This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Flash MP3 Player


This plugin can display a highly customizable MP3 player on your sidebar, in a single post page or any other places on your blog pages.

Now, this plugin use JW MP3 player v2.3 as its core.


  • Shuffle the play list.
  • Display an album cover when playing a song.
  • Change the color scheme.
  • Set the custom background image.
  • Multiple configuration files and play lists.
  • Insert to other place of your page with shortcode or template tag.

The new version dose NOT support PHP 4.


  • The screenshot of the playlist editor.
  • The screenshot of the config editor.
  • How to insert a flash mp3 player to a post or page.
  • The final effect of the sample configuration.


When I move to another page on my site, the player start again from the beginning, how can I make it play the music continuously?

This is just a simple music player without server support. It is very hard for me to make it behave like that.

After activation, no menu entries Settings/FMP:Config Editor and Settings/FMP:Playlist Editor found.

Make sure your /wp-content directory is writable. If you can connect your server with terminal, you can use this command to change the permission of the directory chmod -R 755 wp-content.

Is it possible to get the player to keep playing while surfing around?

It’s hard to do this. The only way I know currently is to show this player in a popup new window and keep that window open when users surfing around.



  • Restores the code from 10.1.5. Version 10.1.8 was released by the WordPress team, because 10.1.6 and 10.1.7 were compromised and contained malicious code.


  • When add song, “add” button will duplicated bug fixed.


  • Some deprecated function calls updated.
  • Use swfobject_original as the script tag name of swfobject.js instead of swfobject because of the conflict with Facebook Walleria plugin.


  • Fix “song title cannot be too long” error.


  • Fixed a little bug, cannot use html special chars in link option.


  • The error of template tag not work fixed.


  • Playlist editor CSS bug fixed.
  • New plugin homepage created.


  • Playlist editor redesigned, the list now sortable
  • Add WordPress Mu support, by
  • Add a template tag for theme developers


  • Use <swfobject> to load player to web page.
  • Use random default id
  • Correct a spelling mistake


2009-6-3 20:41:02

  • Bug fixed: the player always float on top layer of web pages, and break the lightbox.
  • Bug fixed: fix the broken color picker in config editor.

2009-5-12 23:45:17

  • Bug fixed: When using apostrophe in song’s title, slashes will be added automatically.
  • Bug fixed: When the name of its directory is not default one, the plugin will not work.

2009-4-30 11:11:06

Save the config file and playlist file formatted, now they are human readable.

2009-4-28 0:45:50

Fix the “when play single song cannot find playlist” bug

2009-4-27 9:51:22

Two stupid bugs have been fixed.

2009-4-26 12:40:39

Fix the problem of cannot load config file and playlist in Safari.

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