Drafts Scheduler


Ever imported or written a whole bunch of posts in draft status, then realized you needed to post them all over time?

If you’ve tried to do this manually, you know it takes a LONG time even using the Quick Edit.

Draft Scheduler solves this problem, allowing you to schedule ALL drafts to be posted based on your settings.


  • Choose from the 3 options
  • Sequentially based on your selected interval (hours & minutes)
  • Random draft posts at the interval you choose
  • Fully random inside a daily time frame with a random or exact number of posts per day within a daily maximum you choose.
  • All options also allow you to choose the start date. See Screenshots.
  • Click Schedule Drafts and ALL posts withe status DRAFT will be scheduled.
  • Now allows “UNDO” of most recent schedule for any non-published posts.
  • New – Choose the number of random posts per DAY, per WEEK or per MONTH! Thanks to Brian Zeligson for contributing this code.

NB: I’ve said it before – ALL drafts will be scheduled, but there is now an undo option.

Want to help? The code is now on BitBucket for anyone to fork! https://bitbucket.org/jeffrose/drafts-scheduler


  1. Upload draft-scheduler folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the Draft Schedule menu option under POSTS and setup your options.


I upgraded to 1.3 or later and can’t find the Drafts Scheduler in Tools. What happened?

It was suggested I move this to the POSTS sub-menu as it makes sense in there. Not sure WordPress gurus would agree, but that’s ok.

Can I schedule posts in another status besides draft?

Sorry, not in this version. In the future, it would be easy to add.

Can I schedule posts in my Custom Post Type?

Yes! This was added in version 1.8

Ok, can I set drafts to a status other than Future?

Again, sorry, not in this version. In the future, it would be easy to add.


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Contributors & Developers

“Drafts Scheduler” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Switch to getting only POST IDs to lower memory usage. Thanks to mihirdhandha for this suggestion.
  • Upgrade Sunny theme to latest jQueryUI


  • Version bump to make sure the most recent code is downloading


  • Fixed a problem with date formats causing days to be skipped and other errors (hidden error).


  • Fixed a problem with Datepicker not enqueing properly


  • NEW: Select a custom post type to schedule! Thanks for the suggestion everyone!
  • Remove most use of $wpdb, so overall it’s more “WordPress-y” in function. Yay.
  • Update & tested with WordPress 4.0
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Brian Zeligson’s code contribution allowing randomly posting a number of posts per WEEK or per MONTH instead of just per DAY.
  • Minor code cleanup


  • Fixes for the problem where drafts publish immediately in WordPress 3.1.1
  • Only update POST type posts, not pages – ALSO THIS WON’T POST any of the custom post types


  • Misc changes to how drafts are updated, hoping to find/fix a bug related to permalinks disappearing.


New feature:
– Allow posting an exact number of posts in “Surprise me” mode.
– Moved menu to the POSTS menu group.
– Display an error message if there are no drafts and stop.


New feature:
– Undo posts from the most recent schedule. This will reset them for Scheduled (Future) to draft status
– Doesn’t undo any posts that are already published.


Bug fixes:
– Proper calculation of time for intervals
– Proper scheduling of future posts (big oops)
– Update options page to remember settings after updating
– Remove debugging code on update
– Display message if there are no drafts to update


  • First version released.