This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Glift Go Game


Glift is a JavaScript client for the board game Go, which you can use to display Go games and lessons on your website.

After installing the Glift plugin, you can display game records and other Go content in your posts and pages by uploading them to the media library and using the Glift shortcode in your posts.

For example: [glift sgf=””]

Work on this plugin attempts to follow WordPress coding standards as much as possible:


  1. Download the Glift WordPress plugin.

  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

  3. Click on the ‘Plugins’ tab.

  4. On the WordPress Plugins page, click ‘Add New’.

  5. You’re now on the Install Plugins page, click ‘Upload’ and select the file that you downloaded earlier.

  6. Finally, click ‘Activate’.

Congratulations, the Glift plugin is now installed.


How do you I display a Go game in one of my posts?

You can embed an SGF file which you’ve uploaded to the WordPress media library by adding a shortcode like [glift sgf=””] in one of your posts. Replace with a link to an SGF file which you’ve uploaded to your own website.

Are there more advanced features and options for Glift?

Yes, visit our Glift page for more advanced examples.

Is this plugin backwards compatible with the EidoGo for WordPress plugin?

Yes, if you previously used EidoGo for WordPress, you have two options:

  1. You can keep running EidoGo for WordPress and run Glift (this plugin) at the same time, if you want to. Glift won’t interfere with the [sgf] shortcodes and will still allow EidoGo to load them.

  2. If you want to remove EidoGo for WordPress and completely replace it with Glift, this plugin will detect that EidoGo isn’t installed and will load the [sgf] shortcodes using Glift instead.

Can I use Glift if I don’t have a WordPress blog

Yes, visit for more information and sample code.

Contributors & Developers

“Glift Go Game” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Feature – Upgrade Glift to 1.1.1
  • Feature – Add Mousewheel support for game viewing
  • Feature – Add Ko support
  • Feature – Add Game Figure support (e.g. [glift … widgetType=”EXAMPLE” initialPosition=”3″ nextMovesPath=”0:5″] displays the game to move 8, numbering 4-8.
  • Feature – Tested up to WordPress 4.5.2


  • Feature – Upgrade Glift to 1.0.6
  • Feature – Tested up to WordPress 4.3.0


  • Feature – Upgrade Glift to 1.0.5
  • Feature – Glift: Change the move-number icon to be more readable.
  • Fix – Glift: Add better support for move rectangles.


  • Fix – Fix bug in Eidogo shortcode backwards compatibility for go problems


  • Feature – Add initial support for Go diagrams in WordPress comments


  • Feature – Add native WordPress settings page (see ‘Glift’ under settings menu)
  • Feature – Add more options to customize Glift’s default appearance
  • Feature – Add new height and width parameters to [glift] shortcode
  • Fix – Remove support for glift-config.php because WP deletes files on upgrade
  • Fix – Theme names and widget types no longer need to be typed in upper case


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 1.0.4
  • Fix – Add support for point rectangles as data in SGF properties.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 1.0.3
  • Feature – Add support for Tygem .gib files with the parseType option.
  • Feature – Add ‘escape’ key to the game info window.
  • Feature – Add convenience options for disabling UI components.
  • Fix – Fix issue where Glift was capturing (and not releasing) key events.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 1.0.2
  • Feature – Add keybindings to the game-viewer
    , . => go to previous/next move
    [ ] => toggle selected variation
    < > => jump ahead / jump behind
  • Feature – Add support for next-move-paths in examples.
  • Fix – Rewrite of large sections of the flattener code in preperation for the
    upcoming UI rewrite.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 1.0.1
  • Fix – Escaped brackets in comments are handled better.
  • Fix – Long properties (e.g., MULTIGO) are ignored by the parser.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 1.0.0
  • Feature – Problems are loaded in the background.
  • Feature – Captured stones are displayed in game info.
  • Fix – Fix game info styling issue.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 0.19.1.
  • Fix – Fixed issue where game info panel was not being styled.
  • Fix – Added rank, round, event to game info.
  • Fix – All problems start at move 0, via tree rebasing.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 0.19.0.
  • Feature – Glift now has a game info icon.
  • Feature – Changed roadmap icon to question mark icon.
  • Bug – Fixed bug where Glift comment box wasn’t flush with the board.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 0.18.2
  • Feature – Playing an incorrect problem variation will still cause the
    variation to be played through.
  • Feature – Added page-icon for multi-panel widgets.


  • Feature – Glift upgraded to 0.18.1
  • Fix – Escaping for right brackets fixed
  • Fix – Resizing keeps state for game viewer types
  • Fix – User is automatically scrolled to the top for fullscreen. When closed,
    the user is scrolled back.
  • Fix – Increase z-index of the fullscreen div to ensure on top


  • Feature – Status bar with current move number
  • Feature – Full screen button!


  • Fix – Upgrade to Glift 0.17.8 — Makes the SGF parser more lenient to
    trailing garbage data.


  • Feature – Tested up to WordPress 4.0
  • Fix – Encourage browser download when clicking links, with SGF mimetype and HTML5 download attribute


  • Fix – Upgrade to Glift 0.17.7 — Makes the SGF parser more lenient to invalid
    SGF properties.


  • Fix – Upgrade to Glift 0.17.6 — Fixes spacing issues for comments with
    newlines when displayed in the comment box.


  • Fix – Upgrade to Glift 0.17.5 — Fixes iOS delay for icon bar events and
    makes the disableZoomForMobile work. Add cap on jump-ahead/behind button.
    Slightly improve the unsupported text.


  • Feature – Upgrade to Glift 0.17.2 — Adds support for go board coordinate
    labels, zoom disabling for mobile, changes slightly how problems are
    calculated, removes dependency on jQuery.
  • Feature – Added plugin support for new board coordinates (default on) and zoom disable options
  • Fix – Removed code that loads jQuery, because it’s not needed for this plugin anymore


  • Feature – Upgrade to Glift 0.15.4. Improved buttons for problems and games.


  • Feature – support EidoGo [sgf] shortcode when EidoGo plugin isn’t installed
  • Feature – Upgrade to Glift 0.15.0 – Glift now has support for tooltips
  • Feature – basic support for default settings (see glift-config-sample.php)
  • Feature – use [glift noDefaults=”true” …] to ignore default settings
  • Fix – don’t cache upgrade browser message when WordPress uses page caching
  • Fix – other minor bug fixes
  • Tweak – performance improvements and code tidy up.


  • Cleanup.


  • Minor bug fixes, remove noLink property from output.


  • Initial release.