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Age gate your site in a few easy steps with turnkey settings for adult, alcohol and vape. Easy Age Verify is used worldwide on WooCommerce, XXX, sexual wellness, adult novelty shops, vape shops, spirits, wine and brewery sites.

The free standard plugin contains everything needed to age gate visitors. Easy Age Verify Premium provides advanced features with Premium support.

Easy Age Verify was developed in the United States by 5 Star Plugins. For cannabis please visit our other plugin Marijuana Age Verify.


Visit a live demo with the standard plugin.

Adult Demo | Vape Demo | Alcohol Demo

Check out the possibilities with the Premium plugin.

Adult Novelty Demo | Vape Shop Demo | Craft Beer Demo


Take the guesswork out of website age verification.

  • One-click turnkey configuration verifies:
    • ADULT: 18+ adult content warning
    • VAPE: Any legal smoking age for any location
    • ALCOHOL: Any legal drinking age for any location
  • Instantly restricts pages, products and posts.
  • [PREMIUM] Customize verification for anything.


Essential built-in features.

  • Modern Yes/No buttons.
  • Fullscreen window hides page.
  • New! Hide content 100% behind an opaque blackout background.
  • Stacking with scrolling disabled.
  • Can’t be stopped by popup blockers.
  • SEO friendly; allows search crawlers.
  • Fast loading, responsive and ADA compliant.
  • Session cookie prevents repeating after verification.
  • [PREMIUM] Return visitor “remember me” checkbox.


Turnkey options pre-configured for the each industry.

  • Default text for age prompt, buttons and error message.
  • Edit age prompt and disclaimer text.
  • Exclude logged-in users.
  • Testing Mode previews the screen while hidden from visitors.
  • Built-in cache and cookie clearing updates display.
  • [PREMIUM] Translation ready custom text option.
  • [PREMIUM] Add your logo and welcome message.
  • [PREMIUM] Set button and background colors.
  • [PREMIUM] New! SMARTtext color automation sets optimal contrast.
  • [PREMIUM] Set background transparency to hide page 0-100%.


Easy Age Verify is developed and supported by 5 Star Plugins in the United States. Our technology goes through rigorous testing for the highest quality code written by WordPress experts. We keep this plugin secure and up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress, security fixes, and user improvements.


5 Star Plugins is here to support standard plugin users in the WordPress.org forums.
Receive priority email support after purchasing Easy Age Verify Premium.

Premium Benefits:

  • Translation Ready
  • Edit All Text
  • Logo & Color Options
  • Set Background Transparency
  • Add Welcome Message
  • Return Visitor Checkbox
    Free 14- Day Trial (no credit card) Install the free plugin then start trial from the settings page.


Please do not post security concerns to the forum as it could heighten a real security threat. Login to your site to submit a bug report using “contact us” from our plugin menu. Visit our Support Center to learn more about bug reporting and support options.


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Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide age verification using the widely used web standards, 5 Star Plugins cannot guarantee legal compliance. 5 Star Plugins is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice. Please consult your local laws and legal counsel.


  • Adult Demo Display – Free
  • Alcohol Demo Display – Free
  • Vape Demo Display – Free
  • Options and settings in WordPress Dashboard – Free
  • Adult Demo Display – Premium Version
  • Alcohol Demo Display – Premium Version
  • Vape Demo Display – Premium Version
  • Design options and additional settings in WordPress Dashboard – Premium Version


Go to Plugins -> Add New, search for the name of the plugin, and then find it in the list and click Install Now, then Activate.

Or use the manual upload method if you have a plugin ZIP file:

  1. Click the Upload option. Choose the plugin zip file. Click the Upload button.
  2. Activate the plugin.

After activation -> head to the plugin page located in the left side menu. Select a turnkey setting and enable verification for it to start showing. Visit our plugin setup guide for instructions.


Where do I get support?

Visit the support tab above for questions about this free standard plugin in the WordPress forum. If you’ve upgraded, please do not post questions about Premium to the forum. Premium members should head to our Support Center or use the “contact us” form to request tech support from the plugin settings page.

Will it automatically start popping up?

Once you activate the plugin verification is disabled by default. Verification will not begin showing until settings are configured.

Where do I go to edit plugin options?

After successful installation and activation of this plugin, go to “Easy Age Verify” in your WordPress Dashboard located in the left sidebar.

How do I setup my plugin to begin working?

Visit the plugin settings page to enable verification and select a turnkey configuration. During setup we recommend using Testing Mode to preview age verification hidden from visitors. When it’s ready to be seen by the public, select “show verification”. Set “disable verification” to stop it from showing completely.

Can I edit default text?

The age prompt and disclaimer text are editable in the standard plugin. Upgrade to the Premium plugin to edit all default text including the buttons and error message. The Premium plugin is translation ready.

Are multiple languages supported or translation?

The Premium plugin is translation ready. Easy Age Verify was developed in the U.S. with default text written in English.

Does it block visitors from seeing the site?

Yes, the standard default setting hides content 100% with an opaque blackout background. Upgrade to Easy Age Verify Premium to set the background color and adjust transparency 0-100%.

Can I edit the design and add a logo?

The display is independent of Theme CSS to ensure a consistent and clean user experience. It will use your theme’s font family to match website fonts. Add your logo, welcome message and colors with Easy Age Verify Premium.

How does preview work?

Testing Mode allows admins to preview verification without visitors seeing it. After configuring plugin settings, visit your site to view the verification screen. Built-in cache clearing will help refresh the display when settings are saved. Step-by-step Preview Guide

Why isn’t my age verify window displaying?

There are several reasons why you might not see the age window popup although it is working correctly.
Enabled? Verification is disabled by default until you select “enable verification” in plugin settings.
Excluded? If using the “except to logged in users” setting, it will not show while you are logged in.
Verified? If you’ve recently completed verification yourself, it will not show again due to the session cookie. Clear your browser cookie.
Troubleshooting Guide

How does the cookie work?

The plugin uses a standard cookie for the duration of the user’s session. This prevents the popup from showing on every page after the visitor has verified. Once they close the browser window and exit your website the session ends. Age verification will display again when they return. Improve the user experience by offering a return visitor cookie to remember customers, available with Premium upgrade. If you’ve clicked “yes” while testing age verification, you can use the clear cookie button from the settings page.

What age does this validate?

An adult content warning specifies 18+. Vape verifies if visitors are of legal smoking age in their location. Alcohol specifies 21+ and can be edited. The disclaimer section can be used to address various laws and locations. Easy Age Verify Premium can be customized to verify any age for anything in any language.

Will it show ads on my website or collect data?

Our plugin is 100% ad free and we do not collect or store visitor data.

I have other questions

If your question is not listed here visit our Knowledge Base.


June 28, 2022 2 replies
If you have an adult site, you want to have your adult content NOT visible to minors. The way to do this is to have a popup to block out the ENTIRE site, not just gray it out. People can see all of the adult images on my site without clicking ‘enter.’
March 5, 2021 2 replies
On my phone the warning is at the bottom of the page, like any page I go, the warning is there. Edit.. after the quick reply/fix from these guys which is good. It is working much better, sometimes shows up twice, as I agree to enter once, goes away and shows up again, but no be big deal, even tho it should work perfectly I think. Thank you
November 28, 2020 1 reply
This plug-in works well and does exactly what it says. It takes less than 60 seconds to set up properly and will automatically connect to your site and give you the verification pop-up you need to keep your site legally protected. Thank you – to the makers! This app is just what I needed.
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  • Updated: Better sanitization of disclaimer text to avoid potential XSS issues.


  • Updated: Freemius SDK to v2.5.10


  • Updated: Freemius SDK to privacy-focused v2.5.5, and bump WP compatibility version to 6.2.


  • Fixed: Realtime Check fix
  • Updated: Admin UI and display improvements, Freemius SDK to latest, and bump WP compatibility version to latest.


  • Updated: Small bug fix when admin setting cookie path. Freemius SDK with improvements and security fixes, and bump WP compatibility version to 5.9.1.


  • Updated: Small bug fixes in admin. Freemius SDK with improvements and security fixes, and bump WP compatibility version to 5.9.1.


  • Updated: Freemius SDK with improvements and security fixes, and bump WP compatibility version to 5.9.1.


  • Update: Improved instant overlay display speed by skipping the cache bypass check; Added an option to the enable cache-bypass check; Added a new Clear Cookie button in Settings.


  • FIX: Fixed Test Mode if Admin Bar is turned off, Added automatic cache clearing, Small CSS Tweaks.


  • FIX: Remove skipping the CSS/JS loading if YES is clicked, fixes files missing in page caches resulting in no display.


  • Update: Freemius SDK updated to v2.4.2 for a more polished user experience, new Beta testing option, and a few fixes.
  • FIX: Fixed the display in the footer of the age verify buttons after clicking Yes


  • New: Added testing mode to display overlay for admins only.
  • New: In Premium, added edit/translate button and error message text.


  • Updated: We updated the Freemius SDK, a big update with lots of bug fixes and improved security.


  • ADA improvements on modal button focus and add alt text on premium version logo display.


  • Scroll issue and display improvements.


  • Initial release! Yay.