GiveASAP means Give As Simple As Possible which is entirely what this plugin is all about. You can host your giveaways with no problem using this simple plugin.

Every giveaway is displayed in a separate template so that your giveaways are loaded as quickly as possible. Other plugins will not affect the loading speed of your giveaway because no scripts or styles are loaded except the ones needed for the giveaway to function.

The GiveASAP provides you with many features such as:

  • Choosing the Start Date & Time
  • Choosing the End Date & Time
  • Choosing the Winner Announcement Date & Time
  • Choosing Images which are also sortable
  • Choosing a Logo of the sponsor or yourself
  • Choosing images which will be shared on social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Editing rules
  • Editing the Winner’s email that will be sent when winners are notified
  • Export emails
  • Google Captcha to get rid of spammers
  • Emailing users upon entering with their sharing link

If you want more control over your giveaway, get the PRO version on GiveASAP Pro version features:

  • Automate the giveaway (process of selecting+notifying winners is all done by WordPress)
  • Choose between different templates
  • Custom Share Value for Referrals

GiveASAP Pro version future features:

  • MailChimp integration
  • ConvertKit integration and more
  • Notifying subscribers X days before the giveaway ends


  • Title, description, users info, logo
  • Scheduling options, prize info and sharing images
  • Prize info, Sharing images & Rules
  • Winner Email
  • Giveaway statuses: All (Public), Ended, Selected Winners & Notified Winners
  • User info box when there are users to select



  • 2 Tables for better future scale
  • Widget
  • Template Changes


  • Template Changes


  • Flushing Rewrite Rules on Activation


  • Corrected Styles
  • Displays Correct Timezone Abbreviation
  • Corrected the rendering of the content ( oEmbed, Galleries, … )


  • Added Freemius support for easier upgrade to PRO version


  • Fixing Admin Display for the Color Picker


  • Editable Subscriber Email


  • Better documentation


  • Added documentation
  • Fixed JavaScript bug on Images


  • Welcome Email for Subscribers


  • Initial commit

Contributors & Developers

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