Free Books Section


This plugin enables you to embed 16 of our books (4 free and 12 paid) into your blog very quickly and easily. This allows you to provide great free content to your visitors and earn ClickBank commissions from the paid books.

In addition, there are now (from V 4.2 onward) 3 Kindle recommendations displayed; these will generate Amazon commisions for you.

You don’t have to do any of the normal stuff affiliates usually have to cope with. The plugin takes only a few minutes to install and does not require any downloading, rebranding or uploading of books at all.

Note: If upgrading from an earlier version, please revisit and check the settings (Settings/Free Books Section)


  • Webpage showing our embedded books page.

  • Plugin configuration is easy. Just enter your clickbank Nickname and click the "Save Changes" button.



Upload the plugin and activate it from the WordPress Plugins page.


  1. Enter & Save Your ClickBank Nickname & Associates ID

  2. Create a New Page (Pages/Add New)

  3. Insert the Shortcode: [free_books_section] and Save the Page

  4. Link the Page to Your Navigation Menu (Appearance/Menus)


Q: What themes will the plugin support?

A: We haven’t found one that it doesn’t work with.

Q: My theme is 3 columns; can you adjust the width to fit?

A: Since V4.0 the plugin has been made responsive, so it will now work well with narrower view ports.

Contributors & Developers

“Free Books Section” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


1.0 Initial release for 2 column themes.

2.0 Update to support LoyaltePays.

3.0 Update to support Mentoring Program.

3.1 Bug Fix: Save Changes.

3.2 Introducing additional incomes streams.

3.3 LoyaltePays program removed.

4.0 New approach: Books now in 3 Formats (EPUB, MOBI, PDF).

4.1 Now coded as Responsive for mobiles/tablets etc.

4.2 Additional (Amazon) income stream added.