Go Live Update URLS


Goes through entire site and replaces all instances of and old url with a new one. Used to change the domain of a site.

Want a smarter, easier to use plugin with better support?

Go Pro!

Works on both multi-site and single site installs.

Some of the features this plugin offers:

  • Database table by table selection in case of issues
  • Supports serialized data in options and meta tables
  • Very easy to use admin page – which may be found under Tools

Updates Entire Site including:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Image urls
  • Excerpts
  • Post Meta data
  • Custom Post Types
  • Widgets and widget data
  • Site settings
  • And much more

The admin screen is extend-able for developers familiar with using filters or template overrides.

Additional Serialized Safe tables may be adding using the ‘go-live-update-urls-serialized-tables’ filter.

To contribute send pull requests:


  • Screenshot of a typical settings page. The verbiage will change slightly depending on your database structure


Where do you use this plugin?

Under the Tools menu in the dashboard there will be a “Go Live” link.

Why does updating the domain break some plugins?

Some plugins will store the data in the database serialized which does not allow for easy updating of the data. You may un-check tables used by such plugins to avoid breakage and then update the urls manually for those plugins. Currently the options, postmeta, usermeta, commentmeta, and sitemeta tables are serialization safe.

How do I know which tables I should not update?

Most tables will be just fine to update. This plugin will tell you which ones not to update.
If you wish to try to update tables mentioned as not safe anyway, you may make a backup of your database, run this on all tables and if you run into trouble, restore your database, un-check tables in sections, and rerun this until you find the culprit. If you find you are running into issues often with custom table you may want to check out the Pro version of this plugin which works with any table.


Works great, awesome support!


Thanks so much! The plugin works fantastically and your support is absolutely superb! I've purchased the Pro Version and it does everything I'd hoped for. 🙂

It worked well !


It took a lot of hours to figure out how can I change my primary domain properly, then I found this plugin, checked lot of users download it, mainly 5 stars reviews, so I gave a try. It was the perfect decision. I work with the latest WP (4.7) it works well without any problem and it's so easy to use! Thanks for the Author this plugin!

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  • Drop PHP 5.2 support in favor of PHP 5.3
  • Support updating JSON urls
  • Support Revolution Sliders
  • Add custom updaters support


  • Restructure admin page to separate WP Core from custom tables
  • Remove custom styles in admin
  • Improved js structure
  • Improved actions and filters
  • Improved verbiage with admin


  • Add support for serialized term meta


  • Greatly improve security
  • Improve code organization
  • Remove misleading UI messages
  • Clears cache when finished


  • Added multi-site support
  • Added an un-check all tables button
  • Enhanced Security


  • Added Post Meta to Serialized Safe to coincide with Simple Links Version 2.0


  • Added Gravity Forms Support to Serialized Safe
  • Added a filter for additional serialized safe tables


  • Made updating the options table serialized safe *
  • Add extending ability of views and css *
  • Moved the Admin page to the Tools Section *
  • Improved the structure to allow for future changes *


  • Added support for automatically keeping email addresses intact when switching to a subdomain like www


  • Added support for adding subdomains like www


  • Added support for other prefixes besides wp_


  • Added the wp_options to the available tables to be updated and unchecked the table by default.


  • Removed the wp-options table from the tables to be updated.

Contributors & Developers

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