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Email Popup by Optin Cat

Email Popup by Optin Cat Helps You Convert More Blog Visitors Into Subscribers. Create Email Popup In Less Than 2 Minutes.

This free plugin isn't being actively maintained anymore. Please install one of the following plugins instead:

MailChip plugin

Aweber plugin

Campaign Monitor plugin

GetResponse plugin

Optin Cat Premium

“The World’s Most Dangerous Plugin!”

WARNING: Do NOT let our plugin, Email Popup by Optin Cat, fall into the wrong hands.

If you see any evildoers (Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, etc.) do NOT let them get Email Popup by Optin Cat.

Please, please, please guard Email Popup by Optin Cat with your life.

We don’t want the bad guys getting this popup plugin because of how powerful it is.

Imagine being able to get more email subscribers than ever before.

Do you understand what that would do to your business?

No, seriously, do you?

Forget the jokes for a minute and think about it.

If you are a blogger or a content marketer, you need subscribers. They are your oxygen. If you don’t get enough subscribers - your blog asphyxiates and your dreams of online success die a slow and painful death.

But what happens if you do get enough subscribers?

Not just a few, but more subscribers than you’ve ever had.

Better yet, what if you can get those subscribers without having to write code or wrestle with complicated software?

Now we’re talking.

Now you can see why Email Popup by Optin Cat is so “dangerous”.

When you use our popup plugin you get a powerful tool to grow your email list.

And as your email list grows, you can sell more products and get more people reading your blog posts.

We’re not going to give their names here, but check our website and you’ll see the positive impact that Email Popup by Optin Cat has had on real businesses. Some of those guys have even reported a lift in conversions of up to 500%. All from using Email Popup by Optin Cat.

“That could be me!”

Yes it could. Go ahead and try Email Popup by Optin Cat now.

Integrations for Email Popup by Optin Cat

Email Popup by Optin Cat works with almost any email marketing provider, including MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Active Campaign, MailPoet, Constant Contact, iContact, Sign-Up.to and SendinBlue.

In the unlikely event that Email Popup by Optin Cat doesn’t work with your email marketing provider, please let us know. We’re constantly working to improve our popup plugin and so we welcome your feedback on issues like this.

Troubleshooting Problems with Email Popup by Optin Cat

“Help! I need somebody” - The Beatles

Has your experience with Email Popup by Optin Cat left you feeling like that lyric from the Fab Four?

We’ve got you covered. Please read through the support forum for Email Popup by Optin Cat. You can also check out our knowledgebase, but please note that some of the features described there only apply to the paid version of Email Popup by Optin Cat. Finally, if those options aren’t useful to you, please open a ticket in our popup plugin’s support forum here.

The Premium Version of Email Popup by Optin Cat

And now a word from our sponsors...

Looking to take your popup game to the next level?

If so, you should definitely consider the premium version of Email Popup by Optin Cat.

What does our popup plugin’s premium version have that this free version doesn’t?

The difference is like seeing just the Mona Lisa and then seeing the entire Louvre Museum. Or flying on a budget airline and then going to first class on one of the big guys (Singapore Airlines, Emirates, etc.).

Can we hype the premium version of Email Popup by Optin Cat any more?

Probably not. So let’s put the hype away and talk about the features of our popup plugin.

When it comes to features, here’s what you’ll find in the premium version of Email Popup by Optin Cat:

  • Expanded Popup Creation Options: A vast selection of new options for the layout and design of your popup.

  • Smart Popup Targeting: Display popups to the right people at the right times

  • Mobile Popups: Show your popup on mobile devices

  • Two Step Optin Feature: Trigger a Popup Optin Form after the user clicks on a hyperlink.

  • Priority Email Support: Responses to your inquiries on Email Popup for Optin Cat will be handled before those of free users

  • Optin Bait Delivery: Send Optin Baits straight from WordPress.

  • Exit Intervention: Display popups when the user is about to leave your site.

Want to learn more about the premium version of Email Popup by Optin Cat? Visit the following link to see all that the premium version of our popup plugin has to offer>>

Requires: 3.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.0
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 600+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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