Go Viral – social share, social sharebar, social locker, social chat, open graph, reactions, share & view counters


Released social locker for FREE now upon your requests!

Ultimate social plugin including social share icons, social locker, floating sharebar, FB comment box, comments voting, view/share counters, images share, Whatsapp chat, Facebook Messenger chat, reactions, open graph / social rich snippets, voting.

No coding knowledge required. All social widgets works with Any theme you choose. With the main purpose of more social exposure and user engagement, Go Viral plugin provides you with all essentials social tools to go viral with your new WordPress site. Go Viral plugin also introduces the AUTO BUMP (Call it fake view counter, fake share counter) feature to bring more motivation in your site audience towards social sharing and lesser bounce rate.

Demo of all features

Free Features

  • PRO feature released for FREE – Social locker to lock your most popular content and gain more shares(wrap any specific content with [govr_locker]CONTENT[/govr_locker] shortcode to lock it) NOTE: No API exists to confirm Twitter share. That means, content will be unlocked if user open & close twitter share dialog without completing the share. This is not a bug.

  • Social sharebar including Whatsapp sharing along with major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin sharing

  • Analytics event tracking for social share events to determine which pages did more conversions

  • Sticky footer social sharebar

  • Social open graph for rich snippet sharing for your site URLs

  • Fake views counter (can be placed before or after post content)

  • Fake social share counter

  • Easy Google analytics integration through plugin settings

  • Super sleek Whatsapp chat widget with elegant animation & ability to set online/offline times.

  • Cool interactive reactions widget for more engagement

  • Up/down voting widget

  • NEW – Replace WordPress comment box with Facebook comment box in one click

Premium Features

  • Multi-representatives supported Whatsapp chat widget

  • Analytics tracking for content unlocks with social locker, whatsapp chat initiate, Facebook chat initiate to determine which pages did more conversions

  • Facebook messenger on-site chat widget with custom color scheme

  • Social share icons for each image in your post content to take advantage of your audience who love photography and graphics

Please support the development by upgrading to PRO version – Lifetime License + Deeper analytics event tracking

AUTO BUMP feature – Fake social counters

  • Auto Bump dynamically increases the view & share counter on your blog post to a random number defined by You after a certain amount of time(minutes defined by You) upon post publish / update. Thus bringing a viral feel on your blog when a new visitor lands for first time. Ex: You can set your new blog posts to show initial social share count as 500 and count up after an hour of post publish.

  • You can also set the view/share multiplier i.e., a single view is counted as 5 or 10(defined by You via plugin settings). Thus bumping the view counter 5x times faster.

Get Involved

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  • Translation – If you have translated the plugin to your language, feel free to submit your translation.
  • Submit a Bug – If you find any issue, please submit a bug on our website.


  • Social content locker
  • Reactions widget
  • Social share icons for post images
  • Whatsapp chat box
  • Facebook Messenger chat box
  • Share counter with sharebar
  • Go Viral plugin options page


  1. Make a backup of your website and database
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins directory,
  4. Go to “plugins” in your WordPress admin, then click activate.
  5. You will now see Go Viral option on your left navigation bar. Click on it and follow the step by step guide.


How Google analytics event tracking work?

All different social sharing events will be tracked inside your linked Google analytics along with details like which page initiated more social shares.

Can I enable/disable any feature easily?

You can easily enable or disable any feature of this plugin via super cool plugin options panel

Which social shares are supported in social locker?

As of now, Facebook & Twitter share are supported in social locker feature

Do I need to create apps, API keys for any social channels?

You dont really need to create any app or API key except a Facebook app ID for social locker feature

How do I control online/offline status of each representative in Whatsapp chat widget?

You will just need to define online timings for each rep based on your local WordPress time. Go Viral plugin will determine the online/offline status based on set time

When can user vote or react again on same post?

Voted status is retained for ONE day and the user will be able to vote / react on a post the next day.


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Contributors & Developers

“Go Viral – social share, social sharebar, social locker, social chat, open graph, reactions, share & view counters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed – Social Locker Bug fix for previous version 1.6.0


  • RELEASED – Social Locker for FREE
  • Fixed – Some js bugs


  • Fixed – Fatal error during activation – PLEASE UPDATE


  • Added – Facebook comment system
  • Added – Ability to change texts like share, views, votes
  • Added – Ability to change title, description & colors of Social locker
  • Added – Ability to set primary and lighter primary colors


  • Share icons css fix


  • Various css fixes and code optimizations


  • Fixed Additional div which was causing major layout issues


  • Minor bug fixes related to plugin settings page & social analytics tracking


  • Initial release – Go Viral – Social media sharing and social chat made easy