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FlexyTalk - Live Chat

Powerful, affordable and most loved Live Chat solution for everyone. Free plan includes unlimited chats, mobile apps and Facebook integration.

Boost your leads and conversions installing FlexyTalk Live Chat. 100% cloud based, FlexyTalk Live Chat integrates with your current IM app. For the latest updates and news, please visit our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Some of our features:

  • Use with any IM / Jabber ready app on Desktop or Mobile like Pidgin, Adium, Apple Messages / iChat, IM+, Gibberbot, etc. read more
  • Cloud based - Distributed network over 23 data centers around the world
  • Multiple concurrent live chats (based on your plan)
  • Transfer live chats between agents read more
  • Agent to agent chat read more
  • Trigger Rules: Decide on which pages you send custom invites to your visitors read more
  • Departments: Group agents into departments read more
  • Queues: When all agents are busy, visitors enter a queue and they are updated on their position in the line. read more
  • Offline Messages: If no agent is online, visitor can leave a message. read more
  • Send live chat transcript to visitor's email
  • Live Chat transcript to account owner read more
  • Facebook integration: Install FlexyTalk Live Chat on your Facebook business page as a tab read more
  • Smart chat routing: live chat requests are sent to the least occupied agent. If he doesn't reply in time, the request is sent to the next available agent. Never loose a live chat session!
  • View live chat History: View past live chat sessions from the visitor you are chatting with read more
  • Search live chat archive: Search, view and export all your live chat sessions read more
  • Google Analytics integration: Track FlexyTalk Page Views and Events in your Google Analytics account
  • Integrate social media channels: invite your visitors to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and add your Google+ page to their circles. read more
  • IP Blocking: Block the visitor’s IP to keep this person from starting a new chat again. read more
  • Avatar and agent information read more
  • Gravatar.com integration: Use your current Gravatar Profile read more
  • Eye Catcher Image: Use our default eye catcher images or set you own one.
  • Mutliple chatbox themes to choose from read more
  • Chat bar styles and customization read more
  • Full translation and localization: You may customize and translate every text displayed on the chatbox read more
  • Automatic online / offline status: Set your status directly on your IM app and choose if you want to be online when your status is away or busy.
  • Custom online / offline images: If you dont want to use the default chatbar, you can set your own images read more
  • Use FlexyTalk Widget: You can install FlexyTalk chatbar in a static position (default behavior) or use the included widget on any selected widget area. read more
  • Customize mobile behavior: FlexyTalk detects when the visitor is on a mobile device and optimizes its behavior. Several options to customize read more
  • Jabber compatible: Use your current Jabber IM account
  • Stay connected from multiple devices and manage device priorities read more
  • Manage multiple accounts from a centralized control panel: read more
  • Use the same IM account across multiple FlexyTalk accounts: read more
  • Sound Alerts - Persistent chatbox across website navigation - Open Chatbox in new browser window - Draggable chatbox - Customizable chatbox size -Hide chatbar when offline

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-9-4
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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