This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Esponce QR Code Generator


Generates a QR Code and inserts it into a blog post (shortcode) or sidebar widget. User can edit content, set module and background color, size, padding, version, etc.

Plugin uses Esponce QR Code API 3.0 to generate a QR Code image. Image is then cached on the local WordPress server.


  • user defines content: message, hyperlink, e-mail, telephone number, etc.
  • parameters: module and background color, size, padding, version, etc.
  • displays popup dialog in editor
  • displays preview in visual mode
  • displays shortcode in HTML mode


  • define title and content
  • change foreground and background color
  • change size, padding, and additional properties
  • supports multiple widget instances

Video preview is available on the official plugin page.

Visit if you are interested in tracking features.

Note: Plugin has been tested using XAMPP (Apache on Windows) and fresh WordPress installations with default themes. Internet is a huge network, WordPress can be hosted on various servers and customized from plugins to themes, users can access it using a sea of browsers. We are trying to do our best but just cannot guarantee to work with all configurations. So please be kind enough to write a ticket if plugin is broken in your environment.


  • QR Code appears as sidebar widget
  • Shortcode for HTML guys
  • Creating a widget
  • Creating a QR Code in blog post


What is QR Code?

QR Code is well described on Wikipedia.

How does the plugin work?

Plugin generates a QR Code image using Esponce API 3.0.
Image is then downloaded and cached so all images are served from a local server.

Why is my QR Code not displayed?


  • A parameter may have wrong value, check parameters, especially ‘size’ and colors.
  • Shortcode: syntax may not be valid, try to use UI editor.
  • Plugin is out of date, try to update to the latest version.
  • is in maintenance mode or API (web service) blocks connections.
  • There could be other issues, e.g. bugs or browser/platform issues.
How to use shortcode?

Edit a post and go into HTML mode:

[qrcode content="" size="90x90" foreground="#1982D1"]


  • content – required parameter, content to be encoded in QR Code, e.g. hyperlink, phone number, message
  • size – module size (number between 1 and 20) or image size (width x height where both dimensions are equal), e.g. “3” or “100×100”
  • padding – distance from edges, value between 0 and 4, each unit is represents one module
  • version – defines capacity and overall image size, values from 1 to 40 or empty for auto
  • ec – error correction level, values: L, M (default), H, Q
  • foreground – module color, color name or #[AA]RRGGBB hex value, default is “black”
  • background – background color, color name or #[AA]RRGGBB hex value, e.g. “transparent” or “#00FFFFFF”, default is “white”
  • tooltip – text to appear on mouse over (‘title’ attribute)
  • alt – text for ‘alt’ attribute
  • class – additional CSS class names
  • style – additional CSS styles

Note: double quotes are escaped as " and new lines as &br;

A feature is not working as expected. What can I do?

There are some settings you can change. Open esp-qrcode.php in editor (or edit plugin code in WordPress) and change PHP constants:

  • ESPONCE_PERMALINK_WITH_QUERY – a value indicating whether to include URL query in permalink: true to add query strings (default value), false for no query strings (smaller QR code)
  • ESPONCE_ENABLE_CACHING – enable image caching: true to save generated QR Code image on local server (more reliable), false to always generate new image from web service (frequent content changes)



  • Widget: fixed issue for permalink
  • Widget: advanced options: tooltip, alt, alignment
  • Shortcode: extra options: alt, ec, class, style
  • Shortcode: fixed issues with escaping quotes
  • QR Code size can be specified as “width x height”
  • Bug fixes


  • Widget: added caption
  • Widget: added permalink


  • Added caching
  • Bug fixes


  • Improved widget and shortcode


  • First release
  • Widget
  • Shortcode

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