This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Get Image


Note: This version only works on WordPress 2.6. If you wants to use on wordpress 2.5, please get
the version 0.5 on download repository.

Take the last image daughter of a post. To use this plugin you just need to insert one of
the following commands in your template:

  • gi_fullsize ();
  • gi_medium ();
  • gi_thumbnail ();

Adding a parameter, it becames in the tag img generated. By default, the plugin will return
a string containing the tag of the image, but you can pass the second parameter to true to
make the impression of this string.

Updated in version 0.5

Now you have a gi_library () function. It returns all images from yout post – not only the
last daughter, where you can pass some parameters like size and type of return you wants.

The sizes of gi_library () are: ‘all’, ‘fullsize’, ‘medium’, ‘thumbnail’

Upgraded in version 0.8

Added shortcuts for gi_thumb () and gi_full().

Upgraded for wordpress 2.6

Added width and height in gi_library.

Using the native wp_get_attachment_image () function.

Upgraded in version 0.9

Now, gi_fullsize(), gi_full(), gi_medium(), gi_thumbnail() and gi_thumb() recives two parameters.

The first is $print, this param prints the return, use it to shorcur yours call. So, if you wants
to print do not use:

<?php echo gi_full(); ?>

But use:

<?php gi_full(1); ?>

The second param says the number of image you want to use. This number is the number of image in
galery order. The next code prints the third image in galery on format thumbnail.

<?php gi_thumb(true, 3); ?>

The function gi_library() have shortcuts for thumb and full sizes. Now you can use
gi_library(‘thumb’) or gi_library('full') in your templates/scripts.

Upgrated in version 1.0

Now the function gi_library() on mode brute_array returns the post_ID, title, caption and description
from the image.

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