ExpertTexting Official WordPress Plugin


The official ExpertTexting plugin for WordPress.
With this ExpertTexting plugin, you can add the ability of sending SMS & notifications to your WordPress newsletter subscribers or users, and keep them updated on the latest posts and updates.

By using the ET Plugin, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Send SMS to your users’ numbers or other numbers
  • Send SMS automatically to users and admins as required
  • Use the ExpertTexting Widget to gain subscribers
  • And many moreā€¦

This plugin is absolutely free! You just need to have an ExpertTexting account.


  • Send SMS to your subscribers, WordPress users, and other mobile numbers
  • Subscribe to the SMS newsletter
  • Send notification SMS to the admins
  • Send activation codes to subscribers when they subscribe to your newsletters
  • Send SMS notifications to the subscribers when a new post is published
  • Receive SMS notifications when a new user is registered
  • Receive SMS notifications when new comments are posted
  • Receive SMS notifications when users log in to WordPress
  • Receive SMS notifications when there is a new subscriber
  • Supported WP Widget to help subscribe to SMS newsletters
  • Supported shortcode for showing SMS newsletters to subscribers [et-sub-form title=’YOUR TITLE’ desc=’YOUR DESCRIPTION’]
  • Supported WordPress Actions
  • Integrate with
    • Contact form 7: Receive SMS notifications when a message is received through website forms.
    • WooCommerce: Receive SMS notifications when a new order is placed.
    • Easy Digital Downloads: Receive SMS notifications when a new order is placed.
  • More features and integrations will be added in future versions.


  • ExpertTexting Dashboard
  • API Configuration Page.
  • Features Page.
  • SMS Newsletter Page.
  • Notifications page.
  • Integrations Page.
  • Send SMS Page.
  • Outbox SMS Page.
  • Subscribers Page.
  • Groups Page.
  • ExpertTexting Glance.
  • SMS Newsletter Widget.
  • Send Post to Subscribers.
  • Contact Form 7 Notifications.


  1. Upload experttextingofficial to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. To display the SMS newsletter form, go to Themes > Widgets, and add a Subscribe form or using this Shortcode [expt-sub-form title=’YOUR TITLE’ desc=’YOUR DESCRIPTION’] in Posts, Pages or Widget.


PHP 8 Support?

Yes! ExpertTexting Plugin is compatible with PHP version 8.0+

Is WP REST API supported?

No! Not right now but we will add support of REST API in future versions.

How to use Action Hooks?

Run the action when sending SMS with this plugin.

Example: Send mail when send SMS.

Recipient number: $recipient
Sent message: $message

    function send_mail_when_send_sms( $recipient, $message ) {
            $mail = "Recipient is " . $recipient . " And Message is " . $message;

            wp_mail('', 'Send SMS', $mail);
        add_action('expttxt_send_message', 'send_mail_when_send_sms');

Run the action when a new user is added or subscribes.

Example: Send mail when adding subscriber.

Subscriber name: $name
Subscriber mobile number: $mobile

    function send_mail_when_add_subcriber( $name, $mobile ) {
            $mail = "Subscriber name is " . $name . " And Mobile number is " . $mobile;

            wp_mail('', 'Adding Subscriber', $mail);
        add_action('expttxt_add_subscriber', 'send_mail_when_add_subcriber');

Run the action when a group is added.

Example: Send mail when adding group.

Group name: $group_name

    function send_mail_when_add_group( $group_name ) {
            $mail = "New Group name " . $group_name . " is added.";

            wp_mail('', 'Adding Group', $mail);
        add_action('expttxt_add_group', 'send_mail_when_add_group');

Run the action when updating the subscriber.

Example: Send mail when updating the subscriber.

Subscriber (array): $subscriber

    function send_mail_when_update_subscriber( $subscriber ) {
            $mail = "Subscriber name " . $subscriber['name'] . " is updated.";

            wp_mail('', 'Update Subscriber', $mail);
        add_action('expttxt_update_subscriber', 'send_mail_when_update_subscriber');

Run the action when updating Group.

Example: Send mail when updating group.

Group name: $group_name

    function send_mail_when_update_group( $group_name ) {
            $mail = "Group name " . $group_name . " is updated.";

            wp_mail('', 'Update Group', $mail);
        add_action('expttxt_update_group', 'send_mail_when_update_group');

How to use Filter Hooks?

Right now, we are not supporting filter hooks but we will add support of filter hooks in future versions.


September 23, 2021
I really can't explain how good this plugin. Some of the features are missing but Experttexting is the best SMS plugin I have ever come across. I most say, it will be beat the other SMS plugins very soon. Please keep the good job up. I will always recommend my friends to use this great plugin.
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