This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Feedfabrik Blogbook Printing


The plugin provides an easy and direct interface with to help you convert
your blog into a printed book or ebook. The creation of a blogbook is automatic and takes only a few seconds. You can
choose a cover, select the range of posts and choose some other options.

Printproof PDF files of your blogbooks including cropmarks for professional printing can be downloaded for free. If you
would like to have a real printed book in soft- or hardcover, you will have to pay for the manufacturing and shipping.
These books start below USD/EUR 10.

There is nothing to configure in the plugin itself. After activation of the plugin, a new menu entry called “Print” will
appear in the Tools section of the admin interface. If you click on “Print” you will see a simple page with a button
called “Print My Blog”. Clicking the button will transfer you over to where your blogbook is
created automatically.

The result is almost but not fully the same compared to going over to and logging
in with your user credentials to produce a blogbook. The plugin can take advantage of your individual WordPress setup
when the layout of your book is produced. The key advantages using the plugin are:

  • You have direct access to your blogbook preview from the blog admin interface without login to
  • You do not need to share your password with for the data access
  • You only grant Feedfabrik read access to your blog – there is no need to enable the standard XML-RPC API that also
    grants write and delete access

In short, the plugin is more convenient and more secure than other ways of interfacing.


  • A new Print button appears in the Tools menu
  • After clicking on 'Print My Blog' you will get straight to the preview of your blogbook


There is nothing to configure. Installation is similar to other plugins:

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip
  3. Login to your admin interface of WordPress and activate the plugin in the Plugins section
  4. Done


Is the plugin free?

Yes, you can download it for free and use it as you see fit.

Is the plugin secure?

Yes, it opens a more secure communication channel to than the standard WordPress XML-RPC interface
provides. It does that by generating a random unique token that grants external access to your blog. This access
however is only valid for reading blog content and not for writing or deleting. The token expires within one hour.

As a result, you can exchange your blog data with without sharing your password and without the worry
that something bad might happen to your blog data. You can also leave the standard XML-RPC interface disabled, as
this would open a potential write and delete access to your blog.

Is it complicated to create a blogbook?

No. The moment you click on the Print button, the data is exchanged automatically and your blogbook is created
as a first suggestion using some default settings. Just sit back and watch the progress bar.

Can I preview my blogbook?

Certainly you can! After the book is prepared, you will see a flipbook viewer that allows you turn the pages and view
exactly how the book looks like. You can zoom in on the images and text or view it full screen

Can I change the layout of my blogbook?

There are a number of layout options available to you and we’re adding more all the time. Currently,

  • You have a choice of cover designs
  • You can select a date range for the posts to be converted into a blogbook
  • You can choose if hyperlinks from your posts should appear as footnotes
  • You can have the names of the post authors printed along with the posts
  • You can have the dates of the posts printed along with the posts
  • You can choose if you have your book in reversed chronological order (blog style) or in chronological order
Is the resulting book for free?

Yes, you can download a high-quality PDF file for free that comes with crop-marks for professional printing.

We do however charge for printed books or normal PDF files.

What type of printed books do you offer?

All printed books right now are in standard A5 size.
You have a choice of

  • Full colour printing vs. black-and-white printing
  • Hardcover vs. softcover
  • White vs. creme vs. photo paper
What is the price of a printed book?

The price very much depends on the length of your blogbook and the type of book you would like to have. Generally speaking,
colour is more expensive than black-and-white, hardcover is more expensive than softcover and photo paper is also more

Books start as low as USD/EUR 10 but obviously can get expensive if you have hundreds of pages in full-color. The price
will be shown directly next to your book when you are on so you will always be clear about it.

Why do you charge for this?

Well, printing a real book costs money. Simple as that.

How many books do I have to order?

You don’t have to order a single book if you don’t like it. But if you like it, you can order as few as one book only. We
print all books individually using advanced digital printing technologies. There is no minimum order.

Do you ship to the U.S.?

Yes, we ship to North America, Europe and Australia. Other countries are on request but might carry extra shipping charges.

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Contributors & Developers

“Feedfabrik Blogbook Printing” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Extend timeout to prevent early termination of long sessions
  • Catch problem with disabled set_time_limit() function


  • Fix broken downward compatibility for pre 3.2 installations


  • Introduce encrypted communication for token exchange
  • Introduce direct link to customer care
  • Improve stability
  • Improve compatibility with WordPress 3.2
  • Provide option to like us on Facebook


  • Introduce support for shortcodes, especially gallery
  • Fix a bug where pages were loaded together with posts in rare occasions
  • Fix an incompatibility that sometimes caused problems with pre WordPress 3.0 blogs


  • Remove unnecessary bit of code that causes trouble in some setups and is redundant anyway


  • Optimized fallback database queries for SQL memory constraints with very large blogs


  • Fix PHP4 incompatibilities that stopped the plugin from working on some setups
  • Introduce version check of plugin
  • Introduce a fix for environments with memory constraints


  • Changed authentication to more secure read-only access
  • Fixed a bug that lead to a “technical error” during book production
  • Improved data pre-processing to capture more of the blog formatting


  • Fixed a bug for WP 2.8 installations


  • Fixed a bug for WP 2.8 installations
  • Improved error messages to user if API fails


  • First Release.