This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Bugs Go Viral : Facebook Promotion Generator for WordPress


Bugs Go Viral is a professional-grade product that allows you to administer your own registered Facebook application and execute fully-branded promotions that:

  • give you absolute control over promotion branding and visuals,
  • take place within Facebook and do not direct participants to a 3rd party site,
  • increase your daily/weekly/monthly active users,
  • grow and engage your fan base,
  • are compliant with Facebook Promotion Guidelines.

Promotional models include

  • Sweepstakes- an “enter to win” promotion.
  • The Buzz- photo, video, or story contest in which fans upload an entry and ask their friends to vote.
  • The Swarm- a group coupon, “tipping point” promotion (coming soon).
  • TalkBack- upload up to 10 items (photo, video, or text) and ask fans to comment/rate each one (coming soon).
  • Fan Faves- upload up to 10 items (photo, video, or text) and ask fans to vote for their favorite (coming soon).

Features common to all promo types

  • Photoshop templates to help you design, layout, and brand your promotion.
  • Built-in fan gate- users must “like” your page to participate.
  • Built-in privacy standards- users control what goes to their wall and when- these promotions are purely word-of-mouth generated. NO SPAM posts to participants’ wall!
  • Automatic notifications for participants and fan page admin when promo milestones are reached.
  • Built-in winner selection.
  • Influence rating of participants based on activity- know who your influencers are!
  • Ability to sponsor or cross-promote.

Required Skills

Bugs Go Viral is a professional-grade product, meaning certain skills are required in order to effectively use the software. At a minimum, you should be able to:

  • install WordPress,
  • manually upload (FTP) and activate a plugin,
  • follow instructions (provided) to create a Facebook application.
  • build/brand your promotion in Photoshop (template provided),
  • filling out a web form (via WordPress) to configure your promotion,
  • adding the application to your Facebook page.

If any of the above steps frighten you, please contact us
and we will walk you through it or refer you to someone that can.

Pricing and Activation

Downloading, installing, designing, and configuring this software and promotions is free of charge. Activating and launching promotions live on Facebook requires a fee. Bugs Go Viral charges a per-day fee for each promotion, with discounts for longer runtimes.

Agencies and such may receive an additional 15% discount. Bugs Go Viral is a professional grade product built to be an alternative to building an application and/or promotion from scratch. Your Bugs Go Viral account dashboard will allow you to sort and manage promotions on behalf of your clients.

To get an estimate for your particular promotion, please visit our site and generate an instant estimate.


  • Photoshop template for "Sweepstakes" promotion.
  • Step 1 in setting up a Sweepstakes promotion in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Step 2 in setting up a Sweepstakes promotion in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Step 3 in setting up a Sweepstakes promotion in the WordPress dashboard.
  • After setting up your promotion, all you will have to do is click the "Activate" button seen above.
  • After your promotion has been activated through the Bugs Go Viral account area, your promotion will be ready for launch.
  • Seen above is Facebook Share dialog box sitting above the "Already Entered" graphic. Your "Feed Graphic" is the 90x90 icon that is displayed on the Share Dialog Box.
  • Back in the WordPress Dashboard, you can see your Total Likes, Total Participants, Top Influencers and Total Installs.
  • This is your analytics screen. The Bugs Go Viral software gives points to each user for allowing the app, entering, sharing, etc. All of those points + their friend count determines their "Influence." For each user, you will see the date they entered, their name (links to their Facebook profile), location, friend count, points and email address (email address is so you can contact the winner).
  • Facebook insights for a Bugs Go Viral client.


We know you’re anxious to test drive the plugin! BUT…there are a few steps to follow to cover all bases and insure a pleasant experience. To see the plugin in action, please visit our demo site. You may also want to view a few example promotions and/or case studies on our web site. When you are ready to begin the installation process, follow these steps:

  • install/activate the plugin (IMPORTANT, we created a folder titled: “MOVE facebookapp folder inside TO THE ROOT OF YOUR DOMAIN”. Please move the facebookapp folder that is inside to the ROOT of your domain. Facebook requires this folder to be in the root of your domain so that it can communicate with the app.)
  • use the provided Photoshop template to design your promotion,
  • use the provided instructions to create your Facebook Application (this is only done once for each installation of the plugin),
  • in the WordPress admin, enter your Facebook Application settings and create a free Bugs Go Viral account (this allows you to track, purchase, and activate promotions),
  • configure and launch your promotion through the Bugs Go Viral dashboard within the WordPress admin. Please note that configuring your promotion is free. You are only charged when you are ready to activate your promotion on Facebook.

Installation & Account Setup

Download & read the README file before installing your Bugs Go Viral WordPress Plugin.

Creating your Facebook Application

How to Create your Facebook App


  • PHP 5.1 or above
  • WordPress 3.0 or above

Contributors & Developers

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