GalleryLink outputs as a gallery from the directory.

  • Directory name and file name support for multi-byte character.

(Photos, music, videos, documents) data that is supported.

You write and use short codes to page.

Bundled software and function

  • HTML5 player (video, music)
  • Create RSS feeds of data (XML). It support to the podcast.
  • Works with Masonry.
  • Works with Infinite Scroll.

    It support to the japanese mobile phone. Themes Garake is required. Garake is unofficial theme.


How to use
Please set the default value in the setting page.

  • Please upload the data to the data directory (topurl) by the FTP software.

Please add new Page. Please write a short code in the text field of the Page. Please go in Text mode this task.

In the case of all data

  • [gallerylink set=’all’]

In the case of image

  • [gallerylink set=’album’]

In the case of video

  • [gallerylink set=’movie’]

In the case of music

  • [gallerylink set=’music’]

In the case of document

  • [gallerylink set=’document’]


GalleryLink can be used to specify various attributes to the short code. It will override the default settings.

All data Example

  • [gallerylink set=’all’]

Image Example

  • [gallerylink set=’album’ topurl=’/wordpress/wp-content/uploads’ exclude_file='(.ktai.)|(-[0-9]x[0-9].)’ exclude_dir=’ps_auto_sitemap|backwpup.*|wpcf7_captcha’ rssname=’album’]

Video Example

  • [gallerylink set=’movie’ topurl=’/gallery/video’ rssmax=5]

Music Example

  • [gallerylink set=’music’ topurl=’/gallery/music’]

Document Example

  • [gallerylink set=’document’ topurl=’/gallery/document’ suffix=’doc’]


  • If you want to use MULTI-BYTE CHARACTER SETS to the display of the directory name and the file name. In this case, please upload the file after UTF-8 character code setting of the FTP software.

  • Please set to 777 or 757 the attributes of topurl directory. Because GalleryLink create thumbnail and RSS feed to the directory.

  • (WordPress > Settings > General Timezone) Please specify your area other than UTC. For accurate time display of RSS feed.

  • When you move to (WordPress > Appearance > Widgets), there is a widget GalleryLinkRssFeed. If you place you can set this to display the sidebar link the RSS feed.


  • Settings 1
  • Settings 2



Installation Instructions
  1. Upload gallerylink directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add a new Page
  4. Write a short code. The following text field. [gallerylink]
  5. For all data [gallerylink set='all']. For pictures [gallerylink set='album']. For video [gallerylink set='movie']. For music [gallerylink set='music']. For document [gallerylink set='document'].
  6. Please set. (Settings > Gallerylink)


  7. Navigate to the appearance section and select widgets, select wordpress GalleryLinkRssFeed and configure from here.

Contributors & Developers

“GalleryLink” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“GalleryLink” has been translated into Japanese. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “GalleryLink” into your language.

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Closed plugin


Deleted slideshow mode.


Fixed problem of Javascript.


Fixed problem of masonry.
Fixed problem of file extension.


Fixed problem of pagination for japanese mobile phone.
Fixed problem of sort for japanese mobile phone.
Fixed problem of images displayed for japanese mobile phone.
Fixed problem of character code.


Fixed problem of settings screen.
Fixed problem of css.
Fixed problem of character code.


Fixed problem of settings screen.
Fixed problem of enter key.
Add progress display.


Add character encodings for server.
Fixed problem of settings screen.


Delete unnecessary code.


Supported Infinite Scroll.
Supported Masonry.
Change the position of the navigation.
Fixed problem of uninstall.


Supported GlotPress.
/languages directory is deleted.


Fixed problem of simplexml_load_file parser error.


Javascript and CSS will be loaded only to the required page.


Fixed problem of feed icon.


Change feed icon.


Fixed problem of Widgets.
Change /languages.