HelpScout integration for Easy Digital Downloads


HelpScout integration for Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin that will show customer information right from your HelpScout dashboard.

Activating the plugin and configuring the integration will add the following information to your HelpScout dashboard:

  • All payments by the customer (email address must match)
  • A link to resent purchase receipts
  • All purchased “downloads”
  • The used payment method. Links to the transaction in PayPal or Stripe.

If using the Software Licensing add-on, the following information is shown as well:

  • License keys. Links to the Site Manager in Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Active sites, with a link to deactivate the license for the given site.

How to install and configure

Have a look at the installation instructions.

Please note that this plugin requires PHP 5.3 or higher.

More information


  • Purchases and other information related to the customer is shown in the bottom right corner of your HelpScout interface.


HelpScout just shows “Invalid Signature”

Make sure the “Secret Key” setting for your HelpScout application matches the value of your HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant. This key is used to authorize requests coming from HelpScout.


Works Very Well!

Scott DeLuzio

I was really pleased to see the detailed information provided for each customer including license keys, active sites, and a deactivate link next to each active site. It makes handling support requests much easier. Thank you!!!

Great plugin


It works exactly as advertised and also with the new free version of Help Scout.

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1.1 – September 6, 2015


  • The plugin is now listening at a later hook in the WP request lifecycle, which prevents issues with bbPress and EDD Wishlists.


  • Code refactoring for better separation of concerns and better overall code readability
  • Better naming consistency


  • Support for lifetime licenses in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Various action hooks to output your own HTML

1.0.3 – February 19, 2015


  • Added protocol for links to active sites
  • Querying payments by multiple emails was not working


  • When using EDD Software Licensing, show if a license is expired.
  • Added helpscout_edd_customer_emails hook to filter customer emails



  • The plugin used to “listen” to all requests to the site. It will now (after confirmation) only listen to requests to /edd-hs-api/customer-data.json.



  • Issue with nonces not working properly for the admin actions. Now using the HelpScout signature to validate requests.


  • Minor code & inline documentation improvements


  • Added “renewal” label to renewals


Initial release.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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