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Gallery - Video Gallery

Gallery Video plugin was created and specifically designed to show video links in unusual splendid gallery types supplemented of many gallery options

Gallery - Video Gallery

Gallery Video plugin was created and specifically designed to show your videos from Vimeo and Youtube in an unusual splendid way.

It provides 7 good-looking views. Each view is made for making the gallery more attractive, so select the one which will match the best for your WordPress website.

Plugin allows you to create a video gallery for WordPress. Video Gallery looks very impressive and functional.

The process of creating a video gallery only takes a few minutes and created gallery can be displayed on any page or post by means of WordPress shortcode.

  • Upload a video
  • Write a title
  • Add description
  • Give some link

Main key features

  • Unlimited Amount - Create as many video gallery as you need. There is no limit for adding video.

  • Fully Responsive - Plugin is responsive, it allows you to show your different screen size.

  • Load More and Pagination - If your gallery has a large number of video clips, you probably want a more solution to showcase your videos more interesting and engaging way, use Load More and Pagination.

  • Title and Description - Add some title and description for each video. Give some interesting information or description.

  • Gallery URL - There is a special place for adding a URL to each video. Choose to open the URL in the new tab or not.

  • 7 Nicely Designed Views - 7 amazing ways to demonstrate videos.

Video / Content-Popup

Content Slider

Lightbox-Video Gallery

Video Slider

Thumbnails gallery View

Justified gallery View

Blog Style View

  • Provides hundreds of Design Options - General Options and Lightbox Options of Video Gallery plugin, which is available in the commercial version, allows the users to make customization, change colors, font size, effects and do many more changes.

  • Youtube Posts - Add Youtube videos. Create your own amazing gallery with the most popular video site.

  • Vimeo Posts - Create the video gallery from Vimeo post. Collect the most entertaining and amazing videos, make your website attractive.

  • Lightbox Popup With Many Options - Video Gallery some views use Lightbox tool. The videos on the gallery open larger and you have the opportunity to do different design changes.

  • Show Videos - Plugin is a powerful, yet easy-to-use plugin to create a video gallery, it gives you full control to automatically embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Huge-IT Video Gallery - Working with Video Gallery plugin is pretty much easy.

You can create the gallery and fill them with different videos immediately after activating the plugin, plugin will not require you to have any specialized knowledge.

For those who has an inquiring mind, they can play with settings and customize every detail for themselves and make their own design.

The main features

  • Ouggests many good and creative solutions
  • Ability to add unlimited amount of videos
  • Possibility to create various gallery
  • Possibility of adding different URL
  • Add title and description for each video
  • Possibility to use different gallery for different pages
  • Shortcode for the easier process of adding the gallery to the posts/pages/templates
  • Possibility to add gallery in widgets right from widgets admin panel
  • Drag and Drop functionality. Due to the drag and drop rearrange the sequence
  • Ability to add videos to the gallery from popular video websites: Youtube and Vimeo
  • Ability to use one of the 7 incredible views to show gallery videos
  • Ulexible and customizable
  • Provides full documentation
  • Plugin has Lifelong License
  • Sample of video gallery is Included

  • Custom Options - Plugin is easy to install and you can create unlimited galleries.You can turn to any place your order, posts and pages using a simple shortcode.

Video Gallery works with videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Video Gallery gives you the choice between 7 incredible views - There are views which allows to demonstrate gallery videos with its information, title, and special URL which will direct to wherever you want.

Provide the whole information about the videos hence from uploader panel or after inserting the video into the panel.

Due to the views, the gallery videos can be demonstrated different ways, according to your videos content.

Make a choice from one of the nice views and have fun while creating the gallery.

  • Each view has changeable options in General Options section - General Options allows the users to change the settings for each view.

With general settings users can manage and customize their desired view, make the view more attractive and interesting.

  • View Counter - Plugin provides View Counter function, for counting the amount of the video views.

Counter will automatically count the views of the gallery videos, which result will be seen on the backend.

One more good thing is, that there is an opportunity to export view counter data a pdf file.

  • Modification - If you have new ideas concerning Video Gallery plugin and we may help you to realize them, do not hesitate to write us.

  • Support - If you use Huge-IT Video Gallery plugin and have problems and conflict with other plugin and theme, be sure to contact our support team with the following email address:info@huge-it.com.

  • Update - We constantly do updates, if you are a pro version user, please write our support team to receive the updated version of Video Gallery plugin. Free user may download the latest version from WordPress.

7 Views Options:

  • Video Gallery / Content Popup - Content Pop Up view consists of boxes with zoom icon, title and View More button.

In the gallery when to click on the videos, they are opened with a popup, where you see title, description, and View More button.

There is a zoom icon on the gallery videos.

View More button allows you to insert your desired URL, which will take you wherever you need.

Click on the gallery videos and see how they smoothly open in popup.

  • Content Video Slider - Content Video Slider view introduce the gallery videos separately.

You can see videos one by one, where is inserted the title of the video, description, link button.

This view is very nice, due to which you show the gallery videos like a slider.

  • Lightbox Video Gallery - Lightbox view shows only the videos, without any text in a box.

Lightbox is like a collection of your favorite videos, where you can add a title.

They open with lightbox, in pro version you have a great opportunity to adjust the style of the lightbox from the Lightbox Options section.

  • Video Slider - Video Slider allows you to show your videos in a unique way.

If you need to show the gallery videos like a slider, this view will satisfy your demand.

Put the title straight on the video, choose the manner of sliding your videos, change styles and enjoy sliding the videos in the gallery.

  • Thumbnails - Bring a new breath to your site, show videos using thumbnails view.

Thumbnail view demonstrates the gallery videos like boxes, and when you hover on the image you will see title for them.

This is a really nice way of making your website video gallery to look attractive.

Pick a background image for the video and open them in Lightbox and enjoy the show.

  • Justified View - Justified view allows you to represent your videos within the created gallery next to each other without padding between them.

The interesting thing about this gallery type is that it has “order changing” function, which you need to enable from General Options, and your videos will be changed while refreshing the page.

By hovering on the items, appears the title with the background.

Clicking on the video it opens in a lightbox, giving a beautiful view to them.

  • Blog Style View Using with Blog Style view is the simplest and prettiest way of demonstrating your content within gallery.

This view is made to display your videos with it’s natural dimensions, with its title and description.

The position of title and description can be changed from General Options of the Blog Style view.

Description allows to use HTML modified text, so you can beautifully create your projects and place them under each other.

The outstanding feature of this view, you can add pagination or load more button at the end of the gallery page, and with this way divide your projects into pages.

  • Unlimited Amount

Add the unlimited number of videos in a single gallery. As you have created a number of video galleries, you can add as many gallery shortcodes on your page as you need.

  • Fully Responsive

Plugin is fully responsive for different sizes of screen. So your users will enjoy the gallery using it on any devices.

  • Load More And Pagination

This feature will allow demonstrating only a part of your created gallery videos, hiding the rest of them under Load More button, or dividing all your gallery projects into several pages with the help of Pagination.

You also choose how many projects to display per page.

  • Title And Description

Important possibility to add title and description to each gallery video.

There are views which do not have description place, but video gallery owns views where you are able to write the description for each gallery video.

The description can be seen not in all video gallery views, but some of them have a place for it. Video Gallery accomplished with title and description looks rich and perfect.

  • 7 Nicely Designed Views

7 ways to demonstrate gallery videos will make you satisfy with the look of your gallery. Among the views you can find

  • Video Gallery / content-popup
  • Content Slider
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Huge-IT Slider
  • Thumbnail gallery View
  • Justified gallery View
  • Blog Style View

  • Hundreds Of Design Options - General Options of Pro version, gives you the big choice of different settings, make the video gallery look exactly as you need with plenty of adjustments of colors, size, and effects.

Video Gallery is made special for you to demonstrate the videos of your gallery to look pretty nice, informative, user friendly.

  • Youtube Posts - Video Gallery can be used with the most popular video site: YouTube, simply copy the link and add it to the gallery will bring the video in it.

This way you can transform your gallery into YouTube Gallery

  • Vimeo Posts - The other source of adding videos: Vimeo. Turn your gallery into Vimeo Gallery using your collection of Vimeo videos.

Inserting the links and making customization on it.

  • Lightbox Popup With Many Options - Some of the views use our popular Lightbox tool. Videos are opened using the Lightbox, or sometimes we say Popup.

The idea of the Lightbox is to make Video larger, ability to slide through all videos within the gallery.

Make some design customization on it, using the variety of Lightbox Options.

  • Plugin allows you to add multiple images - Create unlimited galleries, add a description for each of them, add a gallery page or share it via shortcode.

  • Pro version - It opens new useful features and new opportunities to demonstrate a perfect video gallery.

  • Video Gallery - You display a large number of galleries on your site, including the slide gallery, supports the display of slides or pages of posts.

All components of the slideshow can be easily customized. The plugin supports shortcode which let you insert the gallery into any post very quickly.

  • Drag and drop option - In plugin you are able to build gallery easily, reorder the videos, decide their sequence in your gallery.

  • Description - Its advantages lie in the fact that you are able to use HTML in the description field, to add more features to the gallery videos. If you need to show the description with the advanced feature, here you are free to do HTML modifications.

  • Advanced pagination option - There are 3 ways for displaying content, choose for the gallery to Show All, to divide them into several pages with the Pagination, or hide the gallery videos under the Load More button.

  • Pagination style - Pagination styles can be changeable, so you are free to change the Pagination font size, font color, even choose the position from the backend.

  • Load More style - Do customization for the Load More button from the Video Gallery backend, you are able to change Load More text, its font size and color,as well as set your desired font hover color, background hover color and choose one of the loading animation.

  • High compatibility - Plugin is compatible with Huge-IT plugins and with most other plugins, we try to avoid conflict with the libraries of other plugin and theme.

  • Link button - Plugin allows you to insert link button next to the title.

If you need to show more information about the gallery videos in this case you are free to use link button, which you can show or not to show on the videos, do different color and size modification from General Options.

  • Video Image - There are views which provide you to change the video image width in your gallery, as well as change the video image border width and color.

  • Custom Thumbnails - This amazing feature is available for all the views. Custom Thumbnails feature allows you to change you gallery videos image.


Content-Popup Video Gallery Demo

Content Video Slider Demo

Lightbox Gallery Demo

Video Slider Demo

Thumbnails Demo

Custom Thumbnails Demo

Blog Style View With pagination Demo

FAQ & User Manual


User Manual

Upgrade to WordPress Video Gallery Pro to Customizable Styles and Colors.

If you think, that you found a bug in our WordPress Video Gallery plugin or have any question contact us at info@huge-it.com

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 40,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


11 of 11 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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