This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Dropbox Photo Sideloader


Adds a new tab to the Add media screen, allowing you to pull images from Dropbox into WordPress.

“Sideloading” is a term given to differeniate from “uploading” or “downloading”. When you sideload an image, you’re copying it directly from Dropbox to WordPress. So if you keep your images in Dropbox, this plugin allows you to easily copy those images into WordPress.

After sideloading an image into WordPress, you’ll find it in the Media Library and available for use in Galleries, or as images in the Post, or just whatever you like. It’s just as if you uploaded them manually.

Note that sideloading many images at once may take more time than your webserver will allow. If this happens, just sideload them in smaller groups.


  • This plugin uses the Dropbox PHP code (albeit modified slightly) from
  • This plugin uses the jsTree Javascript library from
  • The three image icons come from the Lullacon Pack 1:


  • Authorization screen
  • Files ready for sideloading


I just see a blank screen with a Sideload button on the Dropbox Images tab

As of version 0.4, the Dropbox listing is displayed using Javascript and loaded via AJAX requests. This makes navigation simpler and faster.

So if you don’t see the loading message appear and then have the directory structure loaded for you, then something else may be interfering with the javascript on the page. Try disabling other plugins and/or switching to the default theme and seeing if it works there.


Clashes with UpdraftPlus backup authentication to Dropbox


This plugin prevents authentication to Dropbox of the UpdraftPlus back up plugin. The author of that plugin says "You should report it to the authors of those plugins. The culprit is loading a Dropbox library when it doesn't need to use it - which then causes the problem when another plugin (in this case, UpdraftPlus), does need to use its own Dropbox library." (

Sure enough, disabling Photo sideloader enables the authentication to proceed. By all accounts re-enabling it will prevent the authenication again, so I can't use this plugin.

Since it has not been updated from v0.6 for over 2 years, I somehow doubt if this will get fixed, but who knows?

EXACTLY what I needed! Saves me hours!


I have several clients who are real estate agents, so when they list a new property, they have a ton of new photos for me to add. The photos are stored in Dropbox and previously I was having to download them all and then FTP them up to the website. Now I can sideload them directly from Dropbox into the Media library of the website, completely bypassing my own computer. This plugin literally saves me hours!

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  • WordPress Core now handles spaces in sideloaded images, allowing me to fix this issue in the plugin. Ref:
  • TODO: Support new media library properly with JS, instead of using the backwards-compatibility functionality.


  • Add preview panel on the right hand side of the screen for WordPress 3.5 users (who now have a bit of extra width to play with)
  • Fixed ordering of directories and items
  • Added uninstall script to remove the dbsideload settings on uninstall


  • Add new jsTree based file browsing and image icons.


  • Add error handling and error checking to the setup process (test for an invalid key/secret before saving them).
  • Change to use mobile version of the auth screen (looks better, IMO)
  • Add check for HTTPS/SSL support (Dropbox requires it, won’t work without it).


  • Fix issues with spaces and other url-encoded characters in image filenames not being sideloaded properly.
  • Add config screen


  • First version

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