Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration


Edwiser Bridge – The #1 WordPress and Moodle Integration plugin that provides a robust platform to sell Moodle courses online.

Are you a Moodle user, who creates courses and wants a robust integration with WordPress/WooCommerce to sell them.
Then you are at the right place Edwiser Bridge is the only WordPress plugin that provides stable and robust integration between the two platforms.

Edwiser Bridge provides the necessary platform for you to sell your Moodle courses through default payment gateway PayPal.

In order to extend its functionality and create a complete automated eCommerce solution to sell your Moodle, you got to include following plugins in your WordPress site,

Top Features if you want to sell your Moodle courses better –

CourseFront –

  • Integration between your WordPress and Moodle sites,
  • Import your Moodle courses to WordPress,
  • Synchronize Moodle course categories to WordPress,
  • Set the Moodle courses as draft,
  • Sell courses through WordPress and take its payments through PayPal,
  • Synchronize enrolled courses data for users.

Course Access Control –

  • Automation user registration in Moodle,
  • Enable/Disable registration to courses,
  • Identical login credentials to access courses in Moodle,
  • Set course access time from WordPress,
  • Update previously synchronized courses,
  • Enrol / Unenrol users from WordPress,
  • Provide Refund to your students from WordPress.

Connect your Moodle with Multiple WordPress Sites –

  • Now connect single Moodle site with multiple WordPress sites,
  • Courses from single Moodle site could be sold through multiple WordPress sites,
  • Automated 2-way synchronization between each WordPress site and your Moodle site,
  • Secured and efficient transfer of information across sites,
  • Course Progress of student synced from Moodle to WordPress in real time.

Recommended Plugins to Extend Edwiser Bridge’s Features –

Why we need to extend the functionality?

If you wish to create a complete eCommerce shopfront to sell your Moodle courses.
If you want to sell your courses through payment gateways other than PayPal.
If you want to create purchase invoices automatically for your course buyers.
If you wish to sell an add-on product along with your Moodle course.
When you want to provide a seamless access between your Course Shopfront and Moodle LMS.
If you sell your courses to companies.

Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration extension

This provides integration with WooCommerce – popular eCommerce solution in WordPress,
It helps you to sell your Moodle courses through more than 160+ payment gateways,
You can also sell a physical product or an add-on product along with your Moodle courses,
Courses could be sold through subscriptions with ready integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions,
Ability to set variation to courses and sell them through your store,
Ability to bundle multiple courses as a single product or multiple products under a single product,

Edwiser Bridge-Bulk Purchase extension

When coupled with WooCommerce Integration extension your course buyers could then purchase multiple courses at once,
Course Buyers could also enrol multiple students in the purchased course,
Cohorts are created for each purchase done by the course buyer,

Edwiser Bridge-Single Sign extension

This extension provides a seamless connection between Course Front and LMS.

Additional Edwiser products that provides improves your Moodle experience –

Edwiser RemUI

The Best theme for Moodle that is built to provide superior user experience in Moodle. It also provides enhanced functionality to ease the process of course creation and navigation.

Edwiser Forms

An easy to use tool that lets you create any form in Moodle using drag and drop interface. Contact form, Survey form, Feedback form or registration form any form that you need can now be developed within few minutes.

Edwiser Site Monitor

A free plugin that helps you manage your Moodle site performance right from Admin Dashboard of Moodle. It provides essential site information like CPU Status, Memory Usage etc.

Edwiser Course Formats

A free plugin that provides you two distinct course formats for your Moodle courses if you wish to improve learning and course engagement among students.


  • General Settings for Edwiser Bridge.
  • Connection Settings for Edwiser Bridge.
  • Course Synchronization from Moodle to WordPress.
  • User Enrollment Data Synchronization.
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Settings.
  • Courses imported from Moodle in the WordPress Backend.
  • Course Edit Page.
  • Orders of Courses Purchased from WordPress.
  • Order Edit Page.
  • Refund edwiser bridge order.
  • A student can update their profile details from the frontend.
  • Shortcode for User Dashboard with Orders and Account details.
  • Courses archive page template.
  • Courses page Shortcode to display edwiser bridge courses.
  • Display courses with category grouping using eb_courses page shortcode.
  • My Courses page Shortcode.
  • Single course page template.
  • Edit email notification template's content.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: General Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: Web Service Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: WordPress Site Connection Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: WordPress Site Connection Syncronisation settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: Settings Summary


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • WordPress 4.4 or higher
  • Moodle 3.0.3 or higher

Automatic Installation

  • Go to the Plugins menu from the dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button on this page.
  • Search for ‘Edwiser Bridge’ in the search bar provided.
  • Click on ‘Install Now’ once you have located the plugin.
  • On successful installation click the ‘Activate Plugin’ link to activate the plugin.

Manual Installation

  • Download the Edwiser Bridge plugin from wordpress.org.
  • Now unzip and upload the folder using the FTP application of your choice.
  • The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the admin dashboard.

Moodle Plugin Automatic Installation

  • Download the Moodle edwiserbridge plugin from here.
  • Go to the Plugins menu in Moodle.
  • Click on Install plugins.
  • Upload plugins zip file.
  • Then click on Install plugin from the Zip file.

Moodle Plugin Manual Installation

  • Download the Moodle edwiserbridge plugin from here.
  • Now unzip and upload the folder in local directory of Moodle using the FTP application of your choice.
  • The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the dashboard.

Moodle Configuration

Take a look at the link below and follow the steps provided to configure your Moodle website.
Moodle Website Configurations


Do WordPress and Moodle need to be installed and running on the same server?

No, not required. Both the systems can be installed on the same server or different servers.

Which course details are imported on synchronizing courses from Moodle to WordPress?

When courses are imported from Moodle the course title, description and feature image are imported to WordPress.

Can one WordPress website be used with multiple Moodle websites?

No, this is not possible using Edwiser Bridge.

Can one Moodle site be connected to multiple WordPress sites?

Yes, if you are using Edwiser Bridge version 1.4.0 onwards then you will now be able to connect your Moodle site to multiple WordPress sites.

Can I use another payment gateway in place of PayPal to sell my courses?

As of now Edwiser Bridge has only one payment gateway integrated with it and that’s PayPal.
But we are open to adding new payment gateways as part of the product but for that we need your suggestions so that we add the one that works best for you.

You can post your suggestions in our Ideas Forum.

What if I wish to suggest some new features as part of Edwiser Bridge? Where should I do it?

You can post all your feature requests and also vote of similar feature requests shared by fellow community members in our Ideas Forum.

Take a look at the link below to see the full list of questions which will help you around the Edwiser Bridge plugin.
Frequently Asked Questions for Edwiser Bridge

Also check our knowledge base for more queries
knowledge base for Edwiser Bridge


June 11, 2020
I've got to say, I've liked this product up until I've had to work with the support - it's very slow, which is a problem when you're dealing with selling a product - especially online courses. The documentation is A+ for this product - follow every detail and don't skip anything, and you will have a good working system. However, page setups and checkouts are not well documented - so you might have to play around a bit to get the menus right. Surprisingly, there is no way to reset the site license online. We recently had to reinstall our WordPress site and could not activate the site license. Again, see the first point above - getting a response to a production site problem is problematic. Otherwise, I really like the plugins and hope to keep using them long into the future.
June 4, 2020
Just want to thank the Edwiser team for assisting me with an error that I was getting on the Edwiser Bridge Plugin The support person managed to find the problem within a couple of minutes via online teamviewer session. Thank you for your quick and effective support, well done Kind Regards Nico - Skills 4.0
September 13, 2019
This month I had some configuration problems, but the support was great. They were able to solve the problems highlighted in no time. I love Remui theme with its captivating and intuitive design and the fantastic plugins for integrate Moodle and WordPress. I highly recommend!
August 14, 2019
Very committed support team. Had some issues with the setup and they helped me for hours without any complaint and solved it! Very happy with the team!
July 16, 2019
Not working on my site, no responses to refund request. Bad practice. You can keep an unhappy buyer's money once. However, it's likely costing more in lost reputation and trust than treating buyers fairly would. Here's the thing. Reputable companies offer trials and generous money-back guarantees. Even IF their solution works. This one doesn't work. I should get my money back without trouble. Instead, I have asked PayPal to step in. This thing crashes my server and puts 8 websites offline and I have no interest whatsoever to "troubleshoot" this and have my sites offline longer than they already were while I tried to "troubleshoot" this. I don't buy an overpriced simple interface to have this sort of trouble. Free plugins like WooMoodle (or any other plugin I ever used) do not crash your server. Also, I just saw the review of someone else who had the same problem and the smarta* response of the vendor. I am not surprised. They do license checks and can easily see that I am not using the plugin. It's pure bad business practice.
January 22, 2020
I'm not happy with the pesky marketing messages and functionality. I understand that neither technical issues nor pricing of the heavily marketed add-ons belong here so that I'll leave it at this. Part of my frustration is that I could tell from the tone of the responses to other users's comments that the experience might be unpleasant. Paid plugins, and I'm not sure if many users use it without extension that allow for fraud management etc, should just work and if not offer a debug or check function.
Read all 48 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Feature – All required Moodle settings are now able to configure from the Edwiser Bridge settings.
  • Feature – Settings and connection summary page will be shown on the Moodle.
  • Tweak – Admin user unenrollment from edit user page and manage enrollment page will unenroll user from course irrespective of thr enrollment method and the enrollment count.
  • Tweak – Modified Moodle service creation process.
  • Fix – Unenrolment from Moodle use to decrease only WordPress enrollment count now it will make enrollment count as 0.


  • Tweak – Changed user enrollment email functionality to make it compatible with Edwiser Bulk Purchase and Group Registration 2.2.0.


  • Feature – Added functionality to show a set-up wizard on Moodle plugin installation to create web service automatically with authorized user.
  • Feature – Added functionality to add missing functions on linking the existing web-service.
  • Tweak – Added functionality to show all non added Moodle web service functions on test connection functionality.
  • Tweak – Added buttons on settings page for help and rating.
  • Fix – While synchronizing courses if all checkboxes are not ticked then nothing was happening fixed this issue and now courses gets created in WordPress with a status as published.
  • Fix – WordPress enrollment record timezone was not same as the WordPress timezone so fixed it.


  • Tweak – Added functionality to synchronize large number of users.
  • Fix – Paid orders sometimes were not getting completed for new users. This issue has been resolved.
  • Fix – Solved the title issue appearing without elipses on course card.
  • Fix – Removed blank spaces added automatically before email templates.


  • Fix – Removed admin notices.
  • Fix – Solved eb-my-courses course progress issue.


  • Feature – Users will be enrolled in the course in the WordPress site when they are enrolled manually in Moodle directly.
  • Feature – Email template for User enrolled directly in Moodle.
  • Feature – User will get un-enrolled from the course on WordPress site if the same user gets un-enrolled from the course on Moodle site.
  • Feature – Email template for user un-enrollment directly in Moodle.
  • Feature – User account will be created on WordPress site if a user is created on the Moodle site.
  • Feature – User account will be deleted on WordPress site if the user is deleted from the Moodle site.
  • Feature – Email template can be sent when the user deletion happens in Moodle.
  • Feature – Course progress shown on the eb-my-courses page.
  • Feature – Default user role can be set for the newly created users if they are created from Edwiser Bridge user-account page or through any of its functionality.
  • Tweak – Start, Resume and completed buttons on the eb-my-courses page according to the course completion status.
  • Fix – course synchronization settings was synchronizing courses even if they are not checked. This has been resolved.


  • Feature – Added option to add link for the redirection from eb-my-courses page if user is not enrolled in any course.
  • Feature – Added option to disable and customize recommended courses section in eb-my-courses page.
  • Feature – Added option to add and customize recommended courses for the single course page.


  • Feature – Added optional terms and conditions on user account page depending on the backend setting.
  • Tweak- Added user meta data related to the edwiser-bridge while exporting the users data.
  • Tweak- Added functionality to remove user meta data related to the edwiser-bridge while erasing the users data.
  • Tweak- Added privacy policy data on the wordpress privacy policy page.


  • Tweak – Added missing JS and CSS Files.


  • Feature – Added New Order functionality.
  • Feature – Added admin notice on the backend to rate Edwiser Bridge Plugin.
  • Tweak- Added Biographical Information on the user-account dashboard.
  • Tweak- Added premium extensions tab in the edwiser-bridge settings.
  • Tweak- Added terms and condition pop-up on the license activate page.
  • Fix – eb-courses page was showing courses in the parent as well as the child category.
  • Fix – Synced Categories from Moodle was not syncing category description.


  • Feature – Refund functionality for the order placed using the Edwiser bridge plugin.
  • Feature – Email template for the admin and customer on order refund
  • Feature – Setting to send refund notification to the specific email or admin users email.
  • Feature – New order status(Refund).
  • Feature – New meta box on the eb order page to display the order status update history. On full refund Order status will change to the refunded.
  • Feature – Refurbished the user account page, added menus for the pages like Dashboard, user-account, orders, and my courses.
  • Twik – Now user can view there woo and eb orders on the same page.
  • Twik – To display multiple courses from the same order on the user order page.
  • Twik – For the security purpose, added password confirmation fields on the user account page.
  • Twik – Updated the eb-courses page sliding buttons.
  • Fix – The courses grid item height issue on my courses and courses page.
  • Fix – Fixed the ‘TAKE THIS COURSE’ button style issue.


  • Feature – Functionality to display courses by category in eb_courses shortcode.
  • Feature – Functionality to display eb_courses shortcode output horizontally scrollable.
  • Feature – Functionality to display courses in a single row using eb_courses shortcode.
  • Feature – SSO compatibility to login user on registration after clicking on enrolled course.


  • Feature – New page for the admin to manage user enrollment.
  • Feature – New email template for the Moodle account creation.
  • Feature – Functionality to disable email notifications.
  • Feature – Functionality to place the order for the free course to maintain the purchase history.
  • Tweak- Added the order and Buyer details on order page.
  • Tweak- User gets un-enroll from the course on the order status marked from completed to pending or failed.
  • Tweak- Updated the user order details on the user account page and added the order status column.
  • Fix – User not getting created on moodle when username contains the uppercase characters.
  • Fix – My courses shortcode showing only 10 courses not more than that.


  • Feature – Functionality to display the users moodle account link unlink status on users list table for the admin user.
  • Fix – Fix for the plugins default data update on plugin update.


  • Feature – Functionality to set course access expiry days.
  • Feature – Introduced functionality to email template customization for the mail sent to the user from the Edwiser Bridge plugin.
  • Feature – Update Moodle as well as WordPress user profile from shortcode eb_user_account.
  • Feature – Added the settings to enable login redirection to my courses page.
  • Feature – Send the test email to check the modified email template.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_courses to list courses.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_my_courses to list specific user’s courses.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_course to show single course. Argument id i.e Course ID decides which course to show.
  • Tweak – Added page(My Courses) to display the user’s enrolled courses.
  • Tweak – Redirect user to my courses page on login.
  • Tweak – Translation ready – fix missing strings.
  • Tweak – Notification on un-enrollment from the course.
  • Tweak – Archive course page layout improvement.
  • Tweak – Single course page layout improvement.
  • Tweak – Redirect non-logged in user to the Access course/Checkout page on click of the Take this Course after login.
  • Tweak – Deprecated shortcode eb_user_profile. Use shortcode eb_user_account.
  • Fix – Changed Credentials spelling.
  • Fix – Undefined index: HTTP_REFFER.
  • Fix – Permalink issue.
  • Fix – Call to undefined class EBPaymentManager.


  • Added new currency in PayPal for the Australian Dollar, Polish Zloty, Danish Krone and Singapore Dollar.
  • Fix – Resolved Paypal Sandbox mode issue.


  • Fix – Minor issue in page creation functionality.


  • Fix – Issue in overriding templates in themes.
  • Tweak – Unified licensing section for all Edwiser Bridge extensions.
  • Tweak – Refactored & optimized whole plugin codebase using tools like PHPCS & PHPMD.


  • Feature – Added a new shortcode [eb_user_profile] which creates a user profile page that lists users data & enrolled courses.
  • Fix – Timeout problem in course enrollment.
  • Fix – A bug that was preventing plugin translation.
  • Tweak – Minor modifications to improve enrollment & synchronization process.


  • Fix – A bug that could cause problems on password reset & user enrollment process


  • Plugin Launched