This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Google+ Crossposting


This plugin imports your public activities on Google Plus into your WordPress
blog. It creates a post for each Google+ activity you posted. The plugin
regulary checks your public Google+ profile for new activities and posts them
automatically to your blog.

With the Google+ Crossposting plugin, you can keep your blog readers updated on
what you are posting on Google+ without everyone requiring to also be on


  • Configuration and settings dialog


Installation is pretty standard. In latest WordPress versions, just go to the
plugin section and click the “Add new” button. Now search for “crossposting”
and locate this plugin. You are just a click away to install it 🙂

If you want to go the manual way, just upload the plugin, activate it and check
the settings page of the plugin. Here are the details:

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Get your Google API key
  4. Go to the plugin’s setting page and enter your Google+ ID and Google API key
  5. Make sure to also maintain the other settings on the page
  6. After saving the settings, you may want to click on the mass import so that Google+ activities already available on your profile get imported to your blog.


Where do I get my Google+ ID?

Log in to Google+ and click on your name so that you get to your profile page.
The URL in your browser should now look something like:

This VERY-LONG-NUMBER is your Google+ ID. Copy just this VERY-LONG-NUMBER to your clipboard and paste it into the corresponding setting field.

Please note, you are just interested in this VERY-LONG-NUMBER without any slashes. It might also be that your URL looks a bit different like containing /u/0/, but this is not important. Did I already mention that you should only copy this VERY-LONG-NUMBER? 🙂

If you have set a custom Google+ ID in your profile, the URL might look as follows:

In that case, your Google+ ID is +SebastianStein (so including the plus sign, but not any slashes).

Where do I get a Google API key?
  1. Go to ( and log in.
  2. Click on “Projects” and go into the project “API Project”.
  3. Click on “APIs” in the left sidebar.
  4. Find in the list “Google+ API” and enable it.
  5. After it was enabled, click on “Credentials” in the left sidebar.
  6. Click on “Create new key” under the heading “Public API access”.
  7. Select you want to create a “server key”.
  8. The string shown as API Key is your Google+ API key to use.
I can’t set my Google+ ID or Google API key in the setting form. Why do they disappear?

After you entered a Google+ ID or Google API key in the settings form of this
plugin and confirm your change, the plugin will try to access your public
Google+ profile. For this purpose, it uses the Google+ ID and the Google API key
you provided. If access fails, one of both or even both of them must be wrong.
However, the plugin can’t determine which one is wrong. Therefore, it removes
both settings again to show you that something must have been wrong.

Everything is set up properly, but it doesn’t import anything?

This plugin only imports your public Google+ activities. It won’t access your
private posts on Google+, which you only shared with some circles. If you have
never posted anything in public, this plugin won’t import anything to your blog.

This should prevent that people make something public by accident. If you want
something to also appear in your blog, make sure to share it with the public

Where do post titles come from?

Google+ provides a title for each post. There is no documentation how Google+
generates those titles.

You can set a custom title by starting your post with bold text. You can insert
bold text in your post by surrounding text with asterics characters, e.g. *my

If the plugin doesn’t find bold text at the beginning of your post, it will use
the title generated by Google+ instead.

Post titles are shortened, even if I set length to 0 (meaning unlimited length)?

Google+ itself limits the length of a post title. If you set 0 for the length of
the post title, the plugin will import the whole title provided by Google+. If
Google+ shortens your title, there is nothing this plugin can do.

How can I send you a donation?

I appreciate your support very much! As I don’t want to feed the financial
industry, I only accept donations as Bitcoins. Please
send your donation to the following Bitcoin address:


If you are unable to send me Bitcoins, please consider making a donation to a
local charity of your choice (e.g. to support homeless people) or to an
international organisation like the Red Cross.

Thank you!

Contributors & Developers

“Google+ Crossposting” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • no changes compared to 1.6.0, but users might have received a broken version


  • Plugin settings now provide a link to manually import ALL Google+ activities.
    Many thanks to krischel for providing this patch!


  • If a Google+ posts starts with bold text, this bold text is used as title of
    the post instead of the title “guessed” by Google. You can insert bold text in
    your post by surrounding the text with asterics characters, e.g. *title*
  • fix PHP warning in admin.php


  • insert linebreak after images so that link to G+ post is shown below
  • all output like post content now encapsulated in <p> tags for better formatting


  • remove length limitation for Google+ ID and API key


  • Implmented new way to keep track of previously posted activities to prevent
    that the same activities are posted multiple times. If this problem happened
    to you, you might want to use the Bulk Delete plugin
    ( to delete wrongly imported posts.


  • plugin can now be translated
  • provide German translation


  • adapted to latest Google+ API changes
  • updated documentation how to get Google+ API key


  • fix: images contained in G+ posts are now imported correctly again (Google changed the API)
  • fix: get rid of a message showing up in error log while latest postings from G+ is imported


  • API key and G+ ID were still removed in some obscure cases if the connect to G+ failed. Now, we try again later.


  • API key and G+ ID don’t get removed anymore in case plugin is unable to connect to the G+ API; it seems that this now happens more often even if all settings are correct; a future version will need a better error reporting mechanism, but unfortunately WordPress doesn’t provide a convenient API for reporting configuration errors to the users and so the plugin will need to come up with an own mechanism
  • fix a small bug of posts not getting loaded in case no length of title was specified


  • make sure to post on Google+ that you are using this plugin!!!
  • feature: set length of title of imported posts
  • docs: extended list of frequently asked questions


  • fix: correctly validate Google API key as it may also contain a dash
  • fix: don’t produce PHP warning if Google API is not available for some reason


  • initial version
  • allows importing public Google+ activities in your WordPress blog