GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Easily define the achievements, organize requirements, and choose from a range of assessment options to determine whether each task or requirement has been successfully achieved.

GamiPress is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible. Check out some of the built in features:

3 powerful ways to award your users

GamiPress combines three of the most powerful award systems you could add to your site:

  • Points to automatically award your users for interacting with your site.
  • Achievements to award users for completing all the requirements, sequentially or otherwise.
  • Ranks to let your users climb through the ranks by completing all the rank requirements.

Unlimited ways to define how to award the different points, achievements and ranks

  • Site activity (events based on publishing posts and pages, commenting, daily visits or logging in to your site).
  • Completing specific other achievements, once or a specified number of times.
  • Completing one or all achievements of a specified type.
  • Points thresholds.
  • Admin awarded achievements.
  • Reaching a specific rank.
  • Expending an amount of points.


  • Points Types: Configure as many types of points as you like (Credits, Gems, Coins, etc).
  • Achievement Types: Configure as many types of achievement as you like (Quests, Badges, etc).
  • Rank Types: Configure as many types of rank as you like (Level, Grade, etc).
  • Automatic points awards and deductions: Easily configure automatic ways to award or deduct points to your users.
  • Achievement steps: Define conditional steps, thresholds and more.
  • Rank requirements: Define conditional requirements to reach any rank.
  • Time limit requirements: Limit by time period when the user can complete a specific requirement (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Drag and drop controls: Powerful controls to setup your gamification environment in minutes.
  • Emails: Your users will get notified automatically about new awards.
  • Logs: Flexible log system with support for public and private logs.
  • Unlock achievements and ranks using points: Let users to optionally unlock any achievement or rank by expending an amount of points without meet the requirements.
  • Gutenberg blocks: Built-in support for Gutenberg including a great number of blocks to place them anywhere.
  • Shortcodes & Widgets: WordPress-friendly shortcodes and widgets to show the user points wallet, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.
  • Live shortcode editor: Missing a shortcode parameter? Just press the “GamiPress Shortcode” button and set up any shortcode without a worry.
  • GDPR Support: Support for WordPress personal data exports and deletions.
  • Theme Agnostic: GamiPress works with just about any standard WordPress theme. No special hooks or theme updates are needed.
  • Templates System: Overwritable templates system to allow you customize everything you want through your GamiPress theme folder.
  • Data centralization on Multisite: Centralize all the data on multisite installs and show anything you want on any sub-site.
  • Rest API: Full support to WordPress rest API brings you new ways to connect GamiPress with external applications.
  • Developer-friendly: GamiPress is extremely flexible with plenty of hooks to add custom features and functionalities.

Integrated with your favorites WordPress plugins

GamiPress integrates with a large number of plugins allowing you to add gamification in any environment.

LMS integrations

Forms integrations

Other integrations

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Powerful add-ons to extend GamiPress is home to some amazing extensions for GamiPress, including:

If you’re looking for something endorsed and maintained by the developers who built GamiPress, there are a plethora of premium add-ons, the most popular of which include:

  • Email Digests – Send email digests periodically to keep in touch with your users.
  • Rest API Extended – New rest API endpoints to extend interaction between your gamification environment and external applications.
  • Referrals – Add a complete referral system to award users who refer visitors and sign ups.
  • Coupons – Create coupons that users can redeem for points, achievements and/or ranks.
  • Points Exchanges – Let your users exchange points between different points types.
  • Transfers – Allow your users to transfer points, achievements or ranks between them.
  • Daily Login Rewards – Add daily rewards to perform your site visits.
  • Reports – Live reports for a quick view of points in circulation, achievements earned and user ranks.
  • Purchases – Allow your users purchase points, achievements or ranks access.
  • Restrict Content – Limit access to any post or page based on GamiPress interactions.
  • Notifications – Instantly notify of achievements, steps, points awards and/or ranks completion to your users.
  • Progress Map – Add interactive achievements progress maps to your site.
  • Progress – Attractively show to your users their progress of completion of any achievement.
  • Leaderboards – Add leaderboards to intensify the gamification of your site.
  • Social Share – Award your users for sharing your website content on social networks.

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  • A huge number of shortcodes and widgets with a lot of display options.
  • Configure as many points types as you like: Credits, Gems, Coins, etc.
  • Configure as many achievement types as you like: Badges, Quests, etc.
  • Configure as many rank types as you like: Grade, Level, etc.
  • Let users to optionally unlock any achievement or rank by expending an amount of points without meet the requirements.
  • Simple yet powerful admin interface to manage your gamification elements.
  • Drag and drop control to define the requirements for any achievement, points type or rank.
  • Built-in support for Gutenberg including a great number of blocks to place them anywhere.
  • Live shortcode editor appears in the toolbar of all WordPress content editor areas, allowing you to transform any page or post into part of your gamification system without referencing any of the shortcodes.
  • WordPress-friendly widgets to show the user points wallet, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.
  • Configurable email templates to let your users get notified automatically about new awards.
  • Flexible log system with support for public and private logs.


From WordPress backend

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add new.
  2. Click the button “Upload Plugin” next to “Add plugins” title.
  3. Upload the downloaded zip file and activate it.

Direct upload

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Unzip the uploaded zip file.
  3. Navigate to Plugins menu on your WordPress admin area.
  4. Activate this plugin.


Is GamiPress compatible with any theme?

We built GamiPress so that it will work with modern WordPress themes. GamiPress just adds positional styles which will allow you to better customize everything for your specific needs.

Can GamiPress be easily translated?

Yes, GamiPress is stored in the official WordPress plugins repository where you (and anyone) are able to submit your own translations.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress multisite?

Yes. You can use GamiPress on a WordPress multisite network.

In addition, GamiPress has the ability to centralize all the data when is network wide active.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress rest API?

Yes. GamiPress includes full built-in support to the WordPress rest API.

You can find all information about rest API on this page.

Where can I find documentation about GamiPress?

Check the Getting Started docs where you can start getting familiarized with GamiPress.

Also, we have the tutorials sections where you can find step-by-step guides to accomplish some common task to start working with GamiPress.

Where can I find code snippets to customize GamiPress?

Check our customize section where you can find a huge number of code snippets to help you customize GamiPress.

Where can I find images to customize the GamiPress elements?

Check our assets section where you can find a huge number of resources to decorate your gamification elements to take the design of them to the next level.

Which shortcodes come bundled with GamiPress?

GamiPress comes with the following shortcodes:

In your WordPress admin area, navigate to the GamiPress Help/Support menu where you can find the full list of available shortcodes, including descriptions of all parameters each shortcode supports.

Which widgets come bundled with GamiPress?

GamiPress comes with the following widgets:

  • Achievement: to display a desired achievement.
  • Achievements: to display a list of achievements.
  • User Earnings: to display a list of user earnings.
  • Logs: to display a list of logs.
  • Points Types: to display a list of points types with their points awards and deducts.
  • User Points: to display current or specific user points balance.
  • Rank: to display a desired rank.
  • Ranks: to display a list of ranks.
  • User Rank: to display previous, current and/or next rank of an user.
Do you offer custom development services?

No, We’re unable to provide custom development services, as our focus is developing the core GamiPress plugin, and the official GamiPress add-ons. If you need customization services check our customizations page.

Also, you can check our customize section where you can find a huge number of code snippets to help you customize GamiPress!


Excellent achievements system!

Excellent points and achievements system with straightforward architecture, a wide range of all the essential plugins, integrations and extensions and very responsive and competent customer service.

Gamification at the Summit!

I wish this plugin since 2012. Finally someone invest the effort to do that. The plugin is upadating all the time and has a lot of addons and the documentations is complete. If you have and idea that is not on the addons (actually they covered all kind of things) the frameworks and its code is easy to understand. I extend some of its functionality and all works very well. You can also follow updates and tutorial in Twitter @gamipress Actually is very good to see a project that is really live and fresh. Ruben support is amazing. He fix issues and take note of your suggestions. I also buy some pro addons that works as I want. Thank you for this awesome work!

Great suite of plugins

Gamipress allows you to be creative in your gamification efforts on WordPress and gives a large range of options. Great support and friendly all the time!

Great Support

I had a couple problems with GamiPress plugin but Ruben helped me a lot.
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Contributors & Developers

“GamiPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“GamiPress” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “GamiPress” into your language.

Interested in development?

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  • New Features
  • New event: Get a comment marked as spam.
  • New event: Get a comment of a specific post marked as spam.
  • Improvements
  • Improved “Daily visit any post” event count detection.
  • Developer Notes
  • GamiPress fully tested up to WordPress 5.2.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed required times check from last update checking just last time earned when needed (and not for all checks).
  • Fixed GamiPress dropdowns display on customizer.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed required times check on steps that achievement can be earned multiples times.
  • Fixed requirements connected to column (just visible if debug mode is enabled).
  • Developer Notes
  • Added new helper functions.
  • Moved functions on new files to improve project organization.


  • New Features
  • Added a new tool named “Import/Export Setup” that allows import/export GamiPress setup (points types, achievements, steps, ranks, etc).
  • Added the ability to Import/Export Setup tool to import attachments downloading them on directly to the server, if possible.
  • Added the ability to deduct points, revoke achievements or ranks through the CSV import tool by adding the negative sign “-“.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Prevent to display removed or unpublished achievements on gamipress_get_user_achievements() function.
  • Prevent to add empty shortcode attributes on through the shortcodes editor.
  • Improvements
  • Added a confirmation message when revoking an user earning.
  • Improvements on the Widgets API that handles much better widget setup of external fields.
  • Style improvements on tools and settings screens.
  • Updated MySQL minimum requirement to meet WordPress recommendations.
  • Added more information to the System Info tool.
  • Update user assigned ranks and points balances when manually award or revoke anything.
  • Developer Notes
  • Added helper functions to easily build a shortcode attributes array based on values given.
  • Updated plugin updater class for non plugins.
  • Reset public changelog (moved old changelog to changelog.txt file).
  • Set GamiPress 1.7.0 as new stable release! 🙂