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DNUI Delete not used image

Search/Delete all not used images from the database and make space in your server and cleanup the database from all unused images

Again : Make backups before intence use of this plugin.

This plugin will help you to find all image in the database that are not being used/unused and give you the oportunity to cleanup the database and the server space.

You will only delete not used/unused image (based in the logic of a blog site, continue to read please), so dont worry about delete image used (if you use the DNUI backup option!!!!).

Never use this plugin for the first time for delete all not used image, be careful because some plugin and theme can use images that this plugin will thing is not used (You have in the option menu, the ignore sizes for this)

If you have problem with other plugin, you can ask me for helpt to adapt the code.

If you have any feedback, recommendation, comments leave me a comment in the blog or here!

How do i know if this code will work or not in my site? The plugin work this way!! * The plugin will search images (original and sizes) from the database * He will search one by one (orinal and sizes) the if one of each is used or not (the mean of used or not, it's if the image nicearma.png have one page or post with the same value Ex: ) * He will search all post/page with gallery (if the option is checked) and try to find the match with the image id (matching to the original and size images)

This plugin will not work fine if:

  • You use some lazy image plugin
  • You dont have the html code of <img src='' or markdown equivalent (the importat is have in pages/posts the reference of the image)
  • Some other plugin that use other logic (i put all the time that the plugin will search in post and page, but the sql search all rows if the value arent 'attachment' and 'nav_menu_item', you can see more in the file dnuiL.php)

More information you can find it here http://www.nicearma.com/delete-not-used-image-wordpress-dnui/


  • Make BACKUPs of your database and the uploads folder, because the plugin will delete the information in the database and your server, they are irreversible, so if something goes wrong is better have a backup.
  • Performs a lots of tests before use in post in production, try to use blogs with the same characteristics, since I have not tested for compatibility with other plugin, so you can see if will work fine (see more in the https://wordpress.org/plugins/dnui-delete-not-used-image-wordpress/faq/ ).
  • Download this plugin only from wordpress.org.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.8
Last Updated: 2014-11-26
Active Installs: 4,000+


2.9 out of 5 stars


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