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Google Map

Google Map plugin form Huge-IT-the best solution to add awesome Google Maps to your website.Responsive plugin with advanced options will do the job.

WordPress Google Maps

Huge-IT Google Maps. One more perfect tool from Huge-IT. Improved Google Maps, where we have our special contribution. Most simple and effective tool for rapid creation of individual Google Maps in posts and pages.

  • With our Google Maps provide your visitors with the information about the exact location of your company/place. To make sure that people can find your place with the help of map , you should add the appropriate information to the markers.

  • With the help of Google Maps give information of the right location of your business on the map . With Huge-IT Google Maps distribute the information about yourself, get free traffic and increases the number of transitions to your page from the usual search on Google.

  • Create markers on the maps with beautiful styles.

  • Except given styles of the google maps you can upload your preferable image into the map and set it instead of marker.

  • There have been added useful special features on the Google Maps plugin. You can select the exact location on the map , track or spread area of a place.

  • Polygons of the maps - bounded highlighted area on the maps, showing the specific range, limited with geometric figure on the map .Create a polygon easily on the map , give shape and set styles on it. With Google Maps polygon show the borders of a specific location to your visitors.

  • Polylines of the maps - With the Google Maps polylines you can highlight specific road/track, give styles to the path and change it whenever you need on your map . Show visitors the directions of your place and many other things with the Maps plugin.

  • Circles of the maps - Maps circle is a round area showing the specific range. With Maps circle you can take the area into round border and give styles to it.

  • Layers of the maps - Enable Traffic Layer Enable Bicycling Layer Enable Transit layer

  • Map Styling - Provides huge amount of the design options

All these features can quickly and easily adapted to your requirements and needs.

Google Maps can be easily integrated with any WordPress website. Google Maps can be easily inserted, customized and used in posts, pages or as a simple widget.

Google Maps make your visitors to get you, you just need to provide the coordinates on the map.

We have made for you a list of customization on the Map . Most of them are absolutely available in the free version of the Map Plugin.

Do not hesitate to install Google Maps from WordPress to see all the options of the map on admin page. With the demonstration map, next to it, so you can watch all your changes before inserting map into post/page.

Main Features

  • Create unlimited number of maps
  • Select your desired map name
  • Select among 4 map type from General Options
  • Set your map height and width
  • Enable map animation
  • Select your map icon for markers
  • Add Google Maps polygons link
  • Add circle in your Maps plugin
  • Google Map is pretty easy for using
  • Maps support Street View
  • Define your maps width, height and zoom level
  • Google Maps is user-friendly
  • Select different marker icons for maps plugin
  • Add markers for any address, latitude/longitude location
  • Add animations to your map markers
  • Add Polygons to your Google Maps Plugin
  • Add Polylines of your Google Maps Plugin
  • Create a map just in seconds
  • Set the min and max zoom level for your map plugin
  • Add descriptions, links and images to your map markers
  • Export the map to CSV
  • Enable Map Traffic Layer
  • Enable Map Bicycling Layer
  • Enable Map Transit layer
  • Map type: Roadmap,Satellite,Hybrid,Terrain
  • Map can be Draggable
  • Map offers huge amount of animation
  • Map Marker Infowindow Open On: Click or Hover

Over 20 Map Options

In Huge-IT Google Map you can find more than 20 various map options which will make your Map better for you and your visitors.

25 Google Maps Marker Styles

Style of the map marker is important and nice detail that you may need. So you can choose one among 25 bright map marker icon styles. Do not limit your opportunities.

Maps Polygons Polylines Circles

You will have 3 ways to designate maps areas. Put geometric shape on your maps with a polygon, outline the route with the polyline and the circle to designate round areas.

Road Layers

There are different types of road layers that you can use on you map . This comprehensive street map includes Traffic Layer, Bicycling Layer, Transit Layer.

Map Styling

We included a huge repository of different styles for Google Map aimed towards web designers and developers, which you can customize yourself.

CSV Export

Huge-IT Google Maps exports CSV file, which makes it easy to export data, create a CSV file of the objects that you submit.


Google Map Layers Demo

Google Map Markers Demo

Google Map Shapes Demo

FAQ & User manual


User Manual

If you think, that you found a bug in our WordPress Google Maps plugin or have any question contact us at info@huge-it.com

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 60,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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