This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

GPXPlus Widget


This plugin adds a Widget that displays all Pokémons and Eggs in your Global Pokédex Plus( party. This plugin only requires that you know your display name to work, as it will figure out the rest itself.


  • Message Activated with the Standard WP-Theme
  • Message Disabled with NDesign's iTheme theme


Where do i find my Display Name?

You can look in several different places, but the easiest is to check at the top of the page. It will say “Welcome back, (this is your display name)!”, just copy-paste that name into the settings.

But i don’t have 6 Pokés in my party, will it still work?

Yes, it will. Myself i always have an open slot in my party, just in case of events i’ve missed or The Little Man,
or if i find a super-rare event egg in the Lab/Shelter.



  • Reverting to 1.3 due to cache not working, plugin only worked once every 1000 seconds…


  • You can now choose what size to resize to. If you set either width or height to 0, they will be rescaled according to the other number,
    or set both to 0 for no resizing at all(or simply uncheck the box).


  • Fixed some bugs… If your widget only prints GPXWIDGET_POKEHTML, try updating


  • Added the option to resize all sprites to the size of an egg, solves layout problems for certain parties
  • Added message field, can now optionally display a short message above the eggs
  • Merged show_pokes.php into gpxplus-widget.php to allow for better integration
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the cache, i accidentally released a debug version with the cache-checking routine sat to if(true == true) which caused it to always assume that the cache was too old.


  • Uses Regular Expressions(REGEX) to find your Pokés: Less code for me, and more speed for you 😉


  • Original version
  • Uses JavaScript to extract the Pokés from the Party, but needs to load the entire page into an invisible DIV, which is very slow and clumsy…

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