This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Google Maps Geocoder


WPGMG will create a custom fields on any post containing custom fields of street, city, state, zip and will add two new custom fields to the post: lat & lng.
lat being latitude.
lng being longitude.

  • WPGMG 1.2 The post title will show by default in the Map Info window linking back to original post. Also, a custom field named: ‘mapinfowindow’ will display below the post title/link in the infoWindow if the custom field is used.
  • WPGMG 1.1 By Special Request, you can now simply map the single post that is shown, rather than all posts centering on the single posts on a single-post page. –
  • WPGMG 1.0 now adds GeoRSS:where/gml:pos, geo:lat/geo:long, icbm:latitude/icmb:longitude, and geourl:latitude/geourl:longitude to your RSS2 & Atom Feeds. –

  • WPGMG .69 will now allow you to render Google Maps on your WordPress powered site. Enter the location data that you have into custom fields, upon saving/updating it will update the latitude/longitude into custom fields that it will use to plot points on the Google Map. The map will center on the current posting if on a single post page. Otherwise it will zoom out to allow all posting to be viewed. The GoogleEarth plugin control is enabled. Some minor customization allows for KML import/export and custom Google Map Icons. –

  • It can be used to create custom Google (or other custom) maps based on latitude/longitude.

  • High traffic sites can help avoid the 10,000 GeoCode daily limit from Google, by geocoding when it’s posted rather than by visitors.
  • You can use latitude and longitude to determine distances between posts, visitors, etc.
  • GeoCode multiple posts as listings (addresses, trails, rides, photographs, anything)then plot them all on one map rather than individually.

Works stand-alone or with custom-field post plugins (Flutter, Custom-Write Panel, etc).


  • API Key Menu
  • Sample Large Map
  • Sample GoogleEarth Zoom-out
  • Sample GoogleEarth 3D Zoom-in


Download & Activate Google Maps Geocoder
Enter your Google Maps API Key.

To insert a map in a post: [showmap] (default 640 x 480)
To customize map: [showmap mapwidth=”width” mapheight=”height”]

To insert into a theme show_wpgmg(width,height);

If you want to map out posts individually (only on single post pages) you can use the shortcode still [showmapsingle] or [showmapsingle mapwidth=”width” mapheight=”height”] or to insert into the theme (on single.php): show_single_wpgmg($mapwidth, $mapheight);
You can only have one map per viewable page, see for examples.


Where do I get a Google Maps API Key

You can sign up for a key here:

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