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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



By using this plugin, you can easily insert the history post link in your new post. This Ex Cross Reference WordPress Plugin is based on the famouse plugin of Cross Reference. I did not change any functionality of that plugin, but I have added new features which is very useful in the cross post links. I have added one icon(which is a link named "Insert History Post Link") in the editor form, by using this icon, you can go through your history posts and select one to insert into your new post.

通过该插件,你可以方便的插入历史文章的引用到新的文章中,还可以跟踪文章引用了哪些文章以及哪些文章被其他文章引用了。 该插件是基于流行的Cross Reference Plugin,并在该插件的基础上增加了新的功能:可以在文章编辑区自动选择历史文章插入。见snapshot 2.


  1. 上传该插件到你的/wp-content/plugins/目录下
  2. 激活该插件;
  3. 到Ex-Cross-Reference页面根据自己的需求做一些设置,包括是否包含显示相关文章等;
  4. 到“添加新文章”页面,选择编辑框上面的“插入历史文章”按钮,会弹出一个浏览历史文章的对话框,选择任何一篇你想插入的文章到你的编辑器里。Enjoy...

该插件对原始插件Cross Reference做了二次开发,所以之前的Cross Reference功能在该插件里都可以使用。


该插件对原始插件Cross Reference做了二次开发,所以之前的Cross Reference功能在该插件里都可以使用,包括: * [cref post] sets a reference from the current post to post. Example: "As I said on my first post [cref hello-world], I won't write about my job." The current entry is shown at the blog as "As I said on my first post Hello World!, I won't write about my job.", with a html link from "Hello World!" to the "Hello World!" post. At the "Hello World!" post the current post appears under "Related Posts".

  • [cref post alternate text] same as [cref post] but the link has another text instead of the post title. Example: "As I said on my [cref hello-world first post], I won't write about my job." This is shown as "As I said on my first post, I won't write about my job.", with a html link from "first post" to the "Hello World!" post.

  • [cref.from post] sets a backward reference from post to the current post. Example: "[cref.from my-vision]" A forward reference is not shown at all, and both the current and the post post appear at each others related posts list.

但是Ex Cross Reference插件在这些功能上做了增强,不需要手动输入[cref post]来插入历史文章的引用,可以使用本插件放置到编辑器上的按钮“插入历史插件”来浏览历史文章,然后点击鼠标插入。




以下说明来自于原始插件Cross Reference,该插件保持了这些功能: This plugin adds a page at the admin panel under Settings / Cross-References where you can set the plugin options and run some tools:

  • Import all html links <a href="...">...</a> that refer to other posts or pages in your blog converting them to [cref...] references.
  • Switch between [cref post-slug] and [cref post-ID]. You can switch at any time: if your blog has already some references set, they will be updated.
  • Configure the "related posts" lists, or hide it if you call the_crossreferences() in your templates.
  • Rename a page slug (you can rename a post slug directly within the admin panel / manage posts, but this does not work for pages because of WordPress internals).
  • Set how to show references when exporting your blog to XML. You can let them unchanged as [cref...] or show the post title, optionally with a html link to the referred blog post.
  • Rebuild the plugin table, if the plugin was some time inactive, in order to fix possible errors at the related posts lists.
  • Deinstall completely the plugin, deleting the plugin's table and options from your database. All existing [cref ...] references are optionally replaced with post titles, with or without html links - this ensures your blog remains readable if you decide to remove this plugin.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.8.4
Last Updated: 7 years ago
Active Installs: 30+


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