Ecomfit Analytics & Promotion


  • Get into customer’s insight with tracked essential metrics.
  • Provide actionable with smart suggestions and warning based on the customers’ data. Making decision is now easier with Ecomfit.
  • Send coupon to right and specific clients to boost your conversion rate


1. Simple integration and tracking every customer’s behavior

  • Quickly and easily setup
  • Automatically track all data about behaviors and events without definition
  • Integrate customer’s behavior with data based on every action, such as: view product, add products to cart, checkout, etc.

2. Strengthen by AI, Ecomfit analysis data, build customer personas and insight

  • Build client’s personas based on data and engagement on the website
  • Segment customers into diverse groups based on factors, such as: sources of traffic, locations, abandoned carts, concerned products, purchased items, etc.

3. Boost conversion rate and revenue by personalizing interaction per client group

Based on detailed analysis, Ecomfit offers simple but powerful tools to assist you to make smart decision to your issues. As a result, your revenue will be higher than ever.
Here are these powerful tools:

  • Insight Report: Provide suggestions to make the right decision
  • Promotion Popup: Offer smart popup and enlarge contact list


  • About over 60,000 sites worldwide are using our Analytics Plugin to increase their sales right now.
  • Customers gain +18% conversion rate with Suggestion Feature.
  • Increase ROI by 168% after 2 months.
  • Revenue from 0K to 80K first month.

Stop wasting your time with no conversion and let Ecomfit increase your customers and revenue for free.

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  • [Dashboard] Overview about your store
  • [Suggestions] Help you make the right decisions
  • [Warning] Help you to know the error and how to fix it
  • [Sale Funnel] Sales funnel describes the process of how customers go through the step-by-step flow before they actually make the purchase.
  • [Templates] Hundreds of beautiful templates allow you to select or edit it at easy way.
  • [Popup target] Targeting specific customers at the right time to show the popup avoids spamming the clients and helps to convert more sales.



  • Download & Activate this plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Sign up for a free Ecomfit account. If you already had a Ecomfit account, simple log in.
  • Start by using Ecomfit on your WordPress Admin Dashboard


Do you offer refunds?

Yes. You can get 100% of your money back within 10 days of your subscription if you are not satisfied with our product. We want to ensure our customers have a superior service.

Do you provide annual plans?

Yes. Although we only provide a 3-month plan listed in our package, we can also give you annual plan package at your request. We will provide the separate data usage over a year instead of a month to month data accumulation. Contact us any time at for further details.

Can I change my plan later or cancel anytime?

Definitely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan to suit your needs and also cancel the plan anytime. Just simply contact us for assistance.

What if I exceed my plan’s limit?

No worries, we will not stop collecting your data. Once you exceed your plan’s monthly limit, you’ll receive an email asking you to upgrade to the appropriate package. You can view your data again after the upgrade.

What kind of ecommerce platforms & websites do you support?

Due to the flexibility of our system, Ecomfit easily integrates with all custom websites and compatible with any Ecommerce Platform like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc… The installation process happens in a matter of minutes and few clicks.

Can I handle multiple sites with one account?

Yes. However, each plan can only be used for 1 website with a distinct domain which means if you want to handle another website you need to pay for a new plan.

How do i integrate with my site?

There are two kinds of websites which are handled differently. For custom websites you need to go through manual configuration by embedding our JS code to your website before the tag. For E-commerce platforms like Shopify just access your marketplace for automatic integration.

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