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Contact form Form For All - Easy to use, fast, 37 languages.

Drag and Drop interface. Tens of predefined fields, including Connect with Facebook and Google+. 37 languages. Responsive design. Double opt-in.

With FORM FOR ALL, create and launch your online forms IN SECONDS!

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: Connect with Facebook Form, Google+ Form, Double opt-in form, forms in 37 languages.

FREE PLAN available and 1st MONTH FREE on all paid plans. No engagement.

For this plugin to work, you need:


Contact form, Sign-up form, Log-in form, Subscription form, Booking form, Survey form, Event registration, Email newsletter… Just do any form with our online form builder!

Our FormForAll's plugin and widget allow you to easily insert your FormForAll forms into your sidebar and to embed them into your WordPress site.

  • Français: Formulaire de contact, formulaire de Sign-up, formulaire de Log-in, formulaire d'inscription, formulaire de réservation, formulaire de sondage, email newsletter… Faites tout simplement n'importe quel formulaire avec notre générateur de formulaire ! Nos plugin et widget FormForAll vous permettent d'insérer facilement vos formulaires FormForAll dans votre barre de menu et de les intégrer dans votre site WordPress. (Plus d'infos sur http://www.fr.formforall.com )

  • Español: Formulario de contacto, formulario de Sign-up, formulario de Log-in, formulario de inscripción, formulario de reserva, formulario de sondeo, e-mail newsletter… Con nuestro creador podrá generar cualquier tipo de formulario. Nuestro plugin FormForAll y widget le permite insertar fácilmente los formularios FormForAll en tu barra lateral e incrustarlos en tu sitio de WordPress. (Más info en http://www.es.formforall.com )

  • Italiano: Modulo di contatto, modulo di registrazione, modulo di accesso, modulo di registrazione, modulo di prenotazione, modulo di sondaggio, newsletter... Crea facilmente qualsiasi modulo con il nostro generatore di moduli! Il nostro plugin per WordPress e il nostro widget permettono di inserire facilmente i moduli FormForAll nella barra dei menu e di integrarli nel tuo sito WordPress. (Maggiori informazioni su http://www.it.formforall.com)

  • Deutsch: Kontaktformular, Sign-up-Formular, Log-in-Formular, Anmeldeformular, Buchungsformular, Umfrageformular, E-Mail-Newsletter Erstellen Sie jegliche Formulare mit unserem Formulargenerator! Unser WordPress Plugin und unser Widget bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre FormForAll Formulare einfach in Ihre Menüleiste einzufügen und sie in Ihrer WordPress Webseite zu integrieren. (Mehr über http://www.de.formforall.com)

  • Polski: Formularz kontaktowy, formularz rejestracji, formularz logowania, formularz subskrypcji, formularz rezerwacji, formularz sondażu, e-mail newsletter… Stwórz dowolny formularz za pomocą naszego kreatora formularzy! Wtyczka do WordPressa oraz widżet pozwalają wkleić w łatwy sposób formularze FormForAll do Twojego paska menu oraz połączyć je z Twoją stroną WordPress. (Więcej informacji na temat http://www.pl.formforall.com)

  • Русский: Форма контактов, форма подписки, форма входа, форма регистрации, форма бронирования, форма опроса, электронный бюллетеньи так далее. Создавайте любые формы с помощью нашего генератора форм! С помощью нашего подключаемого модуля WordPress и нашего виджета вы можете легко вставлять ваши формы FormForAll в строку меню и интегрировать их в ваш сайт WordPress. (Подробнее http://www.ru.formforall.com)

  • Português: Formulário de contacto, formulário de Sign-up, formulário de Log-in, formulário de inscrição, formulário de reserva, formulário de sondagem, e-mail newsletter, etc. Faça qualquer tipo de formulário com o nosso gerador de formulários! Com FormForAll, os seus formulários WordPress são criados em alguns segundos! Basta transferir e instalar o nosso WordPress form plugin, e é tudo! (Ver mais http://www.pt.formforall.com )

  • Nederlands: Contactformulier, registratieformulier, inlogformulier, inschrijvingsformulier, reserveringsformulier, enquêteformulier, inschrijving voor evenementen, e-mailnieuwsbrief… Met onze formbuilder creëert u op eenvoudige wijze elk type formulier! Met onze WordPress-plugin en onze widget kunt u gemakkelijk uw FormForAll-formulieren in uw menubalk invoegen en deze integreren in uw WordPress-website. (Meer weten http://www.nl.formforall.com )

  • Türkçe: Iletisim formu, Hesap olusturma formu, Oturum açma formu, kayit olma formu, rezervasyon formu, anket formu, e-bülten… Form üreticimizle her tür formu kolayca yapin ! Wordpress eklentimiz ve widgetimiz FormForAll formlarinizi kolayca menü çubugunuza yerlestirmenizi ve bunlari WordPress sitenize entegre etmenizi saglar. (Daha fazla bilgi edinin http://www.tr.formforall.com )


  • DRAG & DROP interface.
  • EXTENSIVE SELECTION OF FORM FIELDS: predefined fields (log-in, sign-up, name, address, identity, credit card, date / time...), customized fields (text, radio buttons, check boxes).
  • Connect with FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+: insert our Connect with Facebook / Google+ social login field into your forms and have your web users fill in their info with their social network identity.
  • DOUBLE OPT-IN: When your web users submit their form, an e-mail with a verification link is sent to their declared e-mail address. When the web user clicks on the link in the e-mail, we pass the information on to you.
  • SSL, RSA key, Captcha.
  • Your logo, font, size, colors: choose whatever you want, or create your own custom CSS.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN: all forms you create are in responsive design (compatible with all Smartphones, tablets and PC''s).
  • NOTIFICATION EMAILS: we send you an e-mail as soon as a form has been submitted including all details.
  • CONFIRMATION EMAILS: every time a form is submitted, we send a confirmation e-mail on your behalf to your web users.
  • FORM SUBMISSION MESSAGE or REDIRECTION: a default message can be displayed to the user once the form is submitted, or the user can be redirected to the URL of your choice.
  • DATA COLLECTIONYou can export submitted data using our Export CSV or on a real time basis using our API.


Build your form in one of our 37 languages and have it displayed in all 37 languages:

* Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simple), Chinese (traditionnal), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(us), English(uk), Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian.

* Looking for a 38th language ? Tell us!


  • Our Form For All plugin and widget allows you to easily insert your FomForAll forms into your sidebar and to embed them into your WordPress site wherever you want.
  • If you want to include one of your form in an e-mail, we provide you with a hosted URL.
  • Alternatively, we can also provide you with a JavaScript that you just have to copy / paste, which will embed your form on a HTML page of your site.


Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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