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Free counter

Counter and statistics plugin and Widget for WordPress.

Free Counter is a free of charge statistic and counter plugin with no external library dependency.

Saves timestamps, visited URL, referring URL, IP addresses (1), operating systems and browser informations into the database, and can display the total hits, unique hits and other statistics in your WordPress pages.

Detailed features:

Don't forget our notice: many functions can be set in the User profile at free-counter.org

  • Powerful hit counter statistics
  • Hidden or unvisible counter
  • Hidden IPs (specially for german users ;) ). This function is optional.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly traffic stats
  • Popular pages and posts stats
  • IP v4 and IP v6 addresses statistics
  • Countries stats
  • Referers stats
  • Outlinks stats
  • Accurate and detailed browsers stats (browser name and versions)
  • Detailed operating system stats (operating system name, versions and platforms)
  • Keywords stats (if there any from search engines)
  • Statistic history with powerful filters
  • CSV reports
  • Dashboard widget for a quick overview of your blog statistics
  • Track real visitors
  • Search Engines Bots tracking
  • CSV export Data to use with your API to use this data of our counter system charts as you like and create your own counter plugins
  • An administration interface using the WordPress Widget GUI to edit Settings of the hit counter is available.
  • Counter Plugin-Dashboard with detailed information and statistics.
  • The users that are authorized to display the Free Homepage Counters dashboard can be defined using WordPress capabilities in the settings.
  • Free counter system can display visitor statistics data in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Your tracker logs data looks like this statistic page for an example.

Free counter plugin have also free support through our contact form at http://www.free-counter.org Version 1 of free counter is willing to support the latest version of WordPress as much as possible, but this is always a work-in-progress. Do not hesitate to report any incompatibility!

Free counter is based and developed by http://www.free-counter.org core system.


Many other usefull functions can be found at http://www.free-counter.org in the User profile. Free counter is a new plugin, so we tryed have to provide a bug-free plugin/widget. We are maintain this project, and I do it for free. We make a counter who count all new trend in Websitetracking how: IPv6, Country and City detection, Referer statistic and so on.

Requires: 2.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.1
Last Updated: 2015-4-24
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.5 out of 5 stars


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