Enhance the default WordPress embedding to get previews for any article,
including your own blog posts. You also get embeds for Gfycat, Twitch, Google
Maps, and Embedly’s growing list of 400+ supported

You can customize the style of the embeds, to optimize for darker WP themes,
alignment, and width. In addition, social buttons can be added around the embeds
to make it easier to share content from your blog posts.

If you have an Embedly Cards account, you can link it to the plugin with your Embedly API key. Not only does this remove branding from the cards, it also gives you access to analytics and viewer behaviors for most popular music and video player embeds (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, SoundCloud). Find out how many people viewed your embeds for how long. To learn more about Embedly Cards please visit our website.

Using it is as simple as the default WordPress embedding. Embed media by pasting its URL in a single line when writing a post

The plugin automatically displays an embed of the media in the WordPress post
editor (for WP 4.0+).

Fair Warning: This plugin generates static HTML content for your posts. After you deactivate
the plugin, that HTML will still remain behind in all posts where the plugin was used to create


  • Advanced Embed Settings

  • Writing a post and embedding.

  • Sample Post.


The embeds from the Embedly WordPress plugin include title and description meta
information that can provide relevant information to search engines about the
embeds to boost SEO.

Installation Instructions

Using the Plugin Manager

  1. Click Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. Search for Embedly.

  4. Click Install

  5. Click Install Now

  6. Click Activate Plugin

  7. Create a new post and paste a URL. It will automatically turn into an embed.

  8. (optional) Save your Embedly API key to link your Embedly Cards account for analytics and unbranding


  1. Upload embedly to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Go through the sign up flow as described above.


  1. Navigate to My Sites -> Network Admin

  2. Follow Steps 1-5 in Using the Plugin Manager setup above, Do not Network Activate

  3. Go to each site’s dashboard and activate Embedly in Plugins section

  4. Go through the sign up flow as described above.


It mostly love ❤️ Embedly…mostly. No tweaking backend hurts it.

I use and have used Embedly for years now. Ultimately it’s handy and it’s a plugin I consider “core”.

It doesn’t allow you to play with the back end of the plugin anymore.

This means no changing fonts, no changing preview dims, no changing font colors and background colors.

You can set these options in settings panel, but they don’t always translate to what displYs inn the screen.

But that being said, I’m giving this A 5 ⭐️ review because, when everything is said and done:

This plugin flat out rocks and I use it on practically every article I write.

I can insert a link to Wikipedia or IMDB when writing an article, and Embedly will take that link and change it from a bunch on letters to a preview of the page, see examples in article:

I am a paying customer of theirs I dig the plug-it so much.

If you want to see it in action, go to my site here:

Rock on boys.
Please consider letting us play with backend of plugin .php…

Sloppy development

After deactivating the plugin I still have embedly script running from the database leftover that is not cleaned up and now I have to trace the leftovers manually. Stay away from this plugin.

Great plugin/tool

Embed.ly is a great tool to neatly embed all kinds of sources into your blog posts as stylish “cards”. It works like a charm. The only drawback I see is that changes in the plugin settings don’t affect cards on existing posts. E.g. if you change the theme of your blog to something darker and you hence change the Embed.ly theme from light to dark, it won’t update the existing posts but only affect newly created cards. Same if you want to deactivate the social sharing buttons on all existing cards. So I give only 4 stars.

Awful Customer Service

I was really excited to find and use this plugin. The first time I sent a message to CS I received no reply. When I emailed again I was told, “There’s no record of your email.” Okay. Stuff happens…

I then had another issue and was mid-thread and the embed.ly CS team simply stopped responding. I’ve followed up with additional messages but no reply.

My suggestion? AVOID THIS PLUGIN!

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Contributors & Developers

“Embedly” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Having an active app.embed.ly account is now optional to use the plugin! Users who want access to unbranded
    card embeds and/or analytics can elect to input their Embedly API key in the plugin settings, but users who just want
    to get started embedding no longer need to create an embedly account and activate the plugin.


  • Improved plugin security.


  • Embedly is not currently supporting historical analytics for embeds, but you can still see realtime views.
  • Improves the implementation of javascript dependencies via the wp_enqueue_script api.


  • Removed Embedly TinyMCE Button.
  • Added Editor Preview URL functionality for all URLS (WP v4.0+)
  • Redesigned Embedly Admin page
  • All embeds will be generated as Embedly Cards


  • Embedly TinyMCE dialog and dependencies managed server side.
  • Refactor code to use class structure.
  • Clean up deprecated SQL generation to make compliant with WP3.6 and above.


  • Fix Add Post bug in IE.


  • Enable Twitter WP OEmbed.


  • Fixes issue with Embedly not loading on WP3.9.
  • Load tiny_mce_popup_4_0.js when TinyMCE is v4.0.


  • Upgrade Embedly TinyMce editor option to use Embedly Cards.


  • Use TinyMCE provided by WP Core.
  • Fixes issue with HTML editting and formatting.


  • Change server side calls to HTTP to avoid issues.
  • Disable rocketloader syntax.


  • Update TinyMce Popup js to latest.
  • Update to latest JQuery 1.10.2.
  • Update Powered by link destination to code generator.
  • Fix powered by logo for RSS generation.
  • Add support for links to open in new window.


  • Support for blogs using HTTPS.
  • Steps for multi-site setup.


  • Use wp-includes tiny_mce_popup.js
  • Compatible with WP 3.5


  • Providers save fix.


  • Admin Redesign.
  • embedly_settngs option for wp_options table.
  • SQL optimizations.


  • Fix for feature status check.


  • Allow script tag embeds.


  • Add Embedly providers on ‘plugins_loaded’ instead of ‘init’ and other tweaks


  • Fixing the path to TinyMCE plugin.


  • Updated flow for previewing and updating embeds.

  • Improved previews for preview endpoint.

  • Better error handling for loading plugin in Post Editor.


  • Resolve issue with tag attributes getting stripped

  • Resolve quirks with height getting set incorrectly


  • Resolve conflict with WordPress image editing


  • Resolves Rich Editor not showing up.


  • Adds Embedly TinyMCE plugin to Rich Editor.

  • Support for Embedly Key to Embed “any” URL.


A few fixes.


Initial Version