the visitor’s browser. To make sure look through the Plugin code.

Ok, I’ve installed the Plugin and connected to the GRA4 network. What’s next?

See the GRA4 Webmasters group ( ) – it will provide you with the links. Although you pretty much all set – your users already have full-blown social networking functionality.

I don’t like how the social content looks. Can I change it?

Please see the “Customization” section. It’s not a biggie to change the looks.

Does GRA4 speak my language?

We already support 25 languages, and when you read it, we probably already have more. We also constantly work on the improvement of the existing translations.
However, the admin interface for now available only in English.

I need more help !

Read the Wiki at

For general support use GRA4 Webmasters Group (

For the specific WordPress questions go to GRA4 Webmasters WordPress Group ( ).


  • Important interface change, GRA4_client_id added.

  • Better theme change handling, different defaults.

  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.7.1 .

  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.6.1 .

  • Fix for the redundant CSS.

  • Minor CSS error fixes.

  • Minor compatibility error fixes.

  • Minor error fixes. Better languages support.

  • Better error handling.

  • Various minor error fixes.

  • Code clean-up.

  • Installation process streamlined.

  • Admin interface improved.

  • Minor errors fixed.

  • File upload error fixes.

  • Minor error fixes.

  • Minor error fixes.

  • Admin interface improved.

  • Fix of an error in the admin interface.

  • Optimized to operate with upper PHP versions.

  • Fixed compatibility issue.

  • Fixed compatibility issue.

  • Code clean-up.

  • Fixed compatibility issue (caching).

  • Code clean-up.

  • Minor error fix in the admin interface.

  • Code clean-up. Support for 24 languages.

  • Malformed URL error fixed.

  • Better client configuration error handling.

  • Links adjusted to new Wiki system. Support for 23 languages.

  • Code clean-up, better minimal requirements detection. Support for 20 languages.

  • Quick fix for the mishap in the previous version. Sorry, nobody is perfect.

  • Code clean-up.

  • Simpler, yet more powerful admin interface.

  • Interconnectivity functions were improved.

  • Adjusted to the current version of WordPress engine.

  • Code clean-up, minor bugs fixed.

  • Added fix for the user notification encoding.

  • Added configuration for client custom login URL. Guests invited there to login/register.

  • Added measures to block spam bots.

  • Code clean-up.

  • Fix for JetPack.

  • Better client-server communication.

  • Better handling of the CSSs.

  • Error handling improved.

  • Permalink check added.

  • Automatic creation of the GRA4 Page.

  • Installation process has been streamlined. Better handling of custom themes

  • Added fix for the sites without the URS wrapper (file_get_contents).

  • Added simplified admin visualization settings. Some minor bugs fixed.

  • Added more admin settings, standard themes detection, video tutorial.

  • Added more admin customization options for themes. Added safe operations for custom .css files.

  • Added admin tune-up for themes.

  • Minor bugs fixed.

  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • Compatibility issues fixed.

  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • The package is changed to meet WordPrees Plugin requirements.

  • Initial release.

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