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FormGet Contact Form manage all your contact forms using single dashboard. Just a click on fields and your contact form is ready for use.

FormGet is an easy online drag and drop contact form builder tool. You just need to click on the fields that you want to add up on your form and your contact form get ready within a second. You can also manage your contact form by simply drag and drop the form fields.

This video will give you a quick demo on how you can Create forms and embed it on your WordPress site with FormGet WordPress plugin.

Type of Forms Supported by Plugin

Contact form, Feedback form, Helpdesk form, Booking form, Consultation service, Contact form, Mailing list form, Survey form, Job application form, Workshop registration form, Bug tracker form, Newsletter sign up form, Wedding planner form, Real estate applications form, Invitation/RSVP add invitation to the product demo form, Online orders form etc.

FormGet Contact Form is very effective contact form building tool which enable you to build and embed contact form on your website in few simple steps. Select your form fields, configure your options and easily embed contact form on your website by just a paste of Tabbed Widget code/shortcode. You do not need any programming knowledge or other skills to use this FormGet Contact Form plugin.

With FormGet Contact Form plugin, you can view your multiple contact forms and your entire client communication at one single place i.e. FormGet dashboard. As a result it will be become very easier for you to manage these multiple contact forms of your multiple websites at one single place. If a user encounters a problem while opening your contact form in his preferred device, you are sure to lose a potential leads but the Contact form created by formGet is responsive, that allows a contact form to adapt to different screens by shuffling content and realigning itself. An enhanced user experience means increased sales and better conversion rates.

List of Fields Supported by Plugin

Name, Email, Contact Number, Message, Payment(Integrated with PayPal), Date (support format dd-mm-yy or dd/mm/yy or yy-mm-dd), Single Line Text, Multi Line Text, Select-Multiple, Attachments, Checkbox, Select(Select a Choice), Radio, Upload, Captcha.

FormGet Contact Form plugin implemented with a helpdesk system which enable you to give full support to your customers. For that, you can easily add agents to manage your multiple contact forms and also leave a quick reply for every entry.


More Information

FormGet Video Tutorials

  • So to learn about FormGet from the beginning, FormGet have come up with the video tutorial series.

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Full list of Features

  • Online contact form builder.
  • Contact form fields are easy to add, remove, edit and re-order anytime.
  • Customizable contact form fields label.
  • Manage multiple contact forms within a single dashboard.
  • Allow unlimited contact form entries.
  • Upload jpg, png, gif or zip type of file format in your contact form.
  • You can create contact form of any language like Greek, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian etc.
  • Contact form field validation within a click.
  • Allow unlimited tickets creation in your contact form.
  • User can collect payments in the contact form itself using PayPal .
  • Once the user has filled the PayPal contact form fields and click on submit button, the posted data is saved into fast and secure cloud servers. And the user is automatically redirected to PayPal to complete a payment. After collect of payment through PayPal, the website administrator (the email indicated from the settings) will receive an email alert of successful transaction and the user will receive a confirmation/thank you email.
  • Contact form linked to a PayPal payment system.
  • Support both request forms and paid assistance forms.
  • Contact form can be used for receiving product orders, purchases, bookings and reservations.
  • For automatic delivering of information after payment (put the information into the auto-reply message)
  • Assign agents based on the ticket category of your contact form.
  • Agent alert with an email on every ticket received via contact form.
  • Spam protection by implementing captcha field on your contact form which work similar as that of Akismet in WordPress.
  • Refresh button to reload captcha.
  • FormGet Contact Form support WPMU.
  • Implemented with improved captcha images.
  • Complete security of your contact form data using cloud servers.
  • Advance contact form analytic.
  • Send confirmation email on receive of contact form entry.
  • Plugin support shortcode, so that contact form can visible on any page and post.
  • Embed contact form on sidebar, so that it can visible on whole website.
  • Create multiple fields in a single contact form.
  • Just click on the field to add date and time field in your contact form.
  • Advance Communication System for users interaction.
  • Can create multiple agent for the contact forms.
  • Admin/Agent can marked contact form ticket as Resolved Ticket.
  • Delete contact form ticket permanently whenever you want.
  • Allow to configure plugin using option setting given in WordPress plugin dashboard.
  • Contact form Re-branding can be possible.
  • Get the unique contact form URL and share it across the network.
  • Contact form will send email/mail automatically for Customer Engagement.
  • Use Tabbed code to show contact button on every page of your website and WordPress shortcode to show it on selective page/post/WordPress sidebar.
  • Know stats ratio within a click i.e. ratio of contact form viewers/detail submissions.
  • Agents make a quick note for a ticket in contact form.
  • Contact form dashboard implemented with searching and filtering capability.
  • Change your contact form background anytime you want.
  • Contact form support Rich Text Formatting.
  • Contact forms are completely responsive in nature i.e. easily works with mobile devices, desktop etc.
  • Redirect user to any page/URL using contact form redirect URL field.
  • Data stored using entries are regularly backup and restored on cloud servers.
  • Allow to enable form fields compulsary using avaliable Required option.
  • Implemented Logic Forms to integrate logical conditions in your form that will show or hide form fields or questions according to the user�s response to previous field.
  • Upload your Custom Background and header image.
  • Color customization can be done by using advance color customizer.
  • Share your forms on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus go generate leads.

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FormGet Contact Form Demo & User Guide

FormGet Contact Form is powered by formget.com. Click here to build Advance Contact Form.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 40,000+


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