This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Explanatory Dictionary


This plugin is used when there are some words, words expressions or sentences to be explained in the posts or pages of your wordpress blog. It will help the visitors to read the explanations of the words (words expressions, sentences) you need via tooltips. It can also be used as a glossary.


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Special thanks to Ruben Sargsyan for the initial set-up of the plugin


  • The Explanation Tooltips
  • Manage Explanatory Dictionary
  • Explanatory Dictionary Options
  • Explanatory Dictionary Overview on page


perfect dictionary or glossary


I like your plugin. Perfect dictionary or glossary. Easy to set up and works out of the box no glitch nor hitch! I am running Wp 4.5 with the sydney theme.

One small comment for maybe an upgrade: If you could include css options for the actual dictionary page, would make the page more readable.

Thanks for the great work! will have to take a look at your website.

Working well


God bless you man 🙂

This is awesome and helpful plugin which is simple, powerful and free.

thanks a lot

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  • Added a new option to say if you want to search agressive (this helps with quotes an dicritics but can also cause parts of words to show a pop-up)
  • Added the execution of shortcodes inside the tooltip content (however the content is static so it won’t work on dynamic shortcode content)
  • Bugfix: Glossary doesn’t show words on custom alphabet


  • Fixed plugin clash that made editing a page/post impossible
  • Added a new option to say if you want to style how the terms look like (instead of using the few options available)
  • Fixed a typo in a directory


  • Fixed sorting the dictionary overview alphabetically


  • Fixed words disappearing


  • Added a link in old settings to migrate your old data


  • This update will reset all your settings
  • There is a known new bug that makes quotes stop working, a workaround for now is copying the word from the frontend and using that as the title for the term (wordpress converts quotes making it difficult to swap the text around)
  • Made the content a custom post type
  • Use a custom template to style the dictionary page how you want it
  • Filter the custom post type on the search page to create your own layout
  • Bugfix: Tooltip getting cut of
  • Bugfix: Shortcodes not working as intended
  • Bugfix: Limit not working
  • Bugfix: Exclude not working


  • New icon so it looks cooler witht the new admin layout
  • Bugfix: Diacritics can be used again
  • Bugfix: Words were being replaced inside input tags
  • Bugfix: Padding inside the bubble works again
  • Bugfix: Bubble doesn’t dissapear anymore if you try to hover over it


  • You can still use [explanatory dictionary] (without the dash, but note that this will be deprecated in the near future)
  • Words between [no-explanation] will be ignored (use with the dash, without the dash will be deprecated in the near future)
  • Moved the definitioner to the end of the page and made sure it’s only build once
  • Cleaned up the code for the tooltips so the code only exists once on a page
  • Bugfix: Definitioner showing in excerpts
  • Bugfix: White spaces before and after the word that has a definition
  • Bugfix: You can add content above your dictionary on the glossary page
  • Bugfix: Preg match warning on dictionary page


  • Complete rewrite to add new features in the future.


  • Solved jquery error problem.


  • Fixed some bugs for unicode.


  • The tooltips show and hide using jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut effects.
  • Now you can move the mouse cursor over the tooltip.
  • You can add HTML code in the explanation.
  • Added “Synonyms and forms” field where you can add the synonyms and/or the different forms of the words (words expressions, sentences) and it will show their explanation as well.
  • Besides the fields “Explanation” you can also edit the fields “Word (words expression, sentence)” and “Synonyms and forms” as well.
  • The first page of the glossary shows all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations.
  • Now you can remove the alphabet.
  • Now you can remove the tooltips and use only the glossary page.


  • Now you can set an external CSS for styling the explanatory dictionary.
  • You can separate the shown words (words expressions, sentences) of the explanatory dictionary by the alphabet.
  • You can exclude the words (words expressions, sentences) from being explained by getting those words (words expressions, sentences) into [no explanation][/no explanation] tags.


  • The bug which shows an error when you use several characters in explanatory dictionary is fixed.


  • You can add words (words expressions, sentences) which are already existed in the words (words expressions, sentences) you added before.
  • You can edit the explanations of the dictionary.
  • The problem with posts images captions is solved.


  • Added new options – “Set Explaining Word (Words Expression, Sentence) Style”, “Exclude”, “Limit”.


  • The problem that the tooltip appears not near the word in the several themes is already solved.


  • Added new option “unicode”.
  • Now you can show all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • First release.

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