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WordPress FAQ Plugin – Flexible FAQs


WordPress FAQ plugins shouldn’t have to be hard to use. Our Flexible FAQs WordPress plugin allows you to add any number of FAQs quickly and easily. That’s the Flexible FAQs way. An all-in-one solution for your FAQ needs.

Manage and display FAQs anywhere on your site. With Flexible FAQs you can create as many for answers to questions as you want.

Organize and keep track of all your FAQs, add FAQ sections to help visitors, and improve your SEO visibility, time on site, and increase conversion rates.

Add FAQs directly inside the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) and preview them in real-time without leaving the editor window. No more having to remember what shortcodes are available and long lists of shortcode attributes!

Suppose you need to keep track of multiple FAQs and need a central place to view them all. Well, now you can.

Using your WordPress administration page, create and manage FAQs there, drag and drop the order and select them from inside the block editor. It takes just seconds to organize your FAQs, and they’ll be automatically updated on the frontend to reflect where you’ve placed them.

Need to make multiple sets of FAQs? Create a group using the admin interface and allocate one or more sets of FAQs to the group. Think of them as categories for FAQs, making it easier for you to keep track of your FAQ content and administer them in a breeze. Perfect for complex and large scale FAQ pages.

Add FAQs to your WooCommerce products, Easy Digital Downloads products, or any other eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Answer buyers questions and increase sales with our easy to use FAQ WordPress plugin!

Check out the live demo here for many unique FAQ examples.

To control the appearance of FAQs there are (currently) three built-in templates to choose from:

  • Text – Display FAQs with answers visible via expandable plain text.
  • Box – Display FAQs with answers visible via an expandable box.
  • Accordion – Display FAQs with answers visible via an expandable accordion.

Each template includes a set of pre-defined themes to easily change the appearance of your FAQ content without having to alter multiple settings. In addition each theme can be customised to tweak the styles as required!

For legacy support, and 3rd party page builders, Classic Press users, FAQ shortcodes are also available. To add FAQs to your content it’s as simple as inserting the [flexible-faqs] shortcode into a post or page! Each FAQ, upon creation, will display a shortcode for you to display an FAQ anywhere on your site.

The FAQ plugin can also easily be used to display quizzes, with quiz answers displayed in the expandable accordion section. Create as many quiz questions/answers as you like and add them to multiple groups for more powerful management.

More Features

Upgrade today for additional features:

  • Access 90+ beautiful pre-defined custom FAQ themes.
  • Enable/disable individual FAQ items from displaying on the frontend.
  • Duplicate any set of FAQs with a single click!
  • Many options available to customise the look and behaviour of FAQs.
  • Create your own custom FAQ themes based on ANY core theme!
  • [coming soon] Mark up your FAQs with structured data (FAQ schema).
  • [coming soon] Submit FAQs from the front end.

The list of core FAQ themes is constantly growing and will soon be well over 100+ unique FAQ themes!


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Also, take a look at our other plugins. We’re continually developing great solutions for WordPress.


  • Author sets of FAQs via a powerful editor.
  • Drag/drop FAQs to reorder.
  • Familiar interface to manage all FAQs, just like posts and pages.
  • Display multiple sets of FAQs at once with FAQ groups.
  • Settings page details every single block and shortcode option available.
  • Add FAQs to the editor and preview them in real-time. Lot's of formatting options available.
  • FAQs displayed on the frontend match the editor view.
  • You can also display any FAQ via shortcodes too!
  • Three types of FAQ template available: text, box, and accordion. (Pro FAQ themes shown)


This plugin provides 3 blocks.

  • Text Style Expandable FAQs
  • Box Style Expandable FAQs
  • Accordion Style Expandable FAQs


  1. Via the WordPress admin go to Plugins => Add New.
  2. Enter ‘Flexible FAQs’ (without quotes) in the textbox and click the ‘Search Plugins’ button.
  3. In the list of relevant Plugins click the ‘Install’ link for Flexible FAQs on the right hand side of the page.
  4. Click the ‘Install Now’ button on the popup page.
  5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish installation.
  6. You’ll be redirected to the plugin welcome page upon activation which gives basic usage instructions and other information to get you started.


Where can I see all the available Flexible FAQs blocks, shortcodes, and attributes?

Visit the plugin documentation page to see available Flexible FAQs blocks, shortcodes and attributes, plus related options.

Is there a live demo available for the plugin?

Yes! You can see live examples of Flexible FAQs here.

How else can I use the plugin?

It is also excellent for displaying quizzes on your site! Supports unlimited numbers of quiz questions/answers.


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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress FAQ Plugin – Flexible FAQs” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



0.5.5, AUG 3, 2020

  • Initial plugin release of the free version.

0.5.6, AUG 11, 2020

  • Fixed bug in FAQ menu item order.

0.5.7, AUG 20, 2020

  • Update: Made fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.
  • Update: Began major refactoring project that will drastically improve efficiency going forward.
  • Update: Other FAQ editor minor tweaks.
  • Update: Enqueueing code to be more efficient.
  • Fix: CSS border issue on FAQ editor for individual FAQ items.
  • Fix: Issues with register_rest_route().

0.5.8, NOV 2, 2020

  • Update: Compatibility updates for WordPress 5.5.3.