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Front-End Only Users

A customizable user management plugin for membership sites. Use shortcodes for registration, login, payment, etc. and restrict access to pages

Front-End Users Demo

Front-End Only Users is a user management and membership plugin that allows admins to restrict access to portions of their websites. Simply insert the registration shortcode below on any page to create a registration form, allowing visitors to sign up as users on the front end of your site.


** We are pleased to announce the introduction of a free new premium 7-day trial feature, which users can choose to test out before buying the premium version! **

Key Features

  • Customizable membership fields
  • Pure CSS-styled front-end login form, registration form and edit profile form
  • Supports all input types for user fields, allowing you to create a custom user profile
  • Include different user membership levels and restrict content accordingly
  • Option to send sign-up emails and to require admin approval of users
  • User input-based redirects

Signing up can either require a one-time paid membership, recurring monthly or annual membership payments, or it can be free. The users are separate from the standard WordPress users, so they have no access to the back end of your site. User management is simple and effective, with different user levels available.

Ideal for paid content, membership, dating sites and more!

Front-End Only Users is completely customizable using CSS and is easily personalized. The available shortcodes can be used to insert registration forms, login forms, edit profile forms and many more forms on any page of your website. You can also make use of shortcodes to restrict content to users who are logged in and even to specific user levels.


Insert this shortcode on any page to display a login form, allowing users to log in to access restricted content.

[restricted]Content to restrict goes here[/restricted]

Any content placed between these restricted shortcodes will only be shown to users who are logged in.

Create different fields for members to fill out and customize content based on their profiles. Use shortcodes to display user profiles or allow visitors to search current users. Customize forms with CSS to suit your needs using the Admin panel.

Includes paid membership and user level features to restrict different portions of your site to different user groups (those you have signed up, those who have paid, etc.). This level of user management makes it easy to monetize your content and segment your users!

Type any shortcode name and help (ex:[login help) in any WordPress page to get a complete list of the shortcode's attributes.

Additional Features

  • Send user groups to different pages after login with our customizable login shortcode
  • Personalize the experience of your site with the [user-data] shortcode
  • UTF-8 support
  • Front end features: user registration form, login form, edit user profile form, account management, user listings or searches, user profiles and more!
  • Back end user management features: add new fields, add new users, create and assign user levels, email settings and options
  • One-click installer to quickly set up the basic pages and functionality
  • Available public functions for total control and conditional behavior (some programming experience suggested)

Premium Features

The premium version includes lots of additional useful user management features such as:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration: Ability for users to create and log in to accounts using Facebook or Twitter APIs
  • PayPal & Stripe integration: Ability to charge users a one-time, annual, or monthly membership fee through PayPal or Stripe
  • Create discount codes for the payments
  • Ability to integrate WordPress users, so that WP users can create profiles, access restricted content, be given a specific frontend user level within this plugin, etc.
  • User Levels: Ability to create different user levels and to specify a default user level for users to be set to when they register (created on the “Levels” tab). Different user level groups can have access to different user content, allowing for easy and effective user management.
  • Different registration forms depending on user level, option to let users select their own level
  • Add a captcha to the registration form
  • Access to the one-click installer, which lets you create all of the pages necessary for a user membership site with one click
  • WooCommerce integration: Autofill WooCommerce fields for logged-in users
  • Email confirmation: Require users to confirm their email address before they can log in.
  • Ability to restrict pages: Gives you the option of restricting pages to groups of users in the sidebar of the page editor.
  • Admin Approval of Users: Require users to be approved by an administrator in the WordPress back-end before they can log in.
  • Statistics: This feature allows you to gather information about frontend users and how they are using your site, as well as to see what pages each user has visited.
  • User import via spreadsheet and user export to spreadsheet

A complete list of the plugin shortcodes can found on our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-only-users/faq/

For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress user management plugin homepage.

Additional Languages

Thanks to the generous contribution of many of those who use our front-end only users plugin, we're able to include translation files for the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portugese (thanks to Humberto W.)
  • Dutch
  • French (thanks to Olivier B.)
  • German (Thanks to Mikkael G.)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Mexican, thanks to Jorge N.)
  • Swedish (Thanks to Martin H.)

For help and support, please see:

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 6 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


18 of 35 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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