Easy Marijuana Age Verify


A simple, elegant solution to age restricting marijuana websites. Get up and running in minutes with minimal plugin configuration. Built-in turnkey features take the guesswork out of website age verification. Works on dispensary websites, WooCommerce shopping carts, catalogs, cannabis growers, and blogs. Pre-configured for the United States, Canada, or the UK, and can work for other English language locations with similar age restrictions. View a live demo to see the pop-up in action.

Free Version Demo Site | Premium Version Demo Site

This plugin is forever free. Upgrade to Premium to enhance the user experience, brand it to make it your own, and receive technical support. Developed and supported in the United States by 5 Star Plugins.


Features in this free plugin:

  • Light, fast loading, mobile responsive, ADA compliant design.
  • Defaults to 21+ recreational, styled and ready to go.
  • Options to validate 18+ medical or 18+, 19+ and 21+ recreational.
  • Turnkey configuration includes prewritten age prompt text, button labels with age and medical/recreational error messages.
  • Fullscreen modal window initiates on page load restricting the entire website.
  • Opaque black background fully blocks view with scrolling disabled.
  • Pop-up window cannot be blocked by browsers.
  • Asks users to self verify they are of legal age with Yes/No buttons.
  • Add optional legal disclaimer text.
  • Session cookie prevents the pop-up from repeating after a visitor is verified.
  • Can omit logged in users so pop-up does not show to website managers and members.
  • SEO friendly; does not block Google or other crawlers.
  • Free WordPress Forum support and plugin updates.
  • See this plugin in action: Free Version Demo Site

Premium upgrade features (optional):

Enjoy a 14-day free trial.
* Verify 18+ medical and 21+ recreational at once with turnkey age prompt text, button labels, and medical/recreational error message.
* Enhance user experience, design and branding.
* Add your logo or image.
* Add a headline and block of text.
* Edit button colors.
* Customize background color and adjust transparency.
* Enable return visitor cookies with a “remember me” checkbox.
* Premium Tech Support for individualized troubleshooting and Knowledge Base access.
* Premium plugin updates with new features, fixes and security patches.
* See the Premium version in action: Premium Version Demo Site

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Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide age verification using the most widely used web standards for cannabis, 5 Star Plugins cannot guarantee legal compliance for any user, business or website. 5 Star Plugins is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice. Please review your local laws and consult a lawyer specializing in cannabis compliance specific to your business for information and to ensure this plugin meets your needs.


  • 21+ recreational cannabis age verify window - Free
  • 18+ medical cannabis age verify window - Free
  • 19+ recreational cannabis age verify window - Free
  • Options and settings in WordPress Dashboard - Free
  • 18+ medical and 21+ recreational cannabis together window - Premium Version
  • Design options and additional settings in WordPress Dashboard - Premium Version


Go to Plugins -> Add New, search for the name of the plugin, and then find it in the list, and click Install Now, then Activate. Configure the plugin options as desired.

Or use the manual upload method if you have a plugin ZIP file:

  1. Click the Upload option. Choose the plugin zip file. Click the Upload button.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin options as desired.



Visit the WordPress support forum here for free plugin support only. Premium support is provided through our Premium Knowledge Center and by contacting us from your WordPress Dashboard plugin settings page.

How do I use it? Where do I go to edit plugin options?

After successful installation and activation, go to “Marijuana Age Verify” settings in your WordPress Dashboard. Look for it in the black left sidebar. This is where you can configure this plugin and find links to support.

My age verify window is not popping up.

Verification is disabled by default until you select “enable verification” under the plugin settings to show it to visitors on your public website. Until then, visitors will not see a pop-up. If you have “enable verification” options set to not show to logged in users, it will not pop-up while you are logged into your WordPress site. If you are not logged in or if it set to show to all visitors, it could be due to the session cookie. Meaning you saw it the first time, verified, and it is not showing again during your visit. This is how it was built to function. You can still check to see if your pop-up window is firing to new visitors by opening your website in an incognito window. Or, by logging out and closing your browser, then reopening your website without logging in. If you have gone through all these scenarios and it still doesn’t seem to be working, please review our Premium Knowledge Base to rule out other issues such as caching. As a Premium member you can also contact us directly for tech support from the link in your WordPress Dashboard plugin settings page.

Can I preview what the pop-up looks like on my website?

Sorry, there is no preview feature at this time. Please see screenshots provided and our demo site to view what will display to visitors. Because the pop-up is independently styled from your CSS, except font family, it should be consistent with the styling shown in our screenshots.

Does this plugin work with any Theme?

Yes, it was not designed for a specific Theme. It will overlay a full screen modal window over any WordPress website.

Will it show ads on my website?

Our plugin is 100% ad free.

Does the design display my website CSS styling?

The display design is independent of the Theme CSS to ensure a consistent, clean and straight-forward user experience. It will use your theme’s font family, if set, to match your website fonts. Users will see a hint of your web page behind an elegant black opaque background. The background color and transparency can be edited with Premium upgrade.

Can I adjust the transparent background?

Not in the free version, but with an upgrade to Pro Marketer Premium you can edit the background color and transparency to design to your branding.

Can I add my logo or an image?

Not in this free version. The age verify window is the first thing your visitor will see when going to your website. This is your opportunity to grow brand awareness. Upgrade to Premium to add your logo. You can upload a PNG or JPG. Our technology automatically sizes your image to display maximum 650px wide or tall (centers top of page). Images smaller than 650px display at their native size.

Can I add a headline?

When you upgrade to Premium you unlock two additional text fields. We planned these for marketing copy so they are formatted as a large headline and a block of text below the headline positioned neatly underneath the logo top of page. The age verify screen is the first thing your visitors will see when going to your website. Marketing copy can maximize your first impression.

Is it mobile friendly?

Yes, the age verification pop-up is specially designed to be responsive on desktop and various mobile devices. The content will automatically adjust in optimal size and position for the device used.

What is ADA compliant design?

We’ve designed our age verify pop up to meet standards for ADA compliance so that users with disabilities will have access to the form. This means readable text, colors and contrast meet certain guidelines. Once you change colors, edit or add design elements (Premium features upgrade required) it may impact the ADA standards the default design had originally met. As a Premium member you will have access to email technical support. If you have concerns about your design changes you can send it to us for a quick look and feedback.

Does it work if my website uses caching?

Yes, this plugin is designed to work with caching plugins, and sets the DONOTCACHEPAGE flag so that pages are not cached without the age verify pop-up. You do need to clear the website page/server/CDN cache on plugin activation so the pop-up overlay code is included on every page. Until then, visitors will not see a pop-up.

Does it have an option to enter and verify a birthdate?

There is no birthdate validation. Our simple and streamlined design provides yes/no buttons to allow the user to self-validate they are age 18+ for adult sites or “Yes I am of legal age” and “No I am under age” for vape or alcohol sites (combined with an editable legal disclaimer).

What ages does this validate?

There are multiple configurations to select with customized error messages and buttons for each. These include 18+ medical or recreational configurations for 18+, 19+ and 21+. There is one additional setting available in the Premium version to verify 18+ medical and 21+ recreational together at once for dual dispensaries. You will be able to add your own optional legal disclaimer.

Once a user has validated age, does the pop-up keep appearing?

No, our free standard version includes a session cookie allowing validated visitors to freely browse your website without hassle. When the session is over, they close the browser window and return, they will be asked to validate again. Our Premium upgrade includes a checkbox for return visitors if you’d like to enhance the customer the experience.

Can I restrict a specific page or section of my website?

Not currently. Please send us a note if this feature is important to you so that we might plan it in a future release.

Are multiple languages supported?

There are no translation tools in this plugin. Some text fields are editable, see below.

How long is the cookie duration?

The duration of the user’s session. Once they close the browser window and exit your website the session ends. They will experience age verification when they return to the website. A return visitor cookie is available when you upgrade to Premium.

Does it support HTTPS and SSL?

Our plugin is compatible with HTTPS and SSL, and we recommend your entire website runs over https to comply with today’s web standards and to make it search engine friendly.

Does it work with WooCommerce or other eCommerce shopping carts?

Yes, the age verification pop-up will restrict all pages on the website when installed to the same domain.

Do under age visitors redirect to another URL?

No, for optimal user experience our plugin does not redirect users who have selected the “no” button. Instead they receive a relevant and easy to understand error message.

Is it SEO friendly?

Yes, this plugin works with SEO plugins and is search friendly. It will not impact your search engine optimized website. The age verification pop-up does not block your website from being crawled and indexed by search engines. Bots are allowed to bypass the verification.

Can I use my own copy to replace default text?

In the free version you can edit the legal disclaimer text. The legal disclaimer text field supports HTML, allowing you to include a link to such things as your Privacy Policy, T&C, or long legal statement. Upgrade to unlock additional text fields, a headline and paragraph text, that appear top of window. The age prompt, button labels and error messages are not editable in any version because they are turnkey to specific age settings.


April 11, 2019
It works!! As a cannabis start-up, the "21+ up" thing was one more hurdle to jump over when building out my website. This plugin made that problem go away! The developers of this plugin are a great group. I initially encountered a slight bug when I installed this plugin, but the developers were quick to get it resolved. 5-stars all around.
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  • Updated: Updated Freemius SDK, bump compatibility to 5.7.


  • Updated: Updated Freemius SDK, responsive CSS tweaks.


  • Fixed: Improve Logo centering for better theme compatibility, and ADA via adding alt text to Premium version logo image.


  • Fixed: Improve ADA via .focus() when showing pop-up.


  • Fixed: Fix small bugs, improved responsive CSS tweaks, updated copy and FAQs, updated Freemius SDK.


  • Fixed: Fix reported sporadic Yes button admin-ajax errors preventing dismissal of the overlay, especially in Safari.


  • Fixed: Headline text field now fixed, sorry about that issue.
  • Fixed: Removed default disclaimer text due to the new field being displayed immediately. We will add some default text that you can review before saving/displaying soon.


  • Fixed: Premium JS display logic issue resolved, Premium version confirmation is now instant – no ajax delay.
  • Fixed: New JS based body CSS to resolve scroll issues after confirmation.


  • Fixed: Improved JS-based display and cookie logic to resolve issues with cached scripts.
  • Added: Customizable age headline and disclaimer text.


  • Fix: Fix small jQuery issues with some themes, and revamped CSS classes, please clear page and CDN caches, and adjusted media buttons.


  • Fix: Caching of non-overlay page fixed, page/server/CDN cache should be cleared on activation. H1/H2 size and color issues fixed. Fix logo max-height issue.


  • Fix: Caching of non-overlay page fixed, page/server/CDN cache should be cleared on activation. H1/H2 size and color issues fixed. Fix logo max-height issue.


  • Fix: jquery issue.


  • Added: remove logo button. Added introductory offer for Premium version.


  • Initial release.