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Do you need an elegant FAQ section to describe details of your services, terms and conditions? You have a long company history and want to have it in Q&A format? Then FAQ by 10Web will be the most convenient tool for reaching a highly professional result.

Having a responsive FAQ page is a necessity for most of the websites and the advanced WordPress FAQ plugin is the easiest wat to add unlimited FAQs and FAQ categories.

Using the FAQ by 10Web plugin you can create unlimited amount of questions and answers. The free FAQ plugin will allow you to assign questions and answers into categories. The accordion FAQ view will allow displaying only the questions thus saving space and allowing the user to navigate to the relevant question. To make the question search even more user -friendlier, it is possible to display a FAQ-specific search box.

The FAQ section sequence will be based on the Category order, which can be modified in Order section using drag and drop functionality. Only the categories set within the shortcode will be displayed in the page/post allowing to use different categories for different pages within the site.

The FAQ categories can have descriptions. The details about the categories will be possible to insert with the FAQs. In case of multi-category FAQs the categories (if the titles are displayed) will turn into separate tabs. You can also skip displaying category details and titles, thus the questions will be listed below each other based on the category order provided in Order section.

The features of the FAQ by 10Web plugin:

  • Unlimited FAQs and category support
  • Responsiveness
  • Compatible with WordPress standard themes
  • Option to expand/collapse FAQs
  • Categorized display of FAQS
  • Search box in FAQ list
  • FAQ creation possibility for administrator and editor role users
  • Option to display the question author
  • FAQ creation date display option
  • Rating option for the Q&A
  • FAQ sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • Support for comments

Upgrade to WordPress FAQ by 10Web Pro to add features:

  • 5 default customizable themes
  • Option to create more themes



Thank you for your interest in FAQ by 10Web.

Minimum requirements.

  • WordPress 3.9+
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Perform a new installation

After downloading the ZIP file of the FAQ by 10Web plugin,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file of the faq plugin.
    For Mac Users
    Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the FAQ by 10Web. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  4. Click “Install Now” button.
  5. Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating the FAQ by 10Web.
  6. If the installation does not succeed, please contact us https://10web.io/contact-us.


Add frequently asked questions in add FAQ section.
Title. Provide the main question within the title of the custom post.
Description. Provide the detailed answer to the question.


Here is how you can add categories for the FAQs.
Name. Define a name for the FAQ category.
Slug. Provide the slug which will be used for the user-friendly URL display of the category questions.
Description. Provide details about the category and its main specifications.


WordPress FAQ by 10Web allows you to reorder the categories. All you need to do is use the drag and drop option to easily order the FAQ categories. The options will be saved automatically.

In this section of WordPress FAQ by 10Web you can make changes to the default themes add create new themes (commercial version).

General Settings
The FAQ by 10Web WordPress Plugins allows you to change options, such as search box, expand/collapse, read more and others. You can change the general width, text colors, font sizes and set margin.

This subsection of the FAQ plugin allows you to change category-related settings. You can change anything from text color, background color, font size, to border sizes, etc. The same applies to the category description, which in addition to the first list can also have margin and padding values. The selected category can have a different color as well as border.

Question Settings
The plugin has the possibility to change question-related settings. You can change the space between the question, text color and hover color, background color, font size, as well as set borders and define its parameters. If the questions are numbered you can set the font size and color for the numbers. The default navigation arrows can be replaced with custom buttons when uploading the images.

Answer Settings
In this subsection you can change answer-related settings, as well as parameters of comments, views, date display and votes (likes). You can change the text color and hover color, background color, font size. In case of the answer you can set margin and borders and define their parameters.
There are a number of settings you can configure for WordPress FAQ by 10Web. You can choose to display sharing, commenting options, as well as date and the number of views.

Display social sharing buttons in the question page. Check the box to display social sharing buttons (Facebook, Google plus and Twitter).
Display date in the question page. Check the box to display the FAQ creation date.
Display the number of views in the question page. Check the box to display the number of the FAQ views.
Display the number of comments in the question page. Check the box to display the number of comments related to the question.
Enable Comments. Choose whether to enable commenting or not.

Inserting FAQs in a Page or Post
Follow the instruction to include the FAQ lists in a post/page using FAQ shortcode. Go to the Page/Post, where you want to add the FAQ, click on the FAQ icon (question mark) within the standard editor, a pop-up will open up, where you can set the FAQ options.

Check the categories you want to display within the page. The category titles will be displayed as separate tabs. If category titles are disabled, the questions will be displayed in a sequence without category separation. The sequence of the categories will be based on the ordering set in Order section.
Select theme.Select the theme for displaying the FAQs.

Category Options
Show Title. Choose whether to display the title of the category or not.
Show Description. Choose whether to display the category description before proceeding to FAQs or not.
Category Numbering. Choose whether to provide numbering for the categories or not.

FAQ Options
Like. Choose whether to display like/dislike button
Hits. Choose whether to display the number of the views or not.
Date. Choose whether to display the date of the added FAQ.
User. Choose whether to display the name of the logged in user, who added the FAQ.
Expand all answers after the page is loaded. Check the box to enable this option.
Search. Check to display a search button for the FAQ search.


July 5, 2018
I have used this for clients since long. No clue why people did not rate this more as for functionalities, this offers it all. It would be great to know from plugin author is this is being actively developed/maintained for security reasons. Best,
December 28, 2017
Nice looking plugin and I like the features in the demo. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this plugin because of the data collecting. You can't even use the plugin if you don't accept the terms of which they collect your emails, user names, website url and a few other things that are perfect for selling to third party spammers. Let us use the app without the data collection and let me give it an actual review.
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Contributors & Developers

“FAQ by 10Web – Responsive FAQ plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed: Minor bug.
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Fixed: Gutenberg integration.


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Fixed: PHP notices in deactivation popup


Changed: Introducing brand new FREE Backup WD plugin


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Added: FAQ Pagination


Added: Helper bar
Fixed: Minor bugs


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Fixed: Security issue


Fixed: Security issue


Added: Option “Add noindex/nofollow meta to FAQ posts”


Fixed: Minor bug in question/category ordering.
Changed: Featured Plugins, Featured Themes pages design.


Fixed: Bug for php version < 5.3


Added: Translations
Added: Scroll long answer option


Added: Show author and ratings option in single question page.
Added: Statistics page for admins.
Added: Show ratings only for logged in users option.


Minor bug fixed


Fixed: Bug in questions sorting


New: Display more button option
Fixed: Minor bugs


Fixed: Bug in question post
Added: Shortcode support in question


Fixed: Bug in shortcode
Fixed: Conflict with some themes
Fixed: Bug in Comments


Minor bug fixed


Changed: Styles


Minor bug fixed


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