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Gift Hunt


Gift Hunt can help you drive more traffic to your website, increase the time visitors spend on your site and grow the database of your potential customers.

Take a look at the following video to learn how the plugin works:

Create your first Gift Hunt session

Increase pageviews and time spent on your site

Every page your visitors view and every minute they spend on your site can help you to grow your business

Grow your potential customer base

Collect names, email addresses and additional information from your potential customers

Drive more sales

Use discount codes as gifts to increase the number of sales


Best practices to run a successful Gift Hunt session on your WordPress site

Make sure that your visitors know about it. You can use your announcement bar to display a “notification” to your visitors about the Gift Hunt session running on your site.
If you collected subscribers previously, you can send them an email about this limited opportunity.

Drive visitors from social media to your site while your Gift Hunt session is active. The chance, that users who visit your site will become customers during a Gift Hunt session is much higher than on regular visits. So try to drive as much traffic to your site as possible, while your session is active.

Give your visitors “real gifts”, otherwise they’ll think that you just collected their personal information to send them promotional messages later. Try to avoid this and let them feel that they really got some valuable gift in exchange for their data.

Read more best practices.


All the collected information is stored in the database of your website. The plugin developer doesn’t have any access to the collected information. Make sure that you use the appropriate privacy policy and terms of service for your Gift Hunt sessions.


  • Gift icon visible on the frontend
  • Popup window after a visitor found the gift
  • Result, after the visitor filled the data collection form
  • Gift Hunt session basic settings
  • Gift Hunt session display settings
  • Gift options
  • Data collection options
  • Popup window options
  • Success email options
  • Success email body
  • Gift Hunt sessions list
  • Hunters list (collected user information)


Use the automatic installation process via your WordPress admin or follow these steps to add Gift Hunt to your website:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. After you activated the plugin, a new section will become visible at the navigation of your WordPress admin, called Gift Hunt
  4. Click on that and start to create your Gift Hunt sessions


The Gift Hunt icon is not showing up on my website. What could be the problem?

If you tested the gift hunt session by collecting a gift, you’ve been marked as a user who already collected a gift and the icon won’t be visible to you. Clear the cookies in your browser or use a private window to test your session.

It’s also possible that your session is not active. Check your settings on the backend of your website.

If you chose the option to give unique gifts for every visitor it is also possible that you ran out of gifts. Check the hunters of your session to figure this out.

If none of the above solved your problem, please, get in touc with us.

How can I update the plugin?

When a new version of the plugin becomes available, you’ll see a notification about it at the administration area of your WordPress site. Then, you can update it the same way you do with other plugins. Make sure you create a backup of your files and database before the update. If you have any troubles during the update, feel free to get in touch.

Can I modify the source of the plugin?

Yes, you can, but every time there is an update for the plugin, your modifications will be overwritten.

Is Gift Hunt working on mobile?

Yes. Gift Hunt was built with a mobile first approach and is working perfectly both on desktop and mobile devices.

Is Gift Hunt AdBlock safe?

Yes. All parts of Gift Hunt are AdBlock safe.

Is Gift Hunt GDPR ready?

All the information collected by Gift Hunt is stored in the database of your website.

The information is only stored as long as you need it. You have the ability to review and delete all the information collected by a unique user.

When a user fills the Gift Hunt data collection form, the following information could be collected:

  • Email address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Additional information

Third party trackers and tracking cookies are not used by Gift Hunt.

Every website owner should provide their own privacy policy and terms of service for every Gift Hunt session to make sure that collected user information is handled and used properly.

Can I run multiple Gift Hunt sessions on my website at the same time?

No, you can’t. You can have only 1 active session on your site at a given time.

What happens if I remove the plugin from my site?

If you remove the plugin from your site, all sessions and collected user information will be removed from the database right after you removed the plugin.

I accidentally deleted the plugin but I forget to download the collected user information. Can I get it somehow?

Get in touch with your hosting provider. Probably they can give you a backup from the database where the collected information is still available.

I accidentally deleted a Gift Hunt session. Can I restore it somehow?

No, all session data and collected user information got removed from the database when you confirmed the delete request. Get in touch with your hosting provider. Probably they can give you a backup from the database where the collected information is still available.

I don’t want to collect any user information, is it possible to turn it off?

The way Gift Hunt works, this is not possible. Collecting some user information is mandatory.

Can I change the design of the popup?

The pro version of Gift Hunt comes with a few pre-defined popup templates. Inf the free version you can use additional CSS to change the layout of the popup. You have to add your additional CSS to the stylesheets of your theme. If you need help to do it, feel free to get in touch with us.

Can I change the design of the success email?

You can use custom HTML to do that and in the Pro version of the plugin, you can find some pre-defined templates.

What happens if I choose the option to use “give a unique gift to every visitor” and I run out of gifts?

If you run out of gifts, Gift Hunt won’t display the session icon for new visitors. If you run out of gifts while someone is filling the data collection form, the form will disappear when they submit it.

It looks like that someone collected more than one gift even though multiple gift collection is not turned on. How is this possible?

Gift Hunt is using cookies to identify visitors who already collected gifts in a given session. If someone removes these cookies, or using another browser or device to visit your site, they can collect additional gifts.

Will the session icon automatically pop-up after a user spent the defined amount of time on the website?

No, the icon will become visible when the visitor hits refresh or visits another subpage of your website.

When I preview the gift hunt session it doesn’t use the latest version of the settings I defined. Why is that happening?

Make sure that you saved your changes before you click on preview. If you saved your changes but the result is still the same, wait a few minutes and try it again.

Can I use my own icons for a session?

This is only possible with the Pro version of the plugin.

I can’t see my sessions/hunters/etc.

Try to deactivate and activate the plugin. Don’t remove it or all the collected information will get lost! If this doesn’t solve the problem, get in touch with us.

I’ve sent a test success email to myself, but it looks like, that I’m not receiving it.

In most cases, it takes only a few seconds but sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes to deliver your email. Also make sure that you checked your spam/junk folder for the message.

I can’t find the answer to my question. What’s next?

You can always get in touch with us via email at


April 8, 2022
J’ai mis 2 étoiles pour l’idée, mais ne fonctionne pas, j’ai une erreur database avec. Dommage, merci quand même
March 6, 2022
Here comes your search to an end! This great WordPress plugin covers nearly all demands of a gift hunting plugin. The plugin runs smoothly with no problems. The developer replies quickly and is friendly. The plugin is highly configuarable and is easy to use. Combined with the Smart Notification Bar it’s a smart bundle, that’s supports your goals for existing customer and helps you even turn visitiors into new customers. Great work!
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  • Fix missing files


  • Fix missing view files


  • Custom icon for sessions
  • Icon placement
  • Icon animations
  • Shortcode placement
  • Display the icon only to logged or not logged in visitors
  • Custom popup window
  • Popup and email templates
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Security improvements


  • Bug fix: welcome screen design


  • Ability to disable sending a success email


  • Bug fix: Can’t save session when there are no changes
  • Security enhancements
  • Layout changes


  • Bug fix: Can’t create or update a session when text editor is active


  • Initial release