This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress. File Upload Form


How does it work?

  1. Install the plugin at your WordPress website (for instructions see the tab “Installation”).
  2. Your customer visits your website where the File Upload Form is embedded.
  3. Customer fills the information form and uploads files.
  4. The files are stored on cloud storage.
  5. You receive an e-mail notification with the download link of uploaded files and the information from the customer. Your customer also receives an e-mail notification about a successful file upload.
  6. You can access and manage received files through your account.

Features and Quality

  • Customizable design (more info below in “Features of Design and Appearance”)
  • Progress bar for a file upload
  • Drag and Drop or simple selection for files and folders
  • Extendable storage for backend cloud (PRO feature, 1GB for free)
  • Large file transfer with no count limit in one go (PRO feature, 0.5GB for free)
  • Fast, reliable and secure file upload and download:
    • Secure HTTPS data encryption
    • All files are scanned with antivirus
    • Uploads are automatically resumed in case of network interruption
  • Convenient file management. Received files can be managed through:
    • web interface with file sorting, searching, preview, ZIP downloads, statistics
    • FTP client software
    • API access

Features of Design and Appearance (for Free)

  • Unlimited count of customizable input fields
    • Various types of input fields: text, select dropdown, date, description, checkbox
    • Customizable labels and placeholders for fields
    • Ability to indicate whether a field is required or not
  • Different display types
    • A simple form in your website where the shortcode of the plugin is inserted
    • Pop-up form that is shown after clicking on a button that appears in the place where the widget of the plugin is inserted
  • Choice of any color for the interface of the form
  • Customizable size: height and width
  • Several language support
    • for the notification messages of the form and auto e-mails (note that you can create texts and field descriptions of the form in any language you want)
    • built-in language switcher in the form

PRO features

  • Bigger backed cloud storage (250-1000GB for PRO and Business)
  • Bigger upload file limits (10GB for PRO, 20GB for Business)
  • Specifying upload target folders. You can add a folder selection dropdown field in your upload form in order to let your customers select a folder where they want to upload files.
  • Unlimited count of admin notification e-mail recipients. You can specify many admin users who could receive uploaded files and add a recipient selection dropdown field in your upload form in order to let your customers select an admin user to whom upload files.
  • Customizable info e-mails: add your company’s logo in the header of automatic e-mails that are sent to your customers.

About us is a file sharing and storing service. Many users all over the world trust us and use our service daily for private and business needs. After several requests of our users we decided to create customizable File Upload Form plugin for WordPress so that files could be received directly from the users WordPress website. We hope you will enjoy our service as much as our existing users do!

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us:
We are always happy to hear feedback from our users!


See more info and Demo here:


  • File Upload Form in a WordPress blog post view (simple form)
  • File Upload Form in a WordPress blog post view (pop-up form)
  • File Upload Form in a usage: with info and files added (left side) and with upload in progress (right side)
  • File Upload Forms with customized design
  • Admin view with File Upload Form’s configuration
  • Notification e-mails: admin e-mail (left side) and customer’s e-mail (right side)
  • File management view in the web interface


  1. Install the plugin via WordPress Plugin Directory or manually
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in your WordPress admin
  3. Open “ Upload Configuration” in your WordPress admin and create your account (only e-mail and password is needed)
  4. Configure the form as you want
  5. Get the form’s shortcode and insert in your page

Detailed guide view here:

  • Text instructions:
  • Screenshot instructions:
  • Video instructions:


Where can I see a working Demo?

Here you can see and try out a demo File Upload Form as well as the configuration:

Do I have to change something, e.g. upload limits, in my server settings?

No, you have to change absolutely nothing in your server settings. Files are uploaded to backend cloud storage which controls and is responsible for any limits.

What kind of files can be uploaded?

We have no restriction, any type of files can be uploaded.

How big is the maximum size of upload?

The maximum size of one upload (one or many files) is:

  • 2 GB for freemium user,
  • 10GB for PRO user,
  • 20GB for Business user.
How big is the cloud storage space?

A cloud storage space is:

  • 1GB-100GB for freemium user
  • 250GB-16TB for PRO or Business user

See more info about the pricing here:

What are access restrictions of uploaded files?

We have many options of access restrictions that you can set up in your account:

  • free access – anyone can access if the upload link is known
  • password protected
  • private – only you can access files in your account
Is it safe to receive important files?

Yes, it is because files are transferred over secure HTTPS protocol. You can also change settings of files access rights to private – only you can see them when logged in your account.

Which languages are supported?

For notifications of the form and e-mails that are automatically sent after uploads we support English, German, Finnish and Latvian.
However, note that you can create texts and field descriptions of the form without restriction. Hence the form will be in any language you need.

If you have any other questions or suggestions feel free to contact us:


December 2, 2016
We have invested good amount of time to develop file upload and form customization options based on our user feedback. We hope you will enjoy the functions and 1GB of free cloud file storage 🙂 We hope, you will upgrade to PRO or Business to get more storage or features. Your feedback is always welcome - please, contact us via website, if needed. We are updating the features of the file upload form continuously.
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Contributors & Developers

“ File Upload Form” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release date: 2016.01.20

  • This is the first version of the plugin. It is carefully tested and should work as expected.


Release date: 2016.06.14

  • Bug fix: iframe width and scrollbars


Release date: 2016.09.02

  • Added new features


Release date: 2016.11.23

  • Added new features


Release date: 2016.11.30

  • Improvements for the form’s pop up display mode.


Release date: 2017.11.15

  • Fixed PHP7 warning


Release date: 2017.11.27

  • Added support for WordPress 4.9


Release date: 2018.05.24

  • File upload form is now loaded over HTTPS
  • Added informative error message for when the file upload form is not available