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Gallery image is the best gallery plugin to use if you want to be original with your website. Responsive image gallery with many views.

Gallery - Image Gallery

Gallery Image is one of the easiest plugins to use, even if you are new in WordPress.

Image Gallery is the best plugin among WordPress gallery plugins. You can create the most beautiful gallery in a few minutes and enjoy the result.

Just add images and videos, write descriptions and titles for each image, choose among 7 incredible views. Plugin allows you to make your website attractive and good-looking.

Install plugin and see the result of your creativeness.

Free Key Features

  • Fully responsive and Mobile features - Plugin is fully responsive. With responsiveness, everyone will have access to the nicely designed everywhere and every time.

  • Upload bundle of images - Upload bunch of images using Images Manager, with one click insert images.

  • Order Change - There are drag and drop option to change the order of the images.

  • Gallery View - Choose among 7 beautiful views, which will suit the best. Demonstration of the gallery on the front end can be made in different ways, no matter you use image gallery, video gallery or both.

  • Displaying Content - How to show your gallery, 3 ways you can find on the right side of the admin page: Show All, Pagination, Load More.

  • Show All - All items on a long tape.

  • Pagination - Divide into pages - pagination.

  • Load More - Divide into parts using “Load More” button

  • Advanced Compatibility - Plugin is compatible with Huge-IT plugins and with most of other plugins.

  • Ratings Button - Choose for your visitors how to rate your images with Heart button or Like/Dislike button. If do not need to rate your images then just put OFF.

  • Lightbox/Popup - In images are opened using Lightbox /Popup. Due to which your images will be opened in a nicely way.

  • Ability to insert a gallery to the WordPress post, page - You may add a number of images and videos in a single gallery. As you have created a number of image galleries, you can add as many shortcodes on your page as you want.

  • Shortcode - Copy and paste the shortcode of the gallery directly into any WordPress post or page.

  • Template Include - Copy and paste the code of the into a template file to include the slideshow within your theme.

  • Title and Description - Add unique Title and Description to your images. There are views which don't have description demonstration option.

  • Youtube videos - Ability to add videos from one of the most popular video sites.

  • Vimeo videos - The other source of adding videos to your gallery is from Vimeo. Create the most amazing gallery due to the famous video sites.

  • 7 incredible views - Have the most beautiful gallery due to this 7 amazing views, select the one which will suit the best for showing your gallery images or videos.

  • Create Gallery in a few minutes - Add new gallery or adjust already created the gallery, where you can add both images and videos, give them a title, description and add the link, which can go to any page.

  • Friendly admin panel - Easy to use, as the admin panel is user-friendly.

  • Support - Our experts are always ready to respond any questions related, find out the problem and fix it quickly.

  • Modification - Both free and pro users can write our support team for the additional modifications. With our Image Gallery, you can realize all your original ideas.

Pro Key Features

  • General Options - Each view of the Iplugin has unique customizable options. The options are called general because every gallery with certain type will have the same customization

  • General Options Views - Has 7 wonderful views, can be customized according to your taste and needs from General Options section

  • Lightbox Options - Lightbox is given with plugin, and being a part of plugin. Using it within your items you can make them come up individually. And that way to create a desirable style of your website. Show your images and videos with the help.

  • Unlimited Amount Of Galleries And Images - Add an unlimited number of images and videos in a single gallery. As you have created a number of image galleries, you can add as many shortcodes on your page as you need.

  • Fully Responsive - Plugin is fully responsive for different screen sizes. Your users may see the gallery with any device they want.

  • Load More And Pagination - With this feature you will demonstrate only a part of your images and videos, hiding the rest of them under «load more» button. You can divide all your projects into several pages. You also choose how many projects to display in your gallery per page.

  • Title And Description - Important possibility to add title and description to each image. The description can be seen not in all view, but some of them have a place for it. Plugin accomplished with title and description looks rich and perfect.

  • Ratings Styles - In settings, you can change Ratings Background Color, Ratings Font Color, Ratings Rated Font Color according to your taste.

  • Load More Styles - Customize load more styles, change the Load More position, Load More font size, Load More font color.

  • Load More Button - Your Load More button can be customized according to your gallery images, change Load More Font Hover Color, Load More Button Color, Background Hover Color.

  • Image size - In general settings you can change the main image width, Image Border Width, Color, and Radius.

  • Navigation Arrow - Image Gallery allows you to set the most appropriate navigation arrows, which will suit the best for your images.

  • Navigation - In general options, you may disable navigation arrows, show or hide navigation dots.

  • Unlimited amount of galleries and images/videos - Add an unlimited number of images and videos in a single gallery. Add as many shortcodes on your pages as you need.

  • Fully Responsive - Plugin is fully responsive for different screen sizes. Your gallery will be available for everyone to enjoy using any device.

  • Hundreds of design options - General Options are available for commercial version users. Here are 7 views, which customization can be done from General Options. Customize your according to your website, it gives you opportunities to change Ratings Styles, Pagination Styles, Load More Styles.

  • Lightbox Style - Lightbox options have 5 different lightbox style to open the images.

  • Lightbox Positioning - In lightbox you have the opportunity to select the position of how to open your images.

  • Lightbox auto open - From lightbox options you can select to open the images in the gallery automatically.

  • Insert gallery to the WordPress post, page, widget - Every gallery could be inserted into a post, page or widget with shortcode.

  • Gallery Works in Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox - Open your gallery with all the popular browsers.

  • Plugin is really wonderful - you can create very nice and beautiful gallery for your website. Plugin is easy editable and the functionality is perfect.


  • Gallery / Content Popup
  • Content Slider
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Thumbnails gallery
  • Justified Gallery
  • Blog Style Gallery

  • Unlimited amount of images or videos to be added

  • Possibility of adding various gallery
  • Possibility of adding various images or videos for each Image gallery
  • Image, title and description
  • Possibility to use different Gallery for different pages
  • Shortcode for the easier process of adding the gallery to the posts/pages/templates.
  • Possibility to add Gallery in widgets right from widgets admin panel
  • Drag and Drop functionality. Drag and drop images/projects to rearrange their sequence.
  • Ability to use one of the 7 incredible views
  • Image Gallery is customizable plugin
  • Full Documentation
  • Gallery provides Lifelong License
  • Sample Galleries are Included

Options for 7 views:

  • Gallery / Content Popup - In your gallery you can see images with the title under the text when you hover over the image you see zoom icon.

It opens each project from your tape increasing them as a popup, with the text.

  • In your gallery “Read More” button is under the text and inside the popup as well, it opens more information about the content, for closing the popup press “Cross” button and get back to your gallery images tape.

  • Description text allows any type of HTML modifications, which you can make straight on image gallery admin page while creating your gallery.

  • Your images inside popup can take it’s natural size or can be resized up to the size of the whole popup.

  • With pro license you are allowed to make many kinds of changes on the element and on the popup, like color, size and so on.

More information about available changes on Gallery/Content Popup view of Image gallery you can learn from User Manual.

Main features of Gallery/Content-Popup.

  • Popup tool, with text content in it.
  • Add description in popup.
  • External link on “view more” button.

  • Content Slider - This type of Gallery in Image Gallery plugin allows you to see your images or videos with its description text, title and “View More” button inside the slider.

  • Just click on the arrows to the right and left corners which appear as you hover a mouse over the gallery to see next/previous images in your gallery.

  • By clicking on the arrows of the gallery in Content Slider view, you can slide your content, from left to right.

Main features of Content Slider.

  • Add description in popup
  • External link - “View More” button
  • Sliding gallery items

  • Lightbox Gallery - Using Lightbox Gallery view while creating a gallery, there is no need to fill the description field for your images/videos.

As the gallery doesn't show any description.

  • In Lightbox Gallery, you will see only the title, which comes up at the bottom of each image as you hover a mouse over it.

  • Make images larger with the lightbox and slide to watch the gallery. If you need to be directed to your external URL link, you should click on the title of the item.

Main features

  • No description.
  • External URL - on title click.
  • Full dimensions of the images.

  • Slideshow - Next view plugin is Slideshow.

  • Show your images as Slider Your gallery demonstrated as pictures with its title and description on the image, which moves with many wonderful effects as you click on arrows.

  • This is a very interesting way of demonstrating both videos and photos.

Main features of Slider.

  • Description text on slider, if items are images
  • External link - on image click, if items are images
  • Current options available in free version
  • Sliding effects

  • Thumbnails Gallery - Gallery will look like thumbnails. If you want to show images with the same size use Thumbnails Gallery view.

  • Once you click on the thumbnail, your images open in a lightbox, and you can scroll images within the gallery.

  • Thumbnails Gallery does not show any description text, only the title which comes up with a transparent layer on the thumbnail of the gallery can be seen hovering a mouse over it.

Main features of Thumbnails view.

  • Similar boxes for every image
  • Lightbox tool on images and videos on clicking the thumbnail
  • No description - in Thumbnails view

  • Justified Gallery - Justified view of the Image Gallery allows you to represent your images and videos within the gallery next to each other without padding between them.

  • The interesting thing about this gallery type is that it has “Order Changing” function, which should be enabled from General Options, and your images/videos will be changed in order within gallery while refreshing the page. When hovering over the image of the gallery, appears the title with the background.

  • Clicking on the gallery image/video it opens with lightbox, giving a beautiful view to them.

Main features of Justified view.

  • No padding between items
  • Shuffling effect on items
  • Multi-sized items
  • Lightbox tool for images/videos
  • No description in Justified Gallery view

  • Blog Style View - Using plugin with Blog Style Gallery view is the simplest and more clear way to demonstrating your content within the gallery.

  • This view is made for displaying your images/videos with it’s natural dimensions, with the title above and description of it.

  • In your gallery, the position of title and description can be changed from General Options of the Blog Style Gallery view.

  • Description allows to use HTML modified text, so you can beautifully create your projects and place them one under each other.

  • The outstanding feature of this gallery view is that you can add pagination or load more symbol at the end of the gallery page, and this way divide your projects into pages.

  • Item natural size.

  • Pagination.
  • Load more button for items.


Gallery /Content Popup

Content Slider

Lightbox Gallery


Thumbnails Gallery

Justified Gallery

Blog Style Gallery

FAQ & User Manual


User Manual

If you think, that you found a bug in our WordPress Image Gallery plugin or have any question contact us at info@huge-it.com

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 80,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


16 of 18 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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