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Huge-IT Image Gallery is the best plugin to use if you want to be original with your website.

WordPress Image Gallery

Huge-IT Image Gallery is the best plugin among WordPress gallery plugins. If you want to be original with your website. Image Gallery has been specially made to allow it’s users create a galley demonstrate it in different ways. Just add image or video in your new gallery, wright descriptions and titles for each item of the Image Gallery and choose one from 7 unrepeatable view, or 7 type of gallery.

  • Gallery / Content-Popup - Image Gallery
  • Content Slider - Image Gallery
  • Ligthtbox Gallery - Image Gallery
  • Huge-IT Slider - Image Gallery
  • Thumbnail view - Image Gallery
  • Justified - Image Gallery
  • Block Style Gallery - Image Gallery

In free version of Image Gallery you are allowed to use all these 7 views. Demonstration of the gallery on front end can be made in different ways, no matter you use image gallery, video gallery or all both in one gallery.

  • 1) All gallery items in a long tape - Image Gallery
  • 2) Divide gallery into pages - pagination for gallery - Image Gallery
  • 3) Divide gallery into parts using “load more” button - Image Gallery

All these 3 ways you can find on the right side of the galley admin page.

In licensed version each view of the Image Gallery has unique customizable options in “ General Options “ section to make them fit your taste. The options of the gallery are called general, because every gallery with certain type will have the same customization. In Image Gallery almost every type of text can be change from the standpoint of text and color. Image Gallery also has a lot of features relative as to Image Gallery views and to it's Lightbox. Talking about Lightbox, notice, that Image Gallery plugin has separate options page, where you can choose one from 5 lightbox views, and customize it. Lightbox is given with image Gallery plugin, and being a part of Image Gallery. Using it within your gallery items you can make them come up individually. And that way to create desirable style of your website. Using our Image Gallery show your images and videos in it's best way!

Image Gallery plugin offers you, being already easy to use and friendly admin panel for creating your gallery, add new gallery or adjust already created gallery, where you can add several images and videos at a time and immediately give them a title, description and link, which goes to any page, and set the way it opens. All these things you can make immediately on Image Gallery admin page, while creating your gallery. You are given an ability to create unlimited number of different galleries, give different name to each of gallery. Huge-IT Image Gallery and all other plugins of our company have very high quality support so you always can be sure that you will not have any problems, with this plugin. Our experts are always ready to respond any your questions related to our Image Gallery plugin, or to all your additional requests about gallery. With our Image Gallery you can realize your most original ideas.

7 views of the Image Gallery gives you 7 ways to be the best!

Each view of Image Gallery is original, elegant and will fit to any styles of your images/videos and information. No matter to slide the gallery or show your media in thumbnails, or give them a useful information and show both together, whatever you choose for your your gallery will look original, because we worked hard on making Image Gallery irrepetible. You can always be bold in your ideas with Huge-IT Image Gallery.

Considering the large number of gallery plugins in WordPress, Huge-IT company day by day will improve and enhance the functionality of Image Gallery, and keep on adhering to the first position among WordPress Gallery plugins. One of our new improvement is the video adding ability in Image Gallery, besides images now you can also add any video you’d like from Youtube or Vimeo, just adding the video link you can get to show them in one of Image Gallery views. So We are sure our Image Gallery will always satisfy you.

Now just Install & Enjoy. All new information about new features and improvements that we made, you can find on our blog in the main page of Huge-it.com

The features of the Image Gallery

7 Views Options

Gallery / content-popup - Image Gallery

This type of view Image Gallery view shows each post with it’s picture, title under text open in popup and make them larger. The button “View More” is under the text also inside the popup, it opens more information about the content. to close the popup press “cross” button and get back to the tape. Description text allows any type of HTML modifications, which you can make straight on image gallery admin page, while creating your gallery. Your image inside popup can take it’s natural size or be resized up to the size of the whole popup. With Image Gallery pro license you are allowed to make many kind of changes on element and on popup, like color, size and so on. More information about available changes on Gallery/Content Popup view of Image gallery you can learn from User Manual

Main features of Gallery/Content-Popup view of Image Gallery * Popup tool, with text content in it - Image Gallery * Add description of the gallery in popup - Image Gallery * External link on “view more” button - Image Gallery

Content slider - Image Gallery

This type of Gallery in Image Gallery plugin allows you to see your images or videos with it’s description text, it’s title and “View More” button inside the slider. Just click on the arrows on the corners which appear as you hover a mouse over the gallery. By clicking on the arrows of the gallery in Content Slider view, you can slider your content, from left to right.

Main features of Content Slider view of Image Gallery. * Add description of the gallery in popup - Image Gallery * External link - “view more” button - Image Gallery * Sliding gallery items - Image Gallery

Ligthtbox gallery - Image Gallery

Using Lightybox Gallery view while creating a gallery, there is no need to fill the description field of the images/videos of the gallery. Because this type of gallery doesn’t show any description. In this type of gallery you will see only the title of the gallery items, which comes up in the bottom of the item as you hover a mouse on it. Images make larger with the lightbox and you can slide to watch them. If you need to be directed to your external URL link, you should click on the title of the gallery item. Main features of Lightbox Gallery view of Image Gallery. * No description - Image Gallery * External URL - on title click - Image Gallery * Full dimensions of the images - Image Gallery

Slider - Image Gallery

If you know Huge-IT Slider and like it, you will be glad to set this view, In Image Gallery plugin you can set up Slider view for your gallery items. Your picture with its title and description on the image, moves with many wonderful effects as you click on arrows. This is very interesting way of demonstrating as videos and photos of your gallery. Main features of Slider view of Image Gallery * Description text of the gallery on slider, if gallery items are images - Image Gallery * External link - on image click, if gallery items are images - Image Gallery * Current options available in free version - Image Gallery * Sliding effects - Image Gallery * and others...

Thumbnails View - Image Gallery

This type of Gallery shows your images like thumbnails. using Thumbnails Gallery view upload images with similar size, because the thumbnails are the same One you click on thumbnail, you gallery items open in lightbox, and you can scroll images in within all gallery. Thumbnails Gallery doesn’t show any description text, only title which come up with transparent layer on the thumbnail of the gallery item, once you hover a mouse on it. Main features of Thumbnails view of Image Gallery * Similar boxes for every image in gallery - Image Gallery * Lightbox tool on images and videos on clicking the thumbnail - Image Gallery * No description - Image Gallery

Justified - Image Gallery

Justified view of the Image Gallery allows you to represent your images and videos within your created gallery next to each other without padding between them. The interesting thing about this gallery type, is that it has “order changing” function, which you need to enable from General Options, and your images/videos will be changed in order within gallery while refreshing the page. By hovering on the items of the gallery, appears the title with background. Clicking on the image/video it opens in lightbox, giving a beautiful view to them. Main features of Justified view of Image Gallery * No padding between gallery items - Image Gallery * Shuffling effect on gallery items - Image Gallery * Multi sized items - Image Gallery * Lightbox tool - Image Gallery * No description - Image Gallery

Blog Style Gallery - Image Gallery

Using Image Gallery with Block Style Gallery views is the simplest and most understanding way of demonstrating your content within gallery. This view is made to simply display your images/videos with it’s natural dimensions, with title above and description under it. Of course, the position of title and description can be changed from General options of the Block Style Gallery view. Description of the image gallery allows to use html modified text, so you can beautifully create your projects and place them one under each other. The outstanding feature of this gallery view, you can add pagination or load more symbol at the end of the gallery page, and this way divide your projects into pages. * Gallery item natural size - Image Gallery * Pagination for gallery - Image Gallery * Load more button for gallery items - Image Gallery

To see all these fantastic gallery views in demo, go through the links below, and choose the best look for your gallery.

Image Gallery Demos

Gallery /Content Popup - Gallery

Content Slider - Gallery

Lightbox Gallery - Gallery

Slider - Gallery

Thumbnails - Gallery

Justified Gallery - Gallery

Blog Style Gallery - Gallery

Image Gallery FAQ & User Manual

FAQ Image Gallery

Image Gallery User Manual

If you think, that you found a bug in our WordPress Image Gallery plugin or have any question contact us at info@huge-it.com

WordPress Image Gallery

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